I Enjoy Learning…#GEEKALERT

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I am probably one of those weird people you pick on or laugh at because they just do not know how to stop. I enjoy doing research and sometimes to a fault. I find myself going down the rabbit hole and sometimes hours have passed where I only mean to spend a few minutes looking into something.

I have a deep thirst for knowledge. But do not get it wrong, just like with anything I enjoy what I choose to learn about. I find things that interest me. However, there are times that I force myself to learn about things that are relevant so that I am not ignorant to what is happening in the world. I do not like to look completely out of the loop in educated and sophisticated conversation when in my corporate environment. I also think that to move and groove in this world you need to understand that even if you do not agree with all the politics and judicial hoopla of the world that you should at least know what is occurring because it usually will affect you or someone you know in some way.

I have learned that it is best to have some tacit and fluid knowledge about these things so that when it comes up in conversation (and it will when you least expect it) that you can advise someone on it or give your take in a well versed manner and then bow out gracefully saying your piece and and sometimes it’s really just PEACE to prevent from taking a true side because you are not willing to.

I have found that with some of my friends, family, and co-workers they have brought up interesting conversations about every aspect of life. These things have affected them or someone they know or have weighed heavily on them in some way and they have voiced them to me. I may not have a true view or opinion of them but I immediately begin mulling things over in my mind and deciding how I may feel in my head about it. What I know about such things from trending things and books I have read and then if I can remember any articles or recent discussions I may have had recently. I typically do not watch much news (though I have been getting better about this lately trying to do so about 30-60 min a week). I know that may sound strange but I find that by looking over articles and finding supporting information I feel more scholarly like when I was in school and I can build a case for what is valid, reliable, and sustainable. My friends sort of look at me as someone who is a fact checker of such information.

I enjoy the unvoiced position I have be given. They asked me what I think about a particular topic and if I do not know about it, they feed me a few bits about it. I come up with my own opinions and thoughts, and then they ask me about it again in about 24-48 hours because they want to finish the conversation if they give me that long, LOL. They know I will look up the information and they know I will come with the facts and let them know if indeed something is debatable, worth looking into, and if it will become our next fb conversation to chime in on.


I may not read the 1000pg book on science but I will read the 20-50 page scientific article on it. I also enjoy the lovely thesis papers and the almost fiction books that are partially based on it. Moreover, if you give me a documentary on it, a non-fiction book, or  biographical book on the subject i’m all in! I loved the down an dirty or plain and simple version of what really happened! I loved adding the tidbits that most people would never know from online and that most people would never remember from real life knowing the person or otherwise. It’s fun dropping ‘secret’ hints about things. I love that insider information that comes from learning. I am such a geek…Way to go parents…you succeeded!

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  1. Nena · March 22, 2016

    I am the same! I like to look up information to back up statements all the time. It keeps us from following and believing false or misleading info;) #geeksrock

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    • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

      SO TRUE! My dad taught me to be that way and I just cannot help myself!

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  2. Egypt English · March 23, 2016

    SMH I just spent 5 hours on Skype last –until 2’ish AM with Trina Otero of https://akosmopolite.com/…straight GEEK SQUAD. I swear we were talking about any and everything. We out lasted Frank by 2 hours on topics of law, science, spirituality, love, etc. Best believe we were Google’n and researching the whole time. And I agree, I want to know at least the surface details of a subject, so I can speak honestly and falsely or misleadingly. *Pet peeve: I hate when people make things up just be part of a conversation*

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    • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

      YESSS! don’t make it up know something or look it up but don’t make it up. Even say it’s your opinion or ask a question about it, but for all humanity don’t fake it, LMBO.


      • Egypt English · March 23, 2016

        LMBO “For ALL humanity don’t fake it”. . .that should be a slogan real live! 😂 ijs

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        • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

          LOL I know right it bothers me to my pinkie toe

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          • Egypt English · March 23, 2016

            Lmbo that’s a first!

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            • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

              LOL girl I try not say anything but when you know they are trying so hard for the convo you either take pity or lay into them with questions which eventually let them know you know they are lying, LOL

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            • Egypt English · March 29, 2016

              LMBO! I’m so upset my comment to this never saved…eh no fun, no fair. I love how the convo gets super awkward after they realize you know they don’t know what they’re talking about. S/n: Lolz, the fact that is still funny af almost a week later. LOVE IT! 😀 :-))

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            • Lady CAS · March 29, 2016

              lol YES I love it!

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