CELEBRATE LIFE-Negative People

Understand life is your gift! There are too many things to be grateful about to allow negative people to descend upon your life like vultures. There are many types of negative people and sometimes we are not always aware of the negative people who are sucking the life out of us so let me enlighten you! It’s about to get real:

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200 (2).gif 200 (4).gif

These are the ones who were probably sheltered most of their lives and/ or given everything they wanted as soon as they began to whine to suffice them so they continued the behavior well into adulthood. They unfortunate thing is that they literally whine about EVERYTHING. From their everyday life to every thing they see and everything that happens around them while you are with them even when it is a fun engagement and everyone else is having fun! They can down right throw a temper tantrum  because they are not getting their way.


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This person is so jaded and use to being let down by life that they try to beat every good moment/ person with the seeing the bad side first. They always play the devil’s advocate and see the ‘rusted’ lining instead of the silver lining. The tend to come off more sarcastic and will even try to pass things off as jokes. However, after a while you learn this person needs to adjust their views and let go of the past that has let them down so many times and focus on the good things that have happened.



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These people are typically just flat out blunt about life and sometimes out right mean. They can (not always) seek to attack others because they are underdogs and want to attack them like bullies to make themselves feel better. You may not even realize it because they pick on you but as soon as other’s pick on you they stick up for you, with the premise, “only they can pick on you-and I’ll kick you arse if you try cus that’s my friend”. Yes sometimes friends have a few laughs at our expense, but a ‘friend’ who ALWAYS brings up your bad moments, is there when you are down to show you how good they are doing, and only helps you if they can get something out of it is likely jealous of you. Sometimes the rudeness is a front for how they really feel about you! Sometimes it is because they are just mean people who like to assert their power!


200 (9).gif 200 (10).gif

This person is the one who is most negative. They are like the whiners but they are different in that their negativity is not solely personal. They complain about what happens in every situation. They complain about the good things, the bad things, the situation, they are in, and the ones they could be in. It is funny how they even beg for something to happen and when it happens and it really is a good thing, they still complain. They are just ungrateful all the time. This can be brought on from a few things including learned helplessness and from long stents of depression.


200 (15).gif

This one does the most damage for all those involved because it is both preventable and can be stopped with the person doing it and you (the person listening). These people can destroy a person’s character and not always intentionally but more out of something to talk about or say. When it’s intentional it is even worse and can have devastating effects. Throwing ‘shade’ is another way to say instigating a dispute so be careful of these new terms that you want to bandwagon on and feel relevant, cool, or popular because eventually you will be labeled at THAT ONE and if you are okay with that so be it but if not CHANGE IT.


Surround yourself with positive people. Talk with a therapist. If you are the positive person and there are negative people in your circle try to be patient with the negative people (at first) and tell them about their behavior. If they do not start to make changes then you have to let them go (remember this will not happen over night so be patient if they really mean that much to you). They have to begin with acknowledgment, acceptance, and positive self-talk!

However, patience does not mean to be blind or sacrifice your own well-being. If the person is not changing you have to cut them so you can continue to flourish. Even if it is your family, you can love them from a distance. It doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful, you can still speak and show love but you do not have to actively hang with them. Again just focus on enjoying life.

Now I will say this, I keep the occasional cynic in my group and I like a person who knows how to play the devil’s advocate in analytical thinking, but not be a constant negative thinker. It is good to have those who possess these attributes at times but not ALL the time. So be mindful and be careful of those who are sucking the positive energy out of you.

I just cannot keep caring about all this negative stuff and I must be free! It’s almost Friday and I have checked out!

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The Liebster Award


‘Ello Blogstars! I have received another Liebster award and I am so very thankful that Spoken Black Girl has award me this honor because it means she, like the rest of you Bloggies, are enjoying my moments however outrageous they may get at times. You must check out her blog for some high quality material. She tells powerful stories about her life and is an advocate for Mental Illness as well.

In fact, all of these blogs that I’m nominating are inspising and speak volumes about their lives in some respect. They keep me centered and motivated! So without further pomp, my nominees are:

Mugilan Raju from Prime my subconscious, one hint at a time –  The poems he writes are so original and transcendent with their vivid imagery that you will be transported through his words into the stories of each piece. You have to check him out!

