Not So Natural Beauty

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I would like to say that the topic today is something that I have just noticed or that is has just begun to happen in today’s society but unfortunately it has not. Though I would like to say that it is just racism…it goes far deeper than this. It is an issue of culture and someone looking to point a finger. I understand the over-sensitive nature in which we live in today but people need to understand it goes both ways these days.

You have all cultures doing things to fit in with other cultures and some of it dates back to survival while others are indicative of trends and fashion. However, should we be so quick to call it racism?

Point and case you have afro-centric cultures that have naturally curly hair that fight to straighten their hair chemically or through heat. There are those who say this is to be like the white society. In some cases, yes we have been taught that our hair is not exactly ideal. We are taught to hate our hair, to be ashamed of it, to think that when we do not have it in some manageable style that makes others comfortable that we are not appealing. Who would want to have ‘nappy’ hair as they call it. However, when you go to other countries where there afro-centric cultures are more dominant and were less disturbed this is not the case. This natural beauty is celebrated. It started back in the days of slavery though, being cut down to nothing by the words of ‘owners’ and then to continue to this day. Women coloring their hair for the same reasons.

However, now we straighten our hair and color it because we WANT to! Because we desire to. However, that it also due to trending. If we saw more women with natural hair would we follow that trend? As the natural hair movement has began I have seen the propensity in that direction and now I wonder how many women feel pride behind this or feel as if this is just a trend to follow.

But as I stated, it goes both ways. You have euro-centric women who get perms to fit in. They want curly hair to fit in. They want curves and fuller lips. They get tans to become darker. And society says they are trying to be ‘black’. Why does it have to be black, there are other cultures that have these same attributes first off, and secondly some white people have just as many curves, curls, and complexions without alterations before you begin making such comments.

Everyone is going for crash diets to be super thin. We all make different changes often. The difference is everything we do, whether it is natural or not, it is how we carry ourselves and what we then project to others. We must make sure that we are not hypocritical pointing fingers, calling people racist for what we do not understand; making assumptions. Try to understand or simply ask. We all enjoy mimicry (it is after all the deepest form of flattery) but let us try to understand why we are doing it and its consequences as well. Do not always follow things blindly and do not be so condescending to those who do. You never know, you may actually be following something without even knowing it. We are all beautiful in our own right let us not judge how we deem that right to be so!

Anniversary Time!


Wow 2 years in a blink of an eye! So much happens in 2 years but one thing remains CHANGE and ADVENTURE! Bet you thought I was going to say love, well that should be a given so with that said I must keep shaking things up! I still dream of that delicious cake often and coming from someone who loves pie that speaks volumes!

Day 26 of the #loveme challenge…What makes me feel beautiful?


This is actually a very simple answer for me. Feeling clean! That makes me feel more beautiful than anything in this world. It’s not the clothes I wear or the make-up it is simply the feeling of feeling clean and clear inside and out. I mean a nice amazing scrub a dub dub from the bath/ shower and clean hair, and great body scrubs and scents. Then some great meditation to cleanse the soul and I feel so beautiful that I could just do a model spread for you guys. LOL. That confidence may be short lived once the cameras actually got there but that’s how great I feel at that moment. I don’t need the compliment the first. I am so comfortable in my skin at those moments because it took me so long to get to a point to be able to enjoy such things.

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Day 9 of the #loveme Challenge…Share something beautiful


Share something beautiful…well I think one of the most beautiful and serene things to me is water and everything about it. It could be in nearly any form. A waterfall, an ocean, a thunderstorm, or a river. I just enjoy the sound it makes and the soothing qualities it has. It just seems to restore my soul. It smells amazing, feels exhilarating, and is necessary in our lives. I could watch the way it moves all day. It is has no shape and is a quandary to me. It inspires me and makes me think and calms me at the same time. I love being suspended in water because I feel weightless and feel like I am flying… floating really and can just freeze in time and BE. I enjoy watching the colors that dance within its depths and the creatures it gives life. It holds so many mysteries and secrets and its like if you are really quiet you may hear the water tell its story. I find my peace and serenity near water most of the time. #carpeaqua

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Mexico swimming with the Dolphins 2010