Moving at Light Speed…

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There are times I swear I should probably sit down and take a breather, but I feel like as soon as I do, I would pass out and never wake up. I’m totally not with the whole comatose lifestyle. I sometimes feel like you can rest when you die moments. I would rather get it all done when I am able because I know that as soon as I sit some days, it truly is over. I sit down or lay down and I honestly cannot get back up. It takes so much effort tears involuntarily come to my eyes and I suck them back up trying to figure out where they came from. You get back in there now!


It’s just not allowed! Then I find a way to treat/ reward myself for my hard work sometimes. I have had to remember to start doing that becasue I work hard and forgetting to do this is just WRONG! I know I have a bog trip planned later in the year but not having down time and little rewards along the way greatly pain me throughout this journey.

SO I do things like give myself a day of reading, buy a sewing machine (which I recently did) and enjoy movies. I personally bought the sewing machine for several reasons, to give my hands a break from fixing my work pants all the time as they rip at the seams and my poor fingers get so tired that I struggle to type for the rest of the day sometimes longer. Then I want to go back to creating projects and such like I use to do, pillows, blankets, and other little things. I get to experiment a bit too because I have never had a sewing machine and so I get to buy fabric and play with patterns and it has a few luxuries like a foot pedal and everything for a portable little sewing machine. I’m pretty excited. It was what I bought for myself from some of the bday money my brother and sis n’ law gave me.

I also hang with my friends. This is my biggest reward. I know that is still a constant way to be out and about instead of just sitting still but it gives me great pleasure to hang with them, talk, and hear about someone else’s achievements, issues, and so on.  I have to get out of my own head and world sometimes. Sometimes moving at the speed of light is the only way that works for me! I will crash later!

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  1. Nena · March 22, 2016

    lol cute pic of the puppy crashing at the end:p Sewing can be therapeutic and fun. I would like to see any creations may come up with!
    BTW, I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is my latest post:

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    • Egypt English · March 23, 2016

      oh!!!! Sewing machine…please show us what you make. Lolz, I bought a widdybiddy one 2 years ago, have yet to even plug it in. Sad part, my Maa is a sewing guru. . . eh may be next life.That puppy was me Monday. ♥

      As for you Miss Nena, I was so lost when I looked at Insights and saw I was no longer following you . . . lolz I was seriously like “OMG what tf happened WP?!!” but I’m okay now :-)) . . .Have fun with the transfer love!! I love your photos btw!:-/ ☺

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      • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

        I said the same thing with Nena I was like waaaaa, I need her in my life! lol. My first project will be my pants and repairing them all, LMBO. Then making a ‘no-sew’ throw fleece blanket, then I will make a poncho because I have been wanting one but not finding one I like… That will be my first design…and I will the blanket and the poncho when done! 🙂

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      • Nena · March 23, 2016

        LOL! Yes, many came across the same and sent me messages or tried following the blog again. Thank you for all the love, ladies!!

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    • Lady CAS · March 23, 2016

      Thank you and omw to the site!

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