Linda from Tales from the cabbage patch – I was definitely drawn to the name as it is one of my nicknames and it lives up to the hype for one of my monikers, lol. Linda has a comedic heir to her life stories that are so relateable and when I tell you her pictures add to the hilarity I cry real tears laughing at her posts. Definitely worth checking out!

Sunshine from Sunshine Rays on Life– I Sunshine’s blog because her poems are so simple and refreshing. They just wash over you like a wave and make your feel like you could have though of the same thing when you saw that object or moment in time and the poems just make me feel so HAPPY!

Megan from The Manic Years  is a fellow mental health advocate that you should keep on your watch list. Her unique mix of mental health advocacy and art is inspiring! She gives you her story as well as the stories of countless others letting you know that you are not alone and is honest about her everyday struggles letting you know that there is hope! I love it!

Deidra Alexander at Deidra Alexander’s Blog is an amazing fiction writer that poetically writes about her everyday life in such a way that you feel you are truly reading about the most spectacular adventure. I mean I really feel like I am in another world reading her blog. Please check it out. She’s one of the many talented writers that I follow.

I wish I could list all of the bloggers that I love. There are so many, please do not feel slighted if I missed you, believe me I can always send many awards around another time. 😉

Here’s the part when I answer some questions for your reading pleasure!


Random Facts

  1. I am super competitive
  2. I have an additive personality
  3. I enjoy random facts and trivia
  4. I once got stuck under a wall under water for nearly 2 minutes and no one knew I was there because I would dig holes in the sand and swim through with friends when we were kids at a lake called silver lake and I almost drowned. I finally dug enough sand away to get out.
  5. I will try any activity at least once
  6. I have a strange quirk about touchy sticky things with my hands. It seriously freaks me out, it started in college when a 2-liter soda exploded in my dorm room and we found sticky areas everywhere for weeks.
  7. I organize my closet based on color (ROY G. BIV), season, and ‘dress’ (active wear, dressy, casual).
  8. I love cartoons and anime and watch them every chance I get
  9. I enjoy scary movies but if they are too scary I tend to have to watch cartoons after to ‘erase’ the scariness it caused, who needs those nightmares or feelings that someone is in your house
  10. Sometimes my anxiety is so strong I feel like I could crawl out of my skin and I have to find something to do with myself to distract my mind, like bust a move, sing, make a strange noise for no reason, or whatever my mind or body compels me to do at the time (I know, sounds a bit ADHD, but don’t think I am, least I have not been diagnosed as such).
  11. I enjoy planning and organization and if I had the money I would do this professionally not just with trips and homes but also with my industrial and organizational degree for HR.

Now for my questions!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? My favorite thing about blogging is talking to people across the entire world and knowing the people who tune in just like on television, chose to hear me. Each time I see a place across the map light up, especially one not in my own country I secretly get all giddy and do an dance in my head that resembles the one I did outwardly that was not so smooth (though I am a pretty good dancer. Those spur of the moment silly dances don’t always come off that smooth).


