Day 21 of the #loveme Challenge…Something You are Proud of


I am proud of all that I have accomplished! I know that seems very obtuse but sometimes I feel that I do not reflect enough and I get stuck on feelings of “i never will get anywhere or I still haven’t done this or that”. Then I have to remember that I have done so much already in my 30 short years. I have earned 2 masters degrees in that time while simultaneously holding a full-time job. Yea many people may do this but I did it too. I have had many adventures and traveled out of the country twice to 3 places. I am scuba certified. I enjoy the great depths of the ocean and the highest dwellings of the sky while bungee jumping and the like. I love adrenaline rushes. I have been to many odd places that are out of the ordinary just to say I have done it. I have also tried odd jobs and enjoyed them. This includes all the sports I participated in, the fine arts, and so on! I am most proud of those things and will continue to remember that I have accomplished a lot and have way more to accomplish which is why I am making annual bucket list now. Life is too short to be stagnant, bored, and hermit like! You must enjoy it and reflect on those memories and say you have something to be proud of and I am!