WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Like seriously my migraines began cropping up again out of nowhere. I mean there have always sort of ‘been there’ but they have been masked with my migraine preventor that I take daily. I do not want them to take the dosage up because it has truly been affect my memory and I also have been wanting them to take them dosage down for the last year especially when about 6 months ago I noticed when I accidentally didn’t take it for 3 days it caused severe swelling in my ankles and made them the size of grapefruits. So I definitely know I need to be tapered off. However, I want to know if my migraine medication that is used for when one actually occurs on top of the preventor will suffice me now? I usually have to take 2-3 during an episode and it comes like a GANGSTER, kicking butt and asking questions later. Like someone just said come here meet my sledgehammer!


I mean seriously I get maybe 1/2 a day of relief and i try to rest/sleep and continue for a day or so and see if it has gone away.  Then I have to take another to get another 1/2 half day and then sometimes/finally before it can completely come back I may have to head if off with one last one to get rid off it because I am too afraid of the possible and dreaded 60 day migraine again. Yes this has happened before I it was the worst thing EVER. The bad part is that the prescription I get only comes with 9 pills so that’s 1/3 of them right there and it’s NOT cheap. With this happening almost every month again this is not good. Luckily I am going to see the expert and talk with him and hope he can shed some light on the situation.

The other issue is the meds do make me a lil loopy too. The preventor  (Topamax) cause loss of memory and can cause some other issues like blood clots and so it makes it hard when you already have a clotting issue to come off the high does of aspirin. Then the additional in case of migraine (relpax) makes me feel strangely out of it after I take it until I go to sleep if I can even go to sleep after I take it. I mean like high!!!

I mean it is a pain med so…

200 (2).gif

But durn if some nights I haven’t already had some pain meds or I’m super sleepy and man the week before last rubbing pizza cheese on my teeth and making tents with my pizza crusts let me know I was high. I mean I usually realize it after one good random act but still with the filter gone it still takes a second and it’s usually TOO LATE when I realize it…

200 (3).gif

I mean I can’t lie and so I don’t enjoy the feeling once I get past the nausea…

200 (1).gif

My husband just says lets just take you to the room and put your to bed and he either is annoyed or giggling…usually the latter. He never says before you regret doing something because I never would only because I would likely laugh at anything I did. Why not, life is too short!


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