  1. Do you enjoy any other forms of artistic expression outside of your blog? Yes, I paint, crotchet, play instruments now more on my technical devices than my clarinet and keyboards, sing, write, and I would love to pick up dance again.
  2. What was your favorite book as a kid? I love you forever
  3. Have you lived in multiple neighborhoods, states or countries? Which shaped you the most? Do tell! I currently in above a complex of art Galleries in an art district which is truly expanding my artistic views and I love it. It is reestablishing my art basics and now I am fully back into and just truly appreciating it all.
  4. What’s your number one guilty pleasure food? POTATOES, I am like the bubba gump of potatoes people! I can eat/ cook them just about any way, fried, scalloped, boiled, baked, broiled, mashed, whipped, julienne, sliced, diced, I’ll eat cheese potatoes, garlic, in a boat, on a moat, I Love potatoes the MOST!
  5. What’s your spirit animal? I would have to say a fish and in specific I love the Koi fish. I have always loved water and I at one point in my life I was certified I was certified with just about everything dealing with water, lifeguard, scuba diving, swim coach, swim instructor, and so on. I just love water. It keeps me at peace. I can sit and listen to the waves lapping all day long. Storms and water just calm me.
  6. Okay, if you could time travel. When, where?! If I could time travel I would travel to 1999 to when my brother was 13. I would give him some critical advice and love that he would need to help veer his life in the right direction hopefully before it got too out of hand to the point it is at now.
  7. What’s one thing about you that your readers would never guess? I am made of up the most random things ever so many people say all the time you JUST NEVER KNOW WITH CHRIS so this one was fairly easy. Picking ONE was the hard part. Each year, I must watch the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week shows. I DVR them or watch them live but I must see them. I know all the episodes and which ones are from previous years to catch you up to the current year when they show snippets and my husband just sort of looks at me in amazement but he doesn’t say anything.
  8. What is one current issue that really moves you? Well all my readers know mental health is really important to me but another issue is children’s advocacy and hunger. I cannot stand by and watch a child go without for any reason not just because it is wrong but because I was once that child.
  9. Where do you go / what do you do when you want to feel completely relaxed? I go to a spa and get a massage and/or a place near water and just listen to water.
  10. If you could help one thing from the 90s make a comeback…So many things from the 90s are already making a comeback so that is hard, but if I had to pick one thing it would have to be it’s a tie between Planter’s cheese balls and Fruitopia. When I was younger you could always catch me with a baggie of cheese balls because my parents would buy me the cardboard and metal or the HUGE clear container that was bigger than your head and I would walk around eating them. I even took them with me on my first trip to New Jersey and spilled them while helping my cousin move into his new apartment on his new carpet, LOL. I felt like a boob because I was like 15 trying to be cool and everyone made me feel so bad for it. It was an accident and I was trying to clean it…It didn’t stain it. They did get free labor out of me geesh! With that said maybe I will pick the Fruitopia, it never got me in trouble, LOL.

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Now some instructions for my nominees:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to them.
  • List these rules somewhere in your post.
  • Name your favorite blog that is not your own with a short description.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers for this lovely award, who have fewer than 200 subscribers.
  • List 11 Random Facts about yourself.
  • List 11 questions for your nominees to answer on their posts!
  • Let your nominees know you nominated them!

My questions for you to answer:

  1. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
  2. Do you have any phobias?
  3. What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
  4. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done?
  5. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
  6. Are you an introvert or an Extrovert?
  7. What was the last book you read?
  8. If you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?
  9. If you could spend an endless amount of money on any one thing, who/what would it be?
  10. What is your one guilty pleasure?
  11. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?


Didn’t see this coming did ya!?! Welp I can pretty much call it. Any time there is a new craze you can bet your potatoes (c’mon we all loves potatoes) that crime is a given with it. They go hand in hand. Someone will find a way to vandalize or criminalize some happy moment, event, or item because people cannot just leave happiness at THAT. So with that said let’s first talk about the HAPPY…

My cousin told me The world), through her snap chat about Pokemon Go! and how her fiance’was addicted to it and how he was out at 11 something at night walking the streets looking for Pokemon. I cracked up laughing like what in the world. She explained how the game had just come out and she had ‘politely’ sent him a text telling him to get country fried goodness back home before there was some furniture moving (my words not hers-again I said politely that was my version).


So I told my husband and he said he heard about it and he was going to download it…I was like OH NO YOU NOT, NOT BEFORE ME. My competitive spirit was not going to let him do this before me when I just told him about it. Nope! So I downloaded it before him and started playing and LO AND BEHOLD I WAS HOOKED. I mean I’m not even sure I saw the disclaimer that said be aware of your surroundings because even though I vaguely (SMUGLY) remember laughing about the stupid people that would need such a disclaimer I almost ate my chaise lounge, the corner of my bed, and the next day a car almost mistook me for a speed bump in my parking lot.


But I was determined to do this because I was going to be empowered by such a game that encouraged people to get out an walk though they were doing it like zombies and may very well be mowed down in the process.

But the downside I immediately realized is that it kills your phone battery because it requires so many functions on at one time. Moreover, the closer you live to certain things like art, shopping, or landmarks you are likely to see more people just randomly walking in your area looking for Pokemon and just sitting and loitering. After a while it gets a bit weird.


