Europe Part 2

London was awesome. I still had many sights unseen here. I felt like there was still so much left be be explored here. In France I felt like I only had a few museums un-turned, and yet I only was there 2 days. I spent 4 in London and still felt like I could like I needed more time, though I was still good and ready for home when I got back mainly because I was missing my friends and special someone. Next time they must come with.

However, there were so many sights and places I was just ready to go exploring. I mean the local culture was just so different. Though people drove, you really saw how people used the tube. I loved not calling it the subway like we do here. It was so fun mimicking the local slang and talk. I understood it all fairly well just because it was in so many of the books I read. Because I read so many books from the library this year to reduce buying them and cluttering the house more, I had one small advantage. It would track my reading material and suggest other books I might like and therefore I tended to get a lot of books written in London due to similar authors, topics, or settings. It was quite fun. Some of my pictures seemed weird to my friends because they were like why would you take a picture of a street sign and I’m like that street comes up A LOT in my books. Or that square. It’s so cool. I’m sure foreigners do the same thing to us, like reading about New York City and Times Square or California and Hollywood.

Then you see things that are just familiar to us all from many decades of watching a country grow over the centuries. But the items have been re-purposed. 20160919_065248.jpg

These telephone booths are now just wi-fi hotspots. But many of them still open and awesome for quirky pics which my mom did, lol. She swore it was Dr. Who’s telephone booth.


Then there were all these shows I wanted to catch but did not…is this what we are calling it now (cheeky eh) sorry the puns never stop here. But in all seriousness we probably would call this one male burlesque which is pretty cool since we barely have female burlesque in the states.

I will say the next time I come over I will definitely be a sight richer, lol. The Queen thinks pretty highly of herself…She’s everywhere and the exchange rate had my head reeling, it’s expensive to go to London.


France was a bit kinder to me money wise, that was just for my takeout, UGH. Which leads me to another point apparently they prefer you to takeout your food out here in some restaurants than to dine in. There is actually steeper bill to eat in. In the U.S. you may pay a few cents difference in some restaurants but not usually. Here it was evident in many restaurants. Still trying to find out why. You would think they would want to look like there people eating in them.

More to come on my observations of Europe!


  1. Nena · November 8, 2016

    The naked magicians?! Oh my LOL That is very strange about it being way more expensive to dine in than to take out. Are the tips maybe included in there?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · November 11, 2016

      Possibly, I’m not sure still learning how all that worked. It was quite interesting though.

      Liked by 1 person

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