Whoops, That costs me my taste!

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I’ve been a bad bad girl! So lately I have been on a binge. I have found that I can eat potatoes and tomatoes again with little to no affect on me and it has been lovely. I have been eating them in every form. I told myself I would start out slow and that I would try it near my next treatment which was suppose to be at week 12…The golden week 12. Well that is still 2 weeks and 2 days off at least and I totally did not ease into it. I dove in head first like a mad bull. I went in with my eyes wide open and have not looked back since. Then down side is that I have had a few side effects, very minimal but I refuse to stop. It’s hard to go back cold turkey like I did before when it was matter of life or death.

Now I have to research things and see if the symptoms I am having are being caused by the tomatoes and potatoes (IE the HIVES). I am hoping it is just stress but I need to be sure. Though again I just don’t want to give up my LOVES.

I have still not had much luck on implementing the spiciness back into my life. Each time I get happy with the peppers it burns me, pun intended. I find myself slurring and weak the soon after wishing I never did it. My eyes hate me and so on. I enjoy the spice but the spice does not like me. So needless to say I can only take mild spice or none at all. It sucks because I miss my hot wings, curry chicken, jalapeno poppers and chips. Man i even like the hot mama pickles. I tell ya I am so hurt.

However, I will at least stay away from the super spicy until I get the all clear and start making progress there as I desperately want to try to see if we can try to have a baby. I too close now. This by far the longest I have gone without plasma exchange and I am both excited and nervous.

It’s pretty sad though when your husband catches you licking food just to taste it and then you have to put it back or give it to him because you can’t have it, LOL. He just shakes his head. Sometimes I tough it out and eat it and then other times I stare at it longingly…


Stupid autoimmune disorder!

Autopilot…Who is this in my body?


Usually when I am autopilot I am a bit worried or concerned  because I am so zoned out or tired that it is needed to get through my day. It is almost like a defense mechanism. I have no idea how I got to work but I know I prayed to get to work safely as I always do…In hindsight I sort of remember bits and pieces of the drive…maybe. I think I remember flashes of light and a car here or there. Yes, I know how dangerous that sounds. However, I am not sleep walking or sleep driving per se. I have had complete conversations with my husband before leaving home, searched things on my phone, and so on. I just have gone through the routine motions to get to work because it my norm and it is super early in the morning or late at night and dark. I only see darkness and I am alone with my thoughts so it’s as if I am dreaming.

I do the same things when I am at home and cleaning. I tend to zone out if I do not have on music. I zone out and I am in fog. I need music to wake me up and feel lively. Certain music gives me life. I need to hear certain songs at certain times to give me that punch to wake me up. Otherwise I feel like someone has taken me over and I am not me. Like a stranger is in the mirror looking back at me.

Today as I was decorating my house for Christmas I was on autopilot. I snapped out of it the happier I got then I heard the music I had been needing to hear. It was my personal mix of music from my iPod that I was humming from myself but it snapped me out it. I became determined and inspired. I got creative. I have some ideas that luckily everything except a few hooks I need to buy were already in my house. I am excited. This is great. I immediately went to get the iPod and started playing it later. To keep myself energized. Now I know I will finish the job and feel complete. I have taken some pictures but I will wait to post until everything is done! I am already so proud of me! I haven’t decorated for Christmas in years. And considering that I have never been one to like Christmas this is saying a lot!

And Bonus, I even made sure I ate all my meals today and have dinner ready for myself when I get home. I am so on it. I love my crock pot! If you don’t have it you should get the crock-pot book it’s at your local book store for like $12 and has over 350 recipes including deserts like pineapple upside down cake, pizza, lasagna, and so much more. I have had a ball saying what do I have in my kitchen…now what can I cook in the crock pot. Moreover, there are crockpot liners for $2 so you don’t have to wash your crockpot only rinse it if that. So go for it.


Philly Trip

The fast pace life of the north is not hard for me to adapt to; however, doing so with my husband who is not used to the type of ‘wing-man’ I need in this environment is hard, LOL. When we drive I have play navigator no matter who drives. He tries to gives ten steps ahead of time. I only want 2 maybe 3 tops. Moreover, I prefer to have it on my cell, with my headphones playing like ‘atmosphere’ while I pay attention to the flow of traffic and signs.

When my husband has the GPS he starts trying to over talk the GPS and then he will tell me to turn before the GPS says so and causing me to need to look at it more than I prefer. I would rather hear it and only glance occasionally, not stare at it. At that point I might as well be texting and driving, LOL.

ANYWAYS, aside from that, once I was able to relax on the longer stretches of road, I was able to take in the truly old and romantic places of Pennsylvania. The amazing bridges and waterways and cliffs were both beautiful and haunting. They felt like they could make you want to take your mate there for an amazing marriage proposal or be the scene for a morbid horror movie depending on the weather. You may say geesh this is crazy but I actually say it in both ways in one while winding down the snake like road beside the Schuylkill River.


