Social Media Personality…ME!?!

Since when did I become a social media personality? When did I become someone who cared what the world thinks of me? Mostly I don’t but I like to know sometimes. I like to know what the world is thinking and put my good vibes into the world. I like to try and benefit the world in some manner. It’s fun to know that I am affecting people in some way! though my blog blasts on both facebook and twitter I need to have a better presence on twitter. The only problem is that I find myself saying more random craziness on there. This isn’t bad it’s just hard because you are restricted to 140 characters, LOL. Sometimes I talk too much for twitter. And though I am creative and can still make my point with abbreviated wordings a shorthand methods it can steal your thunder when you have to do that sometimes as a writer, or so I feel. Not to mention sometimes I get hashtag crazy on twitter. I have no idea where it comes from sometimes.

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Moreover, it is kind of strange to me. I did not think of myself this way but my husband sort of does. It’s kind of funny. He makes me laugh. He applauds my achievements no matter how small and keeps saying when you reach 100k and 1m we are gonna turn up. LOL. He wants me to get paid for this. I don’t see it being that big or a prosperous endeavor. However, I do enjoy that he sees that there are people out there that enjoy a quality that I have and that it brings joy to me! I just love to talk, educate people, and tell a good story! So I’m glad for such a platform and such caring individuals!

The Five Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Yoga Teacher (So Far) | Yoga International

As a wellness professional and a fitness instructor I definitely empathize and have learned all of this the hard way! I hope this article helps someone else out there maybe before they make the mistakes or comforts them if they have made these mistakes. It does get better and you will learn and bounce back.

Source: The Five Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Yoga Teacher (So Far) | Yoga International

Day 18 of the #loveme challenge…Some that feeds my brain


Something that feeds my brain is books and research. I love to read and and do research. But books open a new land to me and I learn that no matter if it is fiction or not non fiction they talk about places I have never been or people I have never seen and events that are quite real to some extent and I go to the internet and begin to research these places. I then become intrigued by them. I have read so many books that were set in London it is not funny. I feel like if I go there I should know everything about the place, LOL. It usually has a lot to do with the author you like to read and I went through a Harry Potter phase and then I read other books by JK Rowling also known as Robert Galbraith. I also read books set in Sweden which is fun and teaches me quite a bit about the culture there as well. And above all MANY books about Asian culture directly and indirectly through my novels and such. These things make me feel so connected to the world in addition to my blog and my friends. I enjoy it! I love to learn!

Sex and Your Inhibitions Part 1

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Let’s be honest with yourself…the whole reason you clicked on this and not just hit the like button is because you saw the word SEX. I would too. Your curiosity got the best of you. You wanted to know what I would say about it. Well here it is. Why is it taboo? Why are we not talking about it? Some countries find sex to be so taboo that they refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. They do not talk about it with their children and leave it to their school systems to discuss with ‘the talk’ and biology and such. The down side is then you get parents who are upset when the school oversteps their boundaries and says too much or does not say enough.

Moreover, you get children who are traumatized by what they learn, LOL. Old videos that are out dated with technology and equipment that today’s children would never use but due to children’s ignorance they are traumatized about what is readily available and current. I sat in a classroom that showed a video from the 80’s/90’s and since then the size and types of birth control have changed. Moreover, the video also showed some of the largest feminine products I had seen EVER, LOL. Not like the discreet ones we have now.

Then there come the actual act of sex…I was asked by my friend who is a teacher how I would change the videos to make sex look less like a porno and more like an educational video but still be images (1)something for school. I said well… Sex is natural and it is what it is! At this day and age most children have already seen some movie with sex in it. So you are the only one holding them back pretending that you are protecting them. You should handle it as if they can be mature and explain it in mature terms. It should still outline the body in the biology format similar to what you see on the left. This would remind them that this is still a learning experience. To prevent people from being confused as to what really happens. I knew people in school who were confused where certain male parts were inserted into the female sadly. I also knew people who had no idea what foreplay was and why it was important and the system of arousal. These things are important. I taught sex education for adults and you would be surprised at how many questions I got from them concerning why this was important. Men were very interested as well. I taught all women groups, all men groups, and couples. I also have a masters in psychology and I had to do a bit of counseling but that always goes with debunking myths and fixing what is going on.

I find the funniest part is when people feel embarrassed about asking questions and letting go of their inhibitions to do what THEY WANT! They have desires and feel unfulfilled sexually and have healthy desires but because society tells them that they are deviants for doing anything besides missionary they feel criminal in nature. So they come to be heads bowed like in a confessional. They confide in me about their desires and my response is usually the same; you are both consenting adults and therefore what you do in the privacy of your relationship is your business (as sometimes it is not always just between 2 people or in just their home, LOL). I know we all have our own preferences and flavors of sex and by no means am I asking you to be accepting or understanding of all types but what I am saying to you is be open to the fact that we all have desires and to shun someone for their style simply because it is not your own is not fair. Shaming someone because you do not like it, understand it, or, do it only stigmatizes people from sex which is natural, fun, intimate, and a growing experience for a relationship. Tomorrow will talk about ‘your flavors’ and the language of sex and love…

Day 15 of the #loveme challenge…Share something you have done right


Something I have done right is making my choice to go to continue my education and go college and seek higher education…many times over. I do not ever think I thought it was any other choice I always thought I would go but I think my choice of school was the best on for me. I met some life long friends that I would not trade for the world. I also continued school twice after that earning 2 masters’ degrees after that. Education is truly something no one can take away from you. You earned it. You sacrificed, cried, wanted to quit at times, and even wondered how useful it would be, but in the end when you receive it none f that matters because you achieved something that you worked hard to earn and that pride no one can take away. I even did my last masters while simultaneously helping my mom to take care of my great grandmother who was very sick and would later pass away for nearly 9 months. I was also planning a wedding and was also diagnosed with and dealing with MG which hospitalized me 3 times in that first year alone. I would say I really had to want those 2 masters’ degrees! I won’t even begin to tell you how much my anxiety flared up during these times lets just say God and my mothers yes there is an ‘s’ on mother were really working hard to keep me balanced along with some very close friends who were some awesome cheerleaders!