Why Truly Helpful Feedback is Hard to Come By

This was very helpful and informative as I am just starting out! I suggest you take a look…Feedback is critical and you may be looking at it all wrong if someone ‘snubs’ you.

A Writer's Path


by Meg Dowell

When we share our work with others, we are usually looking for one thing: feedback.

Constructive criticism is an important part of the writing process. Without it, we might still be able to improve, but we’d do so at a much slower and less specific rate. Having someone hand us back our work with specific notes on things we can fix and improve on isn’t always easy, but over time we get used to it. If we can find a good feedback source. And that’s a big IF.

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  1. pixieannie · April 7, 2016

    Absolutely agree with you on this. I was just saying to a fellow blogger and friend that I’d rather have few followers and good feedback. I’m at that stage and happy with where I am. Long may it continue.

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    • Lady CAS · April 7, 2016

      This is so true. Right now many of my followers give great feedback on my posts including poems and such. SO I know if I were to post part of my book when I was a comfortable length to offer it they would give some great amount of feedback. However, I also have some great sources face to face that I know I could use as well. Having great feedback is and invaluable resource.

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      • pixieannie · April 7, 2016

        For what it is worth, I find that anything over about 1000 words and I get less feedback. The shorter the better.

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        • Lady CAS · April 7, 2016

          That is helpful. I will release things in short bursts, lol I’m still learning what works so I take all helpful information 🙂

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          • pixieannie · April 7, 2016

            Look at it another way…people go through the reader, they have limited time on their hands and so choose to read a few posts, maybe more, if that post is pages long, there’s less chance of a read. Broken up into small pieces means they have a reason to return for the next instalment. Leave them to stew for a while and anticipate what might be happening next.

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  2. Nena · April 7, 2016

    Really great post you shared:) Helps both ends; the one giving the feedback and the one receiving it.

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  3. The Happy Healthy Kiwi · April 8, 2016

    Feedback is so important! I was absolutely torn apart the first time I received feedback for a piece I’d written as homework for my course.
    I knew I was going to get positives and constructive criticism but the criticisms hit me so hard, even though they were all legitimate. It was the first time I’d had feedback from real writers and also the first time people had actually been honest about me with my work instead of just friends and family saying ‘i like it, you’re a great writer.’ These people pulled apart every single word, the order they were in, did that bit need to be there, this was good, get rid of that, start at this middle point not the start, i liked this but hated that. It was brutal, hard to hear and left me feeling empty. But, it was the best feedback I’ve ever had. I took notes, took the piece home and worked on it, read it out again to them and was then encouraged to submit it to a competition (I did, nervously). Three months later I am no longer nervous about reading my peices out for feedback at course. I still get positives and negatives, I always will, but I deal with it better and have improved greatly as a writer. feedback is a bitch, but when you’re getting it from the right people it’s a wonderful thing. Writers groups are everywhere and I’m going to find one once my course is over because i never want to be without real honest heart sinking feedback again.

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    • Lady CAS · April 12, 2016

      I did the same thing when submitting my master’s project. People who read it ripped it apart especially my master’s advocate and he happened to be the head of the department who created the program, lol. He was firm but fair and quite honest. Even when I got frustrated. I am still sensitive about my work but I learned that most things people say are valid and very helpful. Even if it means I have to go cry in a little room first before seeing it, LOL

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