My Hiatus Before Continuing….

I would love to just continue where I left off in my last story but I have that seems a bit crazy if any of you follow me and have wondered where in the heck I have been. Also I owe you a big apology. I apologize! I am back and glad to be in a better head space. To sum it up I went on a horrible depressive stance for the last year. I was terribly lost.

confused tyronn lue GIF

A divorce, losing a job that I thought somehow I could find a career with even if not with that company, and then losing my home was just more than I could bear, then the catalyst was the biggest surgery of my life that did not change anything for me. It opened my eyes and perhaps the eyes and it also caused my team of professionals to become more blunt with me possibly out of pure sympathy and not so much out empathy anymore. They now are now not just saying the hopeful things and pumping me full of hope like before the surgery which we all need but they are actually finding more ground breaking method that are less invasive and more aggressive that have more research and coming to me with that and letting me decide based on that first.

They saw how broken I had become and now they know how resistant and aggressive my MG & migraines and other symptoms are. They have now offered me and have come up with a few solutions. I am so thrilled and this truly gives me so much hope and delight.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program

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