Eternal Sunshine



Every time I think about blogging lately I have found myself blocked by some physical force. Work, time, anything I could make up. This morning I started cleaning and found that it was more of a fear of just anxiety building up as usual. I started blogging in the first place to help with that.

It was the first thing that helped me to find my sanity and balance. I found solace, support, an artist outlet, and I realized that I could help others not only with my story but with my expertise from my professional and learned knowledge.

This morning I had to remember that no matter how many bad experiences I had/ have endured in my life I have truly been blessed to have been given countless opportunities to flourish. I have lived well regardless of the mistakes I have made and I can say I would like to change some things in my life but then I would not be the person I am now and I wouldn’t want that trade off.

So today I find myself thinking about only the good things and pushing the negative thoughts away as soon as they try to come into my head. Every time they pop up and make think about complaining or wanting to rant about some long standing issue that continues to happen, I have to remember only the good things to continue to happen  and keep happening to me because they keep me sane.

It brings me happiness, keeps me centered, others around you notice it, and your life will overall improve bringing you everything your heart desires at it’s most primal level if you really think about it. LOVE & HAPPINESS!

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