Corporate Quirks

I have fallen in love with what I do. Though you should not complain about your job, I do because I enjoy having something to complain about. But not in a bad way more like pile more on me way. I’m something of a glutton for punishment. I love having all these new and exciting things to do. I love feeling needed and knowing I am able to do the job and that somehow people look up to me.

Each day I battle the traffic feeling like one of the strange minions of the world but I know it will change one day, as in some aspects it already has begun.

But even in my trips I have noticed some of the funniest things.

In my corporate park when I get close you notice the most scripted or should I say made for television things. These are the things I swore before now only happened on television shows and never really happened on the road. I saw a man with a battery operated electric razor going to town on face in the car while driving to work this morning.

I see women getting their glow on. I mean the full makeup experience like they are in a salon. I am telling you the focus is real. I cant do half these things at home let alone in a car.

Full on changing clothes in the car.

I mean the most I do is eat.

These people are crazy both about work and for being on the road doing this. But seriously the distracted driving is beginning to worry me.