1 Year ago today- Blogging Star


So maybe I’m not a blogging star but I have become a hero and star in my own right! I feel like I have accomplished more than I ever thought was possible by blogging. I feel like I have already written and finished a book from blogging alone. I mean I have already reached a international audience of people with my personal story and given you all an intimate look inside my zaney conscience and sub-conscience. I am truly surprised that some of you are still around after some of it, really I feel like sometimes someone better go fly fishing and hook me before I drift away. I mean I’m trying to coin the term #teamweird because I embrace the weirdness people. It’s who I am and I am okay with. Weird people make the world go round!

When I tell you I am I could not have made this journey without all you wonderful readers I mean it! You guys have read my good, bad, and FUNNY moments and responded with the most love and constructive criticism that a gal could EVER ask for! I have learned so much in my one year of blogging and yet I feel there is so much more to learn!

It is not only my outlet for emotion/ expression, but for my true art(s), networking, and learning and viewing other art. I especially love the aspect of just viewing other people’s art and ‘traveling’ at my fingertips and learning about the world through others’ blogs. It makes me want to just reach through the screen and tip myself into the postcard-like photos and relax in the tropics, mountains, rustic countryside, rollings hills, forests, and everything in between. I love the cityscapes and the busy shops and cobble stones and architecture. Then there are the historic aspects that you guys talk about so passionately. The libraries, museums, parks, homes, and restaurants, the culture.

I get to pick the brains of intelligent people across the world and learn more about my own field of study. I even get to learn about my disorder from people who have to people who are trying to cure it.

This last year I have had BLOG LUST and I love it! To everyone someone else’s life seems amazing no matter how boring to you it may seem. Once it is all on paper it may still yet seem boring but once you start writing about all the things you do daily and see, someone will ask the right questions that will open your world up and show you that your life is not as boring as it seems and you too will know that you need only look and life awaits!


Creepy Winter?

images (1).jpg

So I feel like this is a weird and foreboding winter. I feel like this is a winter that I would read about in one of my science fiction books where winter was stolen away by some wizard, fairy, or other force because there was some out of balance evil or force at work. We are experiencing an out of season warmth in my area of the country. I mean have we seen mid 60’s before yes. but we are seeing record highs near 80 Fahrenheit just before Christmas. I can only remember being close to 70 before but not quite this warm before.

I told my parents the only plus is that for once they get to celebrate their anniversary today like and pretend it’s the summer and instead of just imagining it, lol. They can actually walk around in shorts if they want and eat ice cream without the heater on. So enjoy kiddies! Love you two! Though thy got married at this time of year for that magic, after so many years of that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a slight change for their first year together as the retired coupled! So proud of these two golden oldies who have so much spirit they keep me smiling!


Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled program here, lol! I mean it is so HOT to me I totally have no use at all for any of my winter clothing right now! The weather channels keep saying “warm” but I’m hot-natured so I have been sweating like a pig anytime I look at a jacket or anything more than a t-shirt. SO it’s HOT. I just got happy about my boots and hoodies and so on and cannot wear any of the yet. Retailers are saying to come in and buy the winter things because winter will happen and will be one of the harshest to come but it hard to believe when this is happening.

Now granted people do forget that winter technically begins on the solstice which was just 2 days ago; this does not mean that with fall/autumn that we should not have seen cooler weather. We have only really seen about 2 weeks of that combined it seems for the whole fall/autumn season.

I am wondering what we will get as some people have prepared for such things a harsh winter if it does not happen. I mean we have companies like landscapers, retailers, and the like that will lose a lot of money this year on these sort of investments while tourist attractions like the beach and other places may see a spike from a lack of a true off season this year.

I have even heard a local jewelry company that a made radio ad that said buy your diamonds and propose for that perfect snowy proposal for Christmas…yet it is not even nippy.  I bet they are kicking themselves right now. I mean yes we have had snow for last few years but we do not always get snow. That was sort of poor planning/advertising on their behalf…they got a bit spoiled with the last 5-7 years, lol. And they are riding it out because it seems to be on their only advertising and it was probably too costly to pull it.

I mean I am not asking for the single digit harshness and I do not have to have snow but I would like to have my autumn back and some crisp air, lol. We also know that without a true winter that the repercussions for agriculture, the environment (mosquitoes, allergies, and on one) will be worse in the spring and summer. So come on winter! I’m calling you out Jack Frost…Where you at Bro!?!



A Week of Friday the 13th…


Let me start by saying I am not superstitious. However, I love a good myth, legend, or story. I will not say I buy into them but sometimes I like to debunk them or even wish to believe they are true. We all want to believe they are true when everything is going wrong so that we can partially have something to blame when things are going wrong,even in jest. Though today is Friday the 13th, I feel as though I had a whole week of Friday the 13th, lol. I have felt on edge, tired, annoyed, and on all week. Moreover, if it could go wrong this week it seems to have decided to try to happen. However, the funny part is as usual, I still rarely let is hold much salt in my life because that is just how I am. I cannot let these things build up or hold that much weight or I would crumble under the pressure.

Though this week was my anniversary and should have been filled with warm fuzzies, it was not! My husband spent part of it in the ER, recovering, and the rest working. I spent the week, working, shuttling him, and catering to others, and working. On the actual date( yesterday I spent the day at work at 5am, straight to the hairdresser (which instead of her normal 1 hour took 3), and then when I thought I would only be dropping off something to my mom’s had to do another longer errand for my grandmother only to forget part of it). At the end of all this I had a huge migraine since I only ate once at 8 or 9a yesterday and not again until I got home at 6 or 6:30p. Would I do it again? Yes! I am not a selfish person and they needed my help! Was I tired, YES! The universe does not simply stop because it is your anniversary. You have to make it special. I always tell my husband that for special dates. You have to plan or these days pass you by as just another date and this is how you lose the spark, closeness, and become strangers. Luckily for us we had a back-up plan to go on a romantic trip in 2 weeks because we already knew that we would be working ourselves into extinction during this time.

Today may be Friday the 13th, but I intend to find my good luck, in finding all my silver linings as I usually do. I intend to see all my favorite horror movies as they always pop up on chiller and science fiction networks and pass out pretty late into the night after I get off tonight. I will get back up tomorrow and finish helping my grandmother and then come back home and read and rest!