Book Blurring

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I love to read! There is nothing like picking up a good physical book and cracking it open and smelling the paper and feeling the crisp smooth pages and knowing there is something exciting and new waiting there for you. Something that if you have a vivid imagination could make you feel like you are living the story even.

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However, I tend to read a lot of books that have are set in specific areas like London or have similar themes and so sometimes when I finish a book and start a new one they tend to bleed right into another one. I have to remember that a certain character was not part of a particular book or when I am reading a series that certain situation was part of another book or series, LOL.


I know this would probably be reduced if I slowed down or took small breaks between books and did not literally finish a book and pick up a new one within 2 minutes after finishing the last one but I just cannot help it sometimes. Moreover, when you borrow books from the library it can be hard to take a break when you reserve a book and it comes early or on time and you have to get it before they expire and there is usually pretty good/ long wait list.

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So I rush to read it so people don’t feel like I the the picture above when I’m waiting for it! LOL Though when I am waiting for a book and I see the number getting closer to one I get giddy and I’m like


The funny part is it made me take a break from writing my book because I began to worry if some of my ideas for my books and writing may be ‘tainted’ from reading some of the books as I felt I could not trust my memories or imagination. After reading one of my books and recalling it, one guy sort of plagiarized without meaning too from parts and pieces of his memory of past blurbs of things he read in the past. I mean I will start back up but during my research I just want to make sure that I have defined what it is that I am researching, what my clear goals are for what I want and how I want to approach this thing. I want it to be a mix of fun and work not just work or it will not work.

For now though I will try remember that the Maze Runner series and the Mortality Doctrine Series is not all one big continuation, LOL.  But oh if James Dashner found a way to link them how I would love to read that crossover book too. Though this does not just happen with a single author who would obviously have a similar writing style. It can be totally different authors altogether.

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Am I the only one with this reading issue?


  1. ravenhawks magazine · August 18, 2016

    Nope. I sometimes read a book every 24 hours then I take a break because I have blogs to attend to, clients to counsel, you know all that stuff I am actually supposed to do that gets in the way of my reading.

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    • Lady CAS · August 19, 2016

      lol I do these things too but that is exactly why I start having book blurring because I am so busy I start ‘mixing’ my books a bit especially when I am reading 2 different series and they are a bit similar. The worst issue I have with blurring comes when I am reading these series and I throw in random books because a must read book just came out and then I try to go back to my series and I’m discombobulated, lol. It hasn’t been as bad lately though as I have tried to make sure I broadened my scope of authors and genre of books that I read rotating them more often. 🙂


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