Why Most Women Nag: You do not have to know how she feels to try

Many men claim the biggest thing their wives do that annoy them is nag. However, have you ever really say and wondered why? Though sometimes it is. We don’t want to do it! We don’t wake up saying, “what can we nag them about today?” It’s stressful! However, it happens! Like it isn’t just because she learned it from her mom, she is a control freak, or you just don’t do things.

I have found that it can be a culmination of these things but coupled with our need to see the that person actually goes through changes to get that task done on time.

Likely when we ask the first time having never asked the person we give them the benefit of the doubt and HOPE they will do it. But when they let us down we lose some trust for them. More over if it happens again even if they apologize like the first time we no longer trust them and though they could be genuine, they still have not gone through any changes to prevent it from happening again.

They are still not as annoyed or concerned as you are and won’t be. Which would be fine if they at least tried to put forth an effort to take on tasks appropriately.

So sadly when people get divorced one day I don’t understand how she left over toothpaste in the sink, not putting the glass in the dishwasher, or some other small chore that is not that. It’s the fact that there was no reaction, no trust to get it dome and she was tired of being shut down and shut out. She was tired of doing it for them so she quit because they could not see the bigger picture. I say this from watching it happen countless times with friends, family, and countless bloggers. I say this from being married and telling my husband, “do you want to be like such and such…then straighten up and fly right, LOL” Because though we joke he understands the seriousness behind my tone.

She should not have to nag. She should be able to trust and depend that you care about her emotions (even if you do not understand them) and what may be important enough to try and help even if you cannot feel what she is feeling. Compromise is key.

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