Getting Ready for PLAYTIME

So if you have been following me for some time you know that I am going to Europe soon. It has been pushed back to the fall but we have now set a date in September. I am excited because, well the date has been set. However, that also means that I must physically get ready. Being that I have MG I have to do some special things. Though it is not all that different from things that normal people do before the summer or other seasonal things; I have to get my body in shape.

I have not been able to exercise in months due to several huge setbacks last years and I now that I can I have to do it so slow that it ANNOYS me with every grain of my being. I am just not one for the SLOW beginnings thing when it comes to something I know how to do. SO I bought a spin bike for my house last week and it arrived yesterday. It weighs over a 100 lbs and I put it together all by myself. I am quite proud of that fact because I have always been quite handy but with MG my fine motor movement has been greatly diminished due to the fatigued f my muscular ability over time. SO with many breaks I did finish it. Though had this been 3 years ago I probably would have done it probably 3 times faster.

Also with the sheer weight of it, I had not lifted that much for so long repeatedly in a very long time and I was quite proud of myself. I was quite sure I was going to drop it at some point and was glad that I did not. Again I took many breaks and I got it together.

Now, I enjoy teaching spin class but I have to get myself revved back up to that point by re-gaining my cardiovascular ability. I started the whole process by walking more and that has helped. But maybe not as much as I should, my app does not accurately show steps as much as it shows forward motion in steps like a gps. So if you are standing still stepping or stepping less than 26 inches or whatever the step gait is, it won’t count it. So I know I am getting shafted on my steps per day, especially when I am working out, vacuuming, and so on. However, right now my main goal is just trying to get moving so I will take it. However, I will have to give in and by a fitbit so that I am getting more accurate measurements because that is quite annoying when I know I am getting those steps and it is not being shown and my cardio is getting better (though I know that should be the only thing that matters, lol).

The bike was bought for many reasons though, I cannot always make it to a pool, or pay for one which is my favorite method of exercise. Moreover, it is quite tiresome and I cannot use all my energy in one shot. So I got the bike. I can sit and ride and it’s my second favorite form of exercise. I love spin. I take it to the max. I love the varied intensities and sweat you can work up.  I wear my heart monitor too. I also like that I can watch t.v. if I want, lol. When I swam I could only listen to my music (as I had an underwater pouch for my ipod). I have to get my cardio up so I can walk for hours and in Europe, most everything is walking, biking, and hiking. Though you can take taxis, it can get pretty pricey. I also don’t walk to slow my family down taking breaks ALL the time. Though they understand and are prepared to take a break here and there for food and so on. Who wants to break every 1-2 hours because I cannot keep up. And if you are walking with my Aunt or Dad it may be less than that because they are speed walkers so I have to get my stamina back up to walk like them again. I am/use to be quite a fast walker naturally because of my dad. So I have to make sure I do not pass out trying to do it again especially accounting or altitude, weather, hills, and just plain on exercise. I just want to be ready to PLAY.

Being a health professional I know it only takes 10 days to ‘lose’ your cardio stamina that you build up however, it can take a bit of time to build it up. It does not take all the time that I am giving myself; however, having MG I do not want to take chances on how long I will need. Slow and steady wins this race and at 10 weeks with no treatment and going for 16 weeks. I will not allow anyone to get in my way!

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