I Hate Editing, but I Must!

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So this was a problem I started to have while in my second round of grad school. When I was receiving that ‘much needed’ second masters in my mind I began to hate reading over my work that I had written for errors and editing it for several reasons.

  1. The was a center for editing and though it was not perfect, if you turned it in early enough it did the work for you and you barely had to edit anything.
  2. The papers would become so long that after about 10 pages I seriously got tired of hearing my own voice out loud and reading my own work over and over.
  3. I wanted the one work to be over with already. When you see something for too long you stop seeing the errors and sometimes the ‘smart’ processors, computers, and other technology we use no longer see the issues either until YOU can look at it with fresh eyes and say wait that was not the word I meant write there. (boy I have even seen that several times in my short stories lately when others have been helping me and lately and I have been both ashamed and embarrassed).
  4. I am just not good at correcting grammatical errors. I am NOT NOT NOT! I do not choose to change this. I learn a little each time I write but not enough to memorize or get it right and each time I think I have something down, it seems as if it was only a exception not the rule. UGH!
  5. And finally, I just get over excited sometimes. I sometimes think I have a perfect work or a work that is just ready to go because I have worked so hard on it and I have totally forgotten the editing process because I have been working so long or hard on it and just want to get it out there. Despite how important editing is and that can kill you every time. People will stop reading your work if it becomes to hard to read from spelling or grammatical errors, or worse yet you simply left out or placed the wrong word when you meant something totally different. That can change the whole temperament of the piece.

All issues I must overcome to become a better writer even if I hire editors! You need to be able to do this job so that you are able to trust them that much more to edit your pieces and know they are doing an amazing job. I will become a better writer and EDITOR.


  1. Egypt English · April 14, 2016

    Urgh! I share your disdain for Edits. In college my downfall as an English major was always my grammatical errors. I never really took the time to seriously edit, so A’s became B’s and and so on :/ but I’m getting much better as I know you will too. 💕

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    • Lady CAS · April 14, 2016

      Thanks love. I just have to take my time which I just do not want to do sometimes when I feel the content is amazing I just want to get that HOT little ticket out my hands and front of someone’s face. But repercussions abound when they can barely understand it for the fog that we call errors UGH! LMBO

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      • Egypt English · April 14, 2016

        LMBO!!!!!!!! Yes! and then I mope and complain all the way through the re-edit process. Frank was just tipping his hat to our world of edits, errors and re-edits last night :-))

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        • Lady CAS · April 14, 2016

          GUUUUUH yes! I mope and complain like a bratty little kid. Whining and may even shed a tear, LOL. Then I have a beautiful work and I feel so proud, and silly for being such a brat!


          • Egypt English · April 14, 2016

            You always bring so much laughter to my day. !^_^! Eh, but I feel you wholeheartedly, lolz but a flawless work does make you feel so proud.

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