I mean I overheard one woman who seriously looked to be in her late 40 to early 50s say dang I missed him holding her phone at a bush (obviously trying to catch a Pokemon) and when I said

‘Playing Pokemon Go! Eh?’

Huh, (grins, sheepishly) I don’t know what you’re talking about’

and goes back to roaming for Pokemon while attempting to whisper to someone who looks like a friend or daughter that she can’t figure out something in the game. I look back and say

‘Well I’m the gym owner of both gyms in right here’ and laughed and went upstairs to my apartment!

Then my husband saw a couple later downstairs who said the night before they were downtown and from 10p-2a they saw dozens of people downtown in Raleigh playing the game due especially due to all the landmarks and statues.

Again that is crazy! Which leads me to the crimes! And I know you see it coming too!

Crime 1–was obvious there are extremely educated people addicted to this game playing like zombies at 2 am walking around at night playing a game forgetting all about safety. Because they are stuck in a world of make believe that merges real life with animation on their phones and they forget their physical body is in a real world with hardened/ trained criminals that do not have to be that smart to see you walking around not paying attention to them to rob you, rape you, or kill you if they so desired.

The second lesser crime is marketing and the money upsale. Yep I said. Old school sales at it best. Put the most rare Pokemon in businesses and where children or even adults will have to or want to buy needed items like food, or gadgets either for the game or to refuel themselves or simply to be seen because they are not well visited. This past weekend I saw Pokestops in restaurants on my map. People can sit and eat and use items in the game to attract more Pokemon to them/others and this is great if others are playing because they may then decide to stop by and grab a bite too. Plus having gym nearby is great because then they can challenge gym owners and trainers to take over.

Sadly as well all know soon the next crime will be someone trying to hack some server for information or to do create lewd acts…One such act I have heard was to start putting and labeling Pokemon of crude and vulgar behavior inside of different establishments. I do not want to spread rumors so I will share the story of what I heard was said to have happened until I can get further research and confirmation but if it did, that is crazy and means this crime is already under way (though a bit funny for this particular group).

Then as a way to get more onboard higher corporations realized this and even put their companies on the map so their employees could play (even if they hoped it was during break) and so employees were walking around the grounds playing all day. It was weird. I happen to work at an Asian influenced company so I expected nothing less but I am waiting for someone to fall into the waterfall feature on campus…

It’s weird enough to see people almost nose to nose with the glass trying to catch a Pokemon that must be on the other side but they do not have a badge to come into the building. We all just watched them because like mirrored glass tends to do, it gave the the impression others were not on the other side as we all laughed at them knowing they were playing the game. Walking around aimlessly, stopping to catch Pokemon and do battles.. Even the Durham Bulls stadium nearby is opening their doors to let people walk around use their grounds to find Pokemon.

The strange part is on one seems to care that with all the bugs/ glitches, lag time, and and server errors that become a bit annoying when trying to play because it is new and popular that it is very hard to stay engaged when trying to play sometimes. I have already started to ween myself on that issue alone and soon I won’t play anymore between the workweek and that problem (as I started over the weekend before the obstacle of work).

images (1).jpg

We shall see how all this progresses and shakes out over the week as this has all make national headlines somehow.AND I FELL FOR IT ARGH!



1 Year ago today- Blogging Star


So maybe I’m not a blogging star but I have become a hero and star in my own right! I feel like I have accomplished more than I ever thought was possible by blogging. I feel like I have already written and finished a book from blogging alone. I mean I have already reached a international audience of people with my personal story and given you all an intimate look inside my zaney conscience and sub-conscience. I am truly surprised that some of you are still around after some of it, really I feel like sometimes someone better go fly fishing and hook me before I drift away. I mean I’m trying to coin the term #teamweird because I embrace the weirdness people. It’s who I am and I am okay with. Weird people make the world go round!

When I tell you I am I could not have made this journey without all you wonderful readers I mean it! You guys have read my good, bad, and FUNNY moments and responded with the most love and constructive criticism that a gal could EVER ask for! I have learned so much in my one year of blogging and yet I feel there is so much more to learn!