(though the above picture is not my own it looked just like this to me as we were coming around the corner on this winding road) It was so tall! It was almost foggy/ misty at the larger bridge that was so breath taking to me. I have no idea what it was called but it was like something that should have been in a Shakespearian play. But then it was also like something I would have seen in some horror movie as someone walked across it late at night and was thrown over it or plunged to their death in an act of utter despair. Like a haunting melody that was almost a romantic gesture. I know that seems crazy! Moreover, there is such history in the art, libraries, and museums there. Of course I had to see the Rocky statue. They moved it due to some holiday celebration they were setting up but I did get to see it.I have a video which for some reason I cannot get to upload on here but I also have a still to show where they moved it, lol.


While I was there my husband said I also had to enjoy the taste of a real Philly Cheesesteak; This coming from the man that does not eat cheese. He always says that the reason there are no good ones where we live is because of the bread. But I ate more than one and I will tell you I have had a few of these really good ones in North Carolina as well. I am all about the meat and the fixin’s as we say in the south. Moreover, I have had some wonderful bread in the south if you know where to go.

I did finally get to see all the lovely smiles on my husband’s face that I had anticipated though! He got to see family he had not seen for 15 years. He was ecstatic. He was deep down memory lane. They talked for nearly 10 hours straight and texted the whole weekend long, LOL. Needless to say they will probably never lose touch again and we will be making more trips from now on and have a place to stay next time we come up. Though I am still never one to impose! My husband took me to see his old schools and house and the famous roads where things happened in his child hood. He even showed me the road where Teddy Pendergrass became paralyzed. He also showed me the longest ‘naturally occurring’ cobblestone street that still exists here called Germantown. I’m not sure how true all this is, but he was so happy and proud! You let a man have all the dreams and pride they can when they beam like that just like fishing tales, lol.


Then I went to a place called Miller’s. They are scattered about the country but mainly in Florida and a few other places including here. They are amazing. We have a place similar called Carolina Ale House but it pales in comparison. This place has so many more menu options and not just because of their location near the water with seafood but also with their creativity with daily specials, pricing, and the sheer amount of choices. I was pleasantly surprised and now I need one of these in my life.


We also ate a wonderful place called Tonelli’s that had junkyard fries. They were amazing they had 3 cheeses, bacon, onions, and old bay, and ranch dressing. They were amazing. I think the only thing that could have made that better would have been some sour cream, LOL.


Needless to say I was quite impressed by Pennsylvania/ Philadelphia and their British influenced world. The city names, culture, and architecture is so heavily influenced by it there that I felt transformed into a British lifestyle in some areas and having never been there but reading about it heavily it was great. I will be going back!

The Hunt Is On…Sugar High Freedom!

images.jpg…But WHY

We have all done it! Looked in the pantry, every cabinet, and opened the fridge 3 times as if magically something will appear in it and then really pondered what it is we are want! Knowing that no matter how full (or empty) the pantry, cabinets, and fridge are, that what we want is not in them.

I am in this boat right now. I need something sweet. In the last few years I have toned down on sweets so much that we don’t keep any in the house. My sweets are usually things like bananas I may have a cup of lactaid milk. I know boring. I do not really crave sweets like that. If i do like I said these things actually take the edge off.

However, lately they are not working. I need a serious fix. Some people say I need something so good it makes you want to slap yo mama. Well I say I need more I need something so good that I temporarily loose my grip on reality and almost forget eating that item much like Patrick star.


Though I will not be this bad I will make no promises if I find such a food!


I want to be transported to a world of bliss filled that is transcendant and trippy.


I have yet to figure out what this amazing sugar filled treat is yet and I hope to find it on my trip this week! I am going to eat my way through the travel channel’s Man v. Food, Bizzare Foods, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Sugar High, and so. I hope that I find that melt down mellow out lose myself treat that just allows me to throw all my cares in the wind if only but for a second. Can’t wait ti take a picture and blog about that one! Ready to give my food porn it’s spotlight!

Why Madam Are You Drunk?…Depends!

When asked if I was drunk I simply say it depends! And when people say you are not stupid you know what I am asking I simply state back no I do not! I could be implying many things and I prefer you be straight forward.

To me it depends on what you are accusing me of having drank, LOL. I could have overindulged in the very best water, juice (non-fermented), or simply LOVE DRUNK!

I even enjoy virgin daiquiris and virgin pina coladas. So to ask me if I am drunk by insinuating that I may have had too much to drink, well my bell may be sloshing with lots of liquids and I may indeed need to use the ladies facilities soon, but to insinuate that I am under the influence of alcohol merely because I am a silly person giggling is unfair. I do this without thinking because I am very cheery person. As you can infer, I am a silly prankster/ comedian of sorts!

