The Effort

I have always been taught that the amount of effort a person puts into something indicates the pride and importance in which they possess. I later learned it also indicates the emotional and mental intelligence they possess. This extends beyond just relationships to include how you make the most vital decisions in life. However, today we will be talking about relationships and what EFFORT means in regards to that.

If a potential mate wants you to know they care, especially a male they will make every EFFORT to show you how important you are to them. You will not have to bend over backwards and wait by the phone. You will not have to wonder where you stand in their life. You will not have to guess where you ‘lane’ is and you will not have to feel like you are intruding upon someone else’s time or territory because they will make it clear to others this is your time with them.

Those who are unsure of where or what they want are unable to say or do this and therefore do not make a true effort. These are the ones that leave you confused because they are confused.

Then there are the ones that are just plain dishonest. Instead of saying I would rather be casual or what ever it is they want they lie. They say what they believe you want to hear to get what they want; never knowing if that’s the same as what the other person wanted or not. Or caring for that matter.

The point of EFFORT is deciding to put time into something like an investment. To know it will yield fruit and to nourish it. I assure you that if the person is looking the same things you are, they will notice the effort, they will appreciate it, and they will reciprocate it in their ‘language of love’ as we all still speak different languages of affection, be it quality time, physical touch, gift giving, etc…

Their intelligence will show you that regardless of their resources they will find a way to speak to you in your ‘language’ and put forth the effort without you feeling like you had to pull teeth to get them to do it. Once you show a person you are interested and that you care though it is a definitely a two-way street you should not have to drag either party through communicating and contacting one another. They should always be a thought. Even if the message is simply, ‘I was just thinking about you’. This goes a long way. Believe me.

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