Write it Now 5 Demo…

So I still have not officially bought the software yet but there is a downloadable demo that you can interact with and try and I have been using it and I have started my first book. I am excited. Usually I am amazing at coming up with a title and small things like that and letting it guide me but that part is still a bit hazy. I have a makeshift one for now that is okay. The Happy Healthy Kiwi asked me for more info on this software and as I have started writing here it is.

The book that I have started writing is different than what I had first expected to begin writing. It may change a few more times before I land on exactly what I want it to be. But that’s ok to. I truly want to create a book that is a series so that people can become invested in the characters and are interested in what happens to them. So I have to be creative and careful not ot make too many definitive ‘ENDS’ in my book. I am so used to writing things that have an ending and here my goal is to leave things somewhat open for so that there is more story to tell later on.

I am enjoying the depth of the Write It Now program and the demo definitely has quite a bit to explore and play with. They offer it at $59.95 to buy it and download immediately or $69.95 for those interested so that you can get the CD version with the 300 page manual. If you download the demo you can upgrade to the full version by buying it online and it will unlock on the features once you enter the unlock codes that will be emailed to you since you have literally downloaded the actual thing and features are actually just locked. It’s really cool so far. I’m enjoying it what I can so far. Moreover, you can use it on multiple PC’s. It has a FAQ section so get you read on. It is awesome so far! Even the demo has me speechless!




  1. Nena · April 7, 2016

    Sounds interesting:)

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