Appropriate Perception= Brainwashing

I have been working in a corporate environment now for almost 8 years and without even knowing it I have found myself conforming to certain unspoken rules. I have even found myself gawking at those outsiders who broke those rules and laughed later when telling my husband or friends how I couldn’t believe I felt that way. I have been brainwashed! Here are some of the unspoken rules:

  1. Don’t walk on the grass:
  2. No Running
  3. No spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops/ dresses without a cover-up
  4. No really short dresses
  5. No shorts
  6. No hats
  7. No super high heels
  8. No yelling
  9. No brightly colored hair
  10. Many or several piercings/ tattoos in the face/ body that are exposed

Now I am not one to cast judgement usually but when you work in a place like this you tend to find yourself unintentionally conforming to these rules and looking at people odd who do not fit the mold/ standard. There is an appropriate perception of what one should look like in these environments and some of them are necessary because they perpetuate HR issues (such as short dresses or shorts) or safety concerns like really high heels. However, many are just discriminatory and are perpetuated by society. I laughed at some of the unspoken rules because I myself have had tongue piercings in college, used temporary blue paint in my hair for softball games (for my whole head), and I am the proud wearer of 5 tattoos (though they are all on my back- well 1 is on the back of my neck).

At my job when they leased a new company over us a few years ago I almost died when i saw them playing games on the grass. I was like HOW DARE THEY.


But yes they did CHILE I was done!!!

200 (1).gif

Then the  stress from watching people come in from our newly created call center coming in wearing stripper heels and hair dyed every color under the rainbow with naked flesh hanging out everywhere…

200 (2).gif

I mean I just can’t seem to pick myself up off the floor honey! But notice I fell out in style.

200 (3).gif

But I think some of these women suffer from a far worse fate; they just have to be seen and heard and maybe this is why they are going so far.

200 (4).gif

As for the grass thing, once the leased people left we thought people being in the grass would sort of go away. I mean we thought hey why make sidewalks if you were mean to walk in the grass. Then again they did spend lots of time on it and it looked so plush it does sort of make you want to walk through it barefoot.

But then Pokemon Go happened and there went the grass again so oh well, LOL. Screw your rules corporate America.

200 (5).gif




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