Writing laterally-Help!

SO last week I hit a writing hurdle. I struggle with dialogue. I can describe a scene in great detail like you would tell an actor or give them direction (almost like a screen play perhaps) but I am not great with creating dialogue. I know how it should go but when I have to actually write it I become to repetitive and lose vocabulary creativeness and feel muted and frustrated. I hate constantly saying he said, she said, I said, They said. etc. I see why there are more modern books that write a whole chapter from the point of view of one character, then the next chapter is from the other/ another character’s POV. It’s easier to be a bit more creative.

So when I hit this wall it made me feel a bit more unexcited about how to make my book flow naturally and I began doing more research which I must do anyway instead of keeping the true creative part and writing chunks of my book. I have begun a lateral process instead of moving forward.

Moreover, I have struggled with telling my reader the story 99% of the time instead of showing them the story. Once again it’s like you want to put people in the scene with you and not assume everyone around you knows what is going on without giving so much detail that you are boring them. You still have to leave ‘white space’ or gaps for them to feel as if there is something left for the imagination to do some work and interpret on their own. You do not want to spoon feed them that YOUR creativity in that line. This should not be hard for me as I have never had an issue with this in my poetry or blogs, but in my book I am struggling because I feel added pressure.

Is this natural? Should I have the same feeling that I have when I write poetry and blogs to accomplish the book? I get that I should write prompts and practice dialogues and scenes and such more often even if not daily but are my feelings valid? I am getting quite anxious which is anything but what I wanted to feel writing this book, it was fun and now it’s kinda not as fun.


  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi · April 14, 2016

    Ah the frustrations of writing. I thing we all struggle with our pieces, some flow out of us perfectly the first attempt but most make us question everything, hate life, hate writing, doubt ourselves and much more. The thing is, it gets easier. You said you’ve taken to writing a few hundred words a day which is a great start. My writing tutor said to write 500ish words everyday, even if they are crap and don’t edit until i get to the end and over time it will improve. Also the books suggested in the comments on your last post are invaluable and there are many more. Just remember it’s early days, you can write well, but books take time, blood sweat and tears but if we stick at it are worth it in the end. Good luck, I’m off to do my 500 words for the day and probably end up screaming at my laptop for a while!

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    • Lady CAS · April 16, 2016

      🙂 well this is news to my ears then because there are definitely some crap days then, LOL. And thanks for the tip about waiting to edit til the end, I use to do that but then someone told me to do it as I went and I listened like an idiot and it started killing my creative buzz and making me lose my train of thought at times and you can see where I was going in one direction and words get left out or added randomly and then you’re like, what happened here? I have seen it in my work after the fact so much in the last few years after that turn of events that it’s ridiculous and I;m realizing it was because of that and it’s just time consuming to edit after every little paragraph or page. UGH. Especially as you will have to do again once the whole piece is done anyway.

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