My Season is Coming

When you live in the south especially growing up in the church you commonly hear the phrase, everything has it’s season or your season will come when you are down on your luck or when things are just not going your way. They say that God already has a plan for you and that once your season comes you will get to reap all the benefits of all the good that you have done.

Sometimes that down on your luck bad season can last for more than the traditional ‘calendar’ 3 months for my young kids who are out there reading this. It can last 6 months, a year, several years, or even decades. You just never know. It can be tough to know that you are in a state of limbo while waiting on this bountiful season to come about. You sit and wonder if you can do anything to make it come about sooner.

I mean the answer is always yes! But I know I am a good person and I work hard, I’m not selfish and am told I could actually be more so as I tend to put myself in a bind by extending myself too much.

So then you start wondering if your faith is strong enough…

I pray everyday, I try my best, I try not eat healthy and treat my body right, okay I am spiritual but not religious so I do not get to church as often but um yeah that adds up.

Then you get everyone telling to just be patient! And you are like…

I’m like the most patient person EVER, I coached swim teams of over 100 kids at a time from ages 3-17 years of age for 3 hours straight 3 summers in a row. I worked with the mentally disabled for several years. They keep saying it to you after your reaction…S then you try to save face and find yourself just

SO then you try to save face…

Because I am just not believing that I am hearing them tell me this for the 100th time and somehow I am still not getting it and I am still stressed and my anxiety is begins going through the roof. I begin thinking something is wrong with me. Like why has it been days, which has turned into weeks and now months.

I had actually become the one I was always telling my friends not to be! I was shocked. And they had started shoving my own advice down my throat and even saying it was my advice and how good it was and reminding me and it was indeed a BIG HARD pill to swallow!

However, when I decided my coarse of action and finally just accepted that I was going to take the curve ball the God had given me and stop resisting…

It all started coming together and my season began ripening right before! I had to go through some things I had never really gone through before and have some revelations I never had before. I needed to experience those life lessons to become stronger, to pass on wisdom and to become a better person. I needed to learned to better value some things in life as well.

I am sure there are many more things in life for me to learn but I pray I don’t have another hard season like that one for a while…I felt sort of like Job (bible reference for some of my Christians).

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