Goals Goals Goals- So Excited


I am so excited today! I won’t say everything is going my way but I will say that today is definitely an amazing day! I’m reaching goals and working toward new goals everyday.Moreover, as I reach old goals I make new ones and push toward those. Right now I just hit 12 weeks without plasma exchange treatment for myasthenia gravis again and that is my second time doing that but this time I do not feel like last time. I do not feel like I need treatment right now. Last time at this point I wanted treatment 2 weeks before this but I was just hanging on. Right now I feel like I can go another 2-4 weeks no problem. So I will. If I feel like I can go further I will, but make no mistake, I will not sacrifice NUMBERS for my health.

My next goal was to get in more exercise and I am doing this daily. I started walking more, bought a spin bike, and a fit bit. I am all over this challenge. I even started tracking my food again. Not really eating as a DIET because I still eat what I want just making sure that I do not put more in than I expend and that I get enough for what I am doing. You have to eat calories to burn them. I tend to be in starvation mode quite often, especially because I skip breakfast A LOT.

My final goals are making sure that I continue to keep my bucket list STRONG! I am still working on checking things off that list. I have travel dates set for going to Europe and I am almost to my 50 book reading goal for the year and I will be checking off a few more things as well. I am totally psyched!

Annual Bucket List: 2016

Do a local bike race- spin bike is getting me ready
get yoga mat/basic training
Visit wizarding world of Harry Potter- I will do this in London
Read 50 books โ€” at 43 books almost done but I won’t stop there
Buy a Go Pro
Go Sky Diving
Go to a State I have not been to before
Go to 5th Cirque Du Soliel Performance- have to go out of state thanks to HB2 chaos
Paint Pottery
Throw Pottery (as in make my on pottery)
Decorate my house for fall
Decorate my house for Christmas
Take a romantic trip with my husband
Volunteer with a charity monthly
Take a culinary class
Go swimming (you would be amazed that since being diagnosed with MG I have not swam once because I have started to have fear that it would become over exterted and not be able to get out of the waterโ€ฆ.says the former lifeguard and scuba certified person)
Be sling shot (it a weird bungee course thing that looks like a giant sling shot)
Go to Canada

Master Bucket List

Write a book- In the process
Have a baby/ adopt a child
Create a Charity
Run a business
Travel overseas like a nomad (England, France, Italy, etc)- Scheduled for Sept.2016
Go to Disneyland
Go to a bioluminscent bay
Have my music music produced and perform it
Help Find a Cure for MG
Go to Alaska- see the Northern Lights
Pose for a sexy calendar


  1. manyofus1980 · May 11, 2016

    your bucket lists are amazing! i should do one! what is mg? i hadnt ever heard of it. reading, i love. mostly non fiction books. what do you like to read? XXX follow me over at http://therapybits.com/ i am diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and ptsd i blog about my life with these disorders and my psychotherapy process. XXX

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    • Lady CAS · May 11, 2016

      Bucket lists are fun! They used to be done for people who use to think they were dying as a way to cross of all the things they wanted to do before dying. Now people do them annually as a way to make sure they are getting the most out of life. I do one every year in the 3rd quarter of the year and do not get to re-do the previous year’s list if I missed something on that list. I have to move forward so I can keep trying new things.
      MG is short for Myasthenia Gravis a autoimmune and Neuromuscular disorder similar to that of multiple sclerosis. My muscles can fatigue very quickly and not recover without medication including my lungs…Unlike people with multiple Sclerosis who do not have it as severely as that.
      I like to read a lot of fantasy fiction like the maze runner trials by James dashner and his other series the mortality doctine as well as some non fiction like the color of water by James McBride, and books about writing as I am currently writing a fantasy fiction book.
      I struggle with anxiety mostly but lately I have been in a state of depression myself due to some adjustment issues in my marriage. I have in previous times been diagnosed with GAD, but my new therapist believes that once I get past my marital issues she wants to re-evaluate me as I may possibly have shifted a bit. She doesn’t want to be hasty in her diagnosis she says. I am fine with that as long as I feel a sense of relief each time I leave her office. I saw your blog and it is quite intereesting as someone who has a degree in psychology. I am no PHD but I learned the basics and you really amaze me! You rock! ๐Ÿ™‚ You have found a way to get your voice out there despite everything thathas tried to set you back. Your team is amazing too, kudos to them for being so wonderful and making sure you are able to chronicle your experiences and feelings it is important for those of us with mental illness. XXX

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  2. JoHanna Massey · May 11, 2016

    You have an amazing set of goals, and they guarantee such good times! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ“ฎ

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