I have had a bit of a set back with my MG lately but only to have it go bumbling along again at its usual humdrum do as it wants pace. I feel i am rather in control of my MG; however, at times it likes to have a say sometimes and boy can it get mouthy.

Yesterday, i had to get a temporary catheter for treatments untul i get my subcutaneous souble vortex top of the line limo of ports next week. It wont be ready to use for about two weeks due to hiw tender it will be. But in the meantime i needed treatment a tad early due to some good and bad stress. So iff i go to get the temp and oh what a journey.

I told them i mus. be at work at noon on the same day. They said okay its a temp so its possible. Then i get there and they start and say we will use local anaesthesia…code for lidocaine injections ONLY…i did not realize this. What the heck was all the hubub about needing a driver. I could have driven myself after. I though i would have been given a mild sedative or something stronger than that but nope. No anaesthesia. They said i did better than some patients with anaesthesia and i just stared at him blankly with tears free flowing and shaking like a Chihuahua.

They kept asking if i was cold and i was like no…i was scared, you triggered my anginiphobia and im probably in shock. 

But to know that i will have the new port and start the process for my thymectomy soon fills me with a nervous excitment.