And Now Europe Part 1

paris 3.jpg

In France, I visited Paris. This was just miraculous to me. I just have always dreamed of traveling. I have such wanderlust it’s ridiculous. My dreams are so big I cannot seem to contain them. I want to share them with more than just the family I grew up with but with a family I have created.

Anywho….I traveling was crazy. The weeks leading up to when we went was spring time weather then we went and it was fall for those few days, LOL. I had just unpacked my heavier jacket/ coat because it was in the 80’s and then it dropped to the 60’s and I almost froze to death. One night I even triple layered an outfit and it wasn’t enough as it was raining. It barely reached 70 the whole time we were over there. Which would have been perfectly fine if we were dressed for it.

In France apparently no one is larger than medium, lol. I um struggled with that being a bit more plush and muscular. The elevators were tiny and we had LUGGAGE. My dad carried a serious dead body bag. I mean I could fit in it and that was not a joke. And then he had 2 more bags and a garment bag. My mom had 2 bags. My dad must have thought he was going to be in a fashion show or something, LOL. He was looking for his London girl. I was in stitches. I had plans on my dad lugging my luggage, LOL so much for that. I had to struggle with that by myself and I usually travel light but I needed options. So for once I was loaded down with a huge bag and carry on. I have no idea how I drug that thing around. People were uber nice and kept taking my carry on down for me without me even asking. I have no idea what magic I was using but whoo hoo for big bambi eyes. LOL. It was probably more that I was never in a hurry though so no one minded grabbing my stuff because I let them go in front of me, LOL.

My room was creatively painted but smaller than American rooms. However, apparently it was bigger and more lavish than my parent’s and aunt’s rooms were. Not sure how that happened as our agent did nothing fancy or different to our room. She was the worst agent ever by the way. I will do things by myself in the future. I dang near did everything on my own anyway, lol.

The food was great! I was so excited about trying new things but I did not get as many new things in as I had hoped, I guess because I try so many things already, lol. My sister got one over on me though when we weren’t together and had some Zebra.

I was so happy to just be in another country it was just to surreal to me. I could have eaten AIR well at times I did forgetting to eat sometimes until 6 in the afternoon. I never did get use to the time zone there. I was 6 hours ahead of where I am from in the U.S. and never got on board. I was up til 3am U.S. every night at least. I just could not get it together.

I also could not find normal stores there and I knew they had them but I could not for the life of me locate them. I need to find a new fitbit charger since I left mine in the states but no such luck. It was so weird being the one with the accent there. Though I was able to hold my own in France. I understood enough to converse in French even it was not the best and I was a bit slow. I did pretty good for being 13 years rusty and only doing a refresher last year. I do know that I read it so much better than I hear it.

We also went shopping in Paris. I mean who doesn’t do that apparently. I do not like shopping but my mom and aunt make quick work of that. Those ladies are shop-a-holics. LOL. So when in France…


It was pretty cool we enjoyed shopping and then a VIP lounge and champagne and treats. It was so cool.

More to come so stay tuned…




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