It is not only my outlet for emotion/ expression, but for my true art(s), networking, and learning and viewing other art. I especially love the aspect of just viewing other people’s art and ‘traveling’ at my fingertips and learning about the world through others’ blogs. It makes me want to just reach through the screen and tip myself into the postcard-like photos and relax in the tropics, mountains, rustic countryside, rollings hills, forests, and everything in between. I love the cityscapes and the busy shops and cobble stones and architecture. Then there are the historic aspects that you guys talk about so passionately. The libraries, museums, parks, homes, and restaurants, the culture.

I get to pick the brains of intelligent people across the world and learn more about my own field of study. I even get to learn about my disorder from people who have to people who are trying to cure it.

This last year I have had BLOG LUST and I love it! To everyone someone else’s life seems amazing no matter how boring to you it may seem. Once it is all on paper it may still yet seem boring but once you start writing about all the things you do daily and see, someone will ask the right questions that will open your world up and show you that your life is not as boring as it seems and you too will know that you need only look and life awaits!


Falling in Love all over again


I love music! Music gives me something that nothing else in this world can give me. It creates a picture in my mind that and soothes my soul in a way that no person can. It speaks to me in a way that sets my entire being into action.

While randomly looking up who my famous birthday counterparts are I ran across Smokey Robinson. Now I am only 31 but when I tell you this man could sing me words within ANY congressional bill which I find highly confusing and boring (though I am sure it is informative and educational) and I would swoon. Take me I’m YOURS!

200 (2).gif

He still looks great for his age and has the voice of an ANGEL.If this man asked me right now to marry him I may have to would go to commit a crime of polygamy. I would have him sing once a month random things like about a tea cup, or the flip flop for a about 15-30 seconds just to make sure I was not dreaming.

200 (3).gif


WHY you say? Why the randomness. Well because I have heard all his music and singing his music would make believe I was in fact dreaming, hearing something I have never heard would make me feel more secure that it was not a dream. I would only request one other thing, to have one beautiful child with this man. I’m not asking that it has his beautiful eyes, hair, skin, or anything. Just again another piece of him and way to know this was NOT a dream or rather a DREAM come TRUE.

His music just transports me to another place. I can see myself in different times both that I have lived with other people and times that I wished that I could have lived back in times when William Robinson, Jr. was dating, dancing, and so on. He weaves such a whimsical tapestry that the vivid colors, sounds, and images swirl about in my mind making me giddy with happiness.

200 (2).gif

Now imagine, if I am like this with just one piece of music how I can feel when with each different track and artist I put in. I feel so amazed and enthralled by each piece. I get so emotional. My music can cause me to feel a way I did not feel earlier or I can intentionally seek out music to extend the mood I am already in. I have to be careful with the music I listen to for that reason. I do not carry around a lot of ‘angry’ music or negative music for that reason because I have no desire to feel that way. Though I have associated some of my music with sadder times and events due to when it was on. I still try not to have any ‘hate, anger, mad’ music that encourages those thoughts or feelings within me as I feel such emotions easily within my music.

I do not believe rap insights these things within people, but if you associate a bad event with a certain song this is instead where it starts, not the song itself. The song speaks to you because it may help a primal depth of what you are feeling as you are already feeling a certain way, but the song itself is not the culprit just the vessel of expression.


I heard it through the Grapevine


I always wondered just how a rumor really starts when the intention is truly NOT vicious. I finally learned yesterday. A person who frequents my facility walked in yesterday almost breathless and excited. I was looking at her in great expectations of news coming from her, instead she says, your boss is being induced at soon right? At 10a right (well his wife)?

I was clearly confused because my boss teaching spin class at the moment and has had his phone glued at his waist for days waiting on the call that his wife is going into labor which could be any minute now. But there are no plans to induce yet as her due date was only 2 days ago and yesterday 1 day overdue.

So she saw the confused look on my face and explained that my co-worker had told her that they would be induced at 10a. I was just thinking I highly doubt this, since I knew my boss his staff of 4 a mass text the night before saying no baby yet and that he would be in from 10-6 the next day. Luckily my co-worker walks up as she was saying this and she asks about the baby. He says no I told you the would be IN at 10 because the baby had not come yet.

