Over a Year! No Problem!

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I was asked the other day how I was doing and my usual response was I’m GREAT! I have been making sure that I give a better answer than good or okay. I want to give people the impression that you can be something other than the normal at any given time. But when I looked at this person and remembered they were someone who knows me a bit better than the average person and she gave me that look like really..how are you? I thought a bit more about it and said I really am amazing! I have not had a true MG episode that has hospitalized me in well over a year. My last MG hospitalization was January 2015. And it was actually due to a virus that quickly became way more in the form of an intubation and respiratory pneumonia in less than 36 hours. Truly one of the scariest moments of my life. So to think that this was the longest since having MG I have gone without hospitalization and that I can now go 3 months without treatment is really amazing.

I thought after my first few crisis moments. I would never be able to travel again or be able to have a really normal life despite what people said because I was glued to medication and treatments and hospitals. They said everyone was different and mine form of MG was so severe and did not follow anyone else’s trend that I was worried I would never have any sort of freedom. It still does not follow anyone’s trend which is still a tricky thing but it is fine because I have come to embrace that and enjoy that I still get to have a life. I am stable and happy!

Granted I still have days where I am super tired and I am definitely over-worked some days it’s just all about balance and learning limitations. When I am doing too much, my body tells me and I have to learn how to accommodate that and adjust or I suffer greatly and that can mean a huge setback that I am not willing to sacrifice. So before that can happen I will cut back on the unnecessary things. This may not mean no worries for the rest of my days but it’s as close to it as I can get!



  1. Egypt English · April 22, 2016

    !!!!!!!! Yasssssss Queen! Yassss.
    I love this post. This is inspiring, and I am so glad you are in amazing! health and spirit. You have my best wishes for the long haul love! ♥

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    • Lady CAS · April 26, 2016

      Thank you! It makes me feel good to be able to ‘forget’ that I have gone so long without incident and almost feel normal again. It is truly an amazing feeling. I have to say it is great to know that I can credit it my trust in God and having a truly amazing support system in both the physical and written world. You guys have given me so much life you just wouldn’t even know how much of a relief. My parents just had no idea how to console me at first until I found the world of blogging and people just like me…well not like me but who have issues similar to me. LOL. My husband and friends say the world is not ready for 2 of me, LMBO.

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      • Egypt English · April 27, 2016

        LMBO! The world is definitely not ready! but it shouldn’t and couldn’t be x-D …I can’t imagine what you’ve had to endure and overcome. I, like many, only know what you share with us here, but I am truly happy that you have conquered thus far, because I truly enjoy getting to know you. It’s heartwarming really realizing how much the blogging helps so many of us, myself included. ♥

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        • Lady CAS · April 28, 2016

          LOL. Maybe one day but for now no! Especially if my second self becomes ‘aware’ and beings to act independent of ‘me’ that would be too much. Too many people getting snatched up inside and outside my mind, LMBO.
          Yes blogging is definitely my outlet to my WEIRD and awesome world of healing! X-D


          • Egypt English · April 28, 2016

            I’m over here teary-eyed laughing. “Too many people getting snatched up inside and outside my mind” …shxt happens I suppose LMBO! I can’t deal, definitely something to keep in mind in the likelihood that we should meet in person on day.
            As for your world, I lean to wisdom Lewis Carol and his Cheshire Cat for comforting when I think I’ve gone of the rocker “We’re all mad here”. :-))

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            • Lady CAS · April 28, 2016

              Girl my one of my best friends reminds me daily I ain’t ‘right’ (in the head) or that ‘I’m not all there’. I gladly accept my position in the world, LOL. It’s my creative take on life because if I was all there I would be boring! LOL So yes I am a bit of a cheshire cat of sorts 😉

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            • Egypt English · April 28, 2016

              Indeed! #NoBoreZone x-D

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