I heard it through the Grapevine


I always wondered just how a rumor really starts when the intention is truly NOT vicious. I finally learned yesterday. A person who frequents my facility walked in yesterday almost breathless and excited. I was looking at her in great expectations of news coming from her, instead she says, your boss is being induced at soon right? At 10a right (well his wife)?

I was clearly confused because my boss teaching spin class at the moment and has had his phone glued at his waist for days waiting on the call that his wife is going into labor which could be any minute now. But there are no plans to induce yet as her due date was only 2 days ago and yesterday 1 day overdue.

So she saw the confused look on my face and explained that my co-worker had told her that they would be induced at 10a. I was just thinking I highly doubt this, since I knew my boss his staff of 4 a mass text the night before saying no baby yet and that he would be in from 10-6 the next day. Luckily my co-worker walks up as she was saying this and she asks about the baby. He says no I told you the would be IN at 10 because the baby had not come yet.

She then says OOOOOOOH. and tells us about another member that frequents the facility that had their baby over the holiday and leaves. We both stare at each other in amazement trying to figure out how she got he would be induced at 10a from he is coming into work at 10-6 since the baby has not come. Moreover, the information was typed to her so she had time to read it repeatedly and still did not get it right.


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