HOWEVER; to follow me as a cop from a restaurant because you saw me order what you thought was a drink, saw me have some good laughs with a friend, and climb into a car behind the wheel, I know you felt you were doing your job…. I thank you for this! I wish there were more like you who did this check. However, next time, since you not on duty, (and I offered) please, just check my bill as it says non-alcoholic beside the drink, LOL. This way we no one feels silly later or time is not wasted.

Tasting my way around the world — Chris V. Food!

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So I have decided that since there is not much to do in the area of Pennsylvania/ NJ that I am visiting I will eat my way through the area. I will need to find a hotel that has an awesome pool and some small activities like hidden gems that my husband I enjoy that will keep us active but will keep me from gaining weight, LOL. I know that recently I have been struggling with weight thanks to some unknown issue that the doctors cannot even crack but I figure they are doing all that they can and I am doing everything they asked of me and in the meantime I will enjoy myself without stressing and worrying about it.

So just as I use to do on my cruises I will plan active things while tasting my way around the world! Most people say during the holidays, cruises, and vacations you gain an average of 7 pounds. I; however, have never gained any weight because I love to swim and I stay in the water. I always find a hotel with pool or plan a vacation near water so that I can swim everyday for hours. I also enjoy excursions and fun that involve water like theme parks that require a ton of walking.

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Finally, we find hidden gems like places that have ziplines, dance classes, and so on thanks to Trip Advisor and Groupon. Websites like these are a life savor to my both my body and my bank account. I plan on following my favorite food network television shows and looking for some of the restaurants they named and eating at these places! I am going to eat myself into a coma! My husband will not object.

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Halloween brings Christmas


Well as usual we get through Halloween and know that as soon as the day comes the next day will bring Christmas! Kids no longer say thanksgiving is next they only know that on television every toy they want is advertised and Santa is everywhere and well why try to tell them anything different. The stores changed their whole design overnight, LITERALLY, so that this is the case. To go from Halloween to Christmas. They feel there are no real thanksgiving songs or ambassadors like Santa or the Easter bunny so you aren’t really missing out anyway right!?! SO sadly it’s unless you are older and desire to see family, want toe vacation, desire the glorious foods, or truly want to give thanks for all that you still have that year you could care less about Thanksgiving!

I personally enjoy thanksgiving because I like to make a dish or two each year now and see how people enjoy it! I am glad to see my dishes finished off. I have started to make 2 of the same dish at home so that I can have it when I get home too. I have learned that sometimes I don’t get enough of it with my family if at all or that sometimes I just plain want MORE it was so good! This year I have to actually make a choice of what I want to cook since I have bought this new cookbook of crockpot recipes. I have already made several and so far I have loved them all. I know one is very thanksgiving oriented and then there I am trying to decide if I will do a desert as well.

I am excited! I won’t have that much time though since I will be traveling and returning from vacation just hours before thanksgiving this year so I need to be sure I have it all together ahead of time (the more thanksgiving parts so they are sold out). I’m so glad my MG is under control so I can eat as I wish without swallowing issues!

I still cannot believe it is November already!

One of My Favorite Things…MG Tools


One of my favorite MG tools is my crockpot. Though this is a tool that helps save time for most anyone whether you have MG or not. If you asked me if I EVER saw myself using one when I was younger I would have said NEVER. The reasons were because they were hard to clean back in the day due to them being all in one and never having and the type of material that they were made of. Moreover, I also thought of them as preparing old people foods such as soups, roasts, and the like. I like soups but I am not a fan of roasts really.

However, now with the invention of crockpot liners, ceramic crockpots, and the fact that they are able to be in more than one piece so you can wash them more easily helps me want to use them even more so. Furthermore, I have found some of the most amazing recipes lately that I have been cooking up a storm in the last year. Most people, women, do not ask their husbands for a crockpot for their anniversary but I did. I wanted to be able to cook more and was tired of not being able to do more around the house. I am very used to doing th majority of the house work and cooking so when I get super tired and could not I was not happy with eating out all the time. So I started doing research adn looking on one of my favorite websites (allrecipes.com). They had all these slowcooker/ crockpot recipes and recipes I knew I could modify to become crockpot recipes. So I did. I could put food in there in the morning and when I got home it would be a meal. And on the days I wanted to be an ‘old’ person I could have soup, lol.

My husband was thrilled and he enjoyed the  news things I created and of all the things I asked for it was one of the cheapest things a person could ask for it more than paid for itself. At this point he is like you need a bigger one so he can have bigger portion sizes, LOL. He bought me a 6 quart one and that can feed a family easily but he eats so many servings in one setting sometimes that I have to make extra food over the course of two days. The man is a very thin and works hard but can put it away and only God knows where!

I have learned that some of my favorite recipes on the stove can be put in the crockpot now so that I can reserve my energy and that has made me a happy camper and my husband as well. I have gotten in a good rhythm and I am so happy that I am able to do better with balancing work and home chores.