The Calm

I have noticed people become calmer when they realize they finally have something else to hold on too. Be it working toward a new goal, temporary love/ lust, a new job, or some other distraction. We all have to dissociate sometimes. However, I feel that it should always be in moderation. We need to learn to focus on true problems, fix/ handle them with no distractions at their core no matter how ugly they may be and then move on.

Ignoring things or dissociating from things that cause anxiety or negative feelings for too long can cause desensitization and therefore one can find themselves in a world of trouble when the problem snowballs. Simple problem ignoring a small car issue until it becomes a big one and then you are left with a big bill.

Sometimes dissociation is okay. Sometimes I watch television when I workout; however, I also know that I am not always working out at the intensity I need to be at to get the best benefits. I get okay benefits because I am working out but I could be getting better benefits if I focused and did my program or used my app and stayed in my heart rate zone.

In relationships this may not always be the best thing. In fact, it is almost palpable when one party decides to dissociate and finds something/ or someone else to focus on. Though some are masters of disguise. The sad part is when the other party appreciates the dissociation.


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