She then says OOOOOOOH. and tells us about another member that frequents the facility that had their baby over the holiday and leaves. We both stare at each other in amazement trying to figure out how she got he would be induced at 10a from he is coming into work at 10-6 since the baby has not come. Moreover, the information was typed to her so she had time to read it repeatedly and still did not get it right.


Cleaning Diaries: Part II

200 (1).gif

Have you ever found yourself doing something you did not really want to do but you know you had an obligation to do and so you zoned out to do it? Like you completely went into autopilot mode to get it done and if someone looked you in the portals of your soul known as your eyes it would like like a reptiles when it gets close to hitting an object and that protective lens shields them.


But suddenly there is the smell or sight of something so horrid that brings you out of that trance that you almost wretch in utter bewilderment. You think why couldn’t I be immune to the filth? But then you say because I am human and these creatures I am cleaning up behind are from some great unknown and undiscovered colony teeming with bacteria.

I mean when they asked me to clean the fridge weekly, I was glad it was during my training and my trainer was able to tell them it was not currently part of ‘our’ duties and that she could email my operations manager if they wanted that added or done on the side. The like to ask for things to be done for free constantly to see if I will do it. Moreover, instead of saying you do a great job EVER to my boss…the one time I got a complaint it was to ask if the ‘cleaning person’ had been in (which they knew they had from the trash being put out and the recycling being gone and the make-up being removed from their phones) She the says well we have had a lot dead worms by the door for a week and all they had to do was vacuum them up.

My first thought was EWWWW! Then I was like wait this was the hall that the light has been out that they refused to fix and I cannot see down. So but I refused to make excuses to my boss and I just told him I would do better next time. I asked her to please replace the lights and still did not make an excuse and she did so.

But what I really want to say again was EWW and why would you let that go that long…Then she said it was because of all the rain…Then you tell me how to do my job…but really it’s not all I had to do I do not have the tools to do all that. There is no crevice device on my vacuum which I am sure she knows and could care less. Moreover, I also have to clean your whole building and be pest control for your VERY pest infested building. Which I showed in Cleaning Diaries: Part I.

They have spiders, lady bugs, 2-3 types of beetles, millipedes, and 2-3 other types of bugs I have yet to ID. Plus a few other flying things. Some of these things are purely because the building is set near the woods but some of it is because the place is not secure (properly enclosed) and clean. If I am only there 3 days a week and people are there 5 days a week but can be there 7 days a week and leave whole sinks full of dishes, fridges of rotting food that smell up the entire floor, and open food and drinks at/ on desks every day for days it’s no wonder!

If my boss or manager cleans behind me and reprimands me I am not upset because they catch things before the business does and they are looking out for the companies best interest for repeat business and to prevent possible issues. Moreover, they want us to continue to look the best in their eyes. Furthermore, they also want make sure we are doing our jobs and they know what we should be doing, what we are capable of and how to do the jobs so I do not take offense because they do the jobs themselves. But it can definitely be hard taking criticism of any kind from a person who probably has never professionally cleaned behind ANYONE. Cleaning behind your children is not enough. You need to see and clean behind more STRANGERS to get the gravity of how this works. To truly understand why this can truly be rewarding and hard to deal with at times.

It’s rewarding because you get a glimpse into other people’s lives. You see people who are truly devoted to their families. Some to God. Some to art. You see the culture and the love they share by the care they have taken to place things just right on their desks, walls, and screensavers. They really want to have a piece of their live with them at work to keep them centered. Then you see those who just want to ‘show’ that’s who they are but do not really mean it. Then you have those who take the very neutral or plain approach and have nothing on their desk and either just want to focus or just want to e very direct and so forth. Either way it works for them. I really like to observe as I clean. You may say you shouldn’t have all this time to observe but when you do it 3 times a week for months you notice a little something each time until you see it ‘all’ at each area. You do not stand at each area and just take it in. And if you get an occasion to talk to someone for a split second then that can be just as rewarding sometimes. Many times it makes me want to take care of them that much more because you have made a connection with them.

I do enjoy cleaning though I do not always choose to do it as often as I have to do it for my part-time job, lol. At least I know it is something I can easily do and I am obviously good at it.