RANT COMING IN 3…2…1… Please Be Thoughtful!

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WHY Oh WHY do people do this!?! Why do they bring their hacking, sniffling, watery eyed, sneezing, mucous infested, selves into the fitness/ WELLNESS center and get OTHERS sick! Why is this your first thought is that, “I MUST GO TO THE FITNESS/ WELLNESS CENTER AND SWEAT THIS THING OUT AND ASK THEM WHAT ELSE I MUST DO WITH NO REGARD FOR ANYONE ELSE’S HEALTH”! If you are reading this and have done this…do you think to yourself maybe you should wear a mask to prevent others from being sick? Everyone who works in said environment or works out in said environment is able to defend themselves from your nastiness! You think you caught every inch of sneeze in your elbow? Even that cough that crept up on you and got out before you could balance yourself on the elliptical before you almost fell. Then you touched the elliptical. So you know…You cannot sweat out a cold/ flu sot stop trying!

We can’t all dodge your germs, even if…IF you actually cleaned your equipment, which let’s face it most of you barely clean all the areas you touch or sneeze, cough, or sweat on! You always think this is the job of the staff, yet we cannot possibly clean it between every person that jumps on it so the next person jumps on and they have touched the areas and are infected before they even knew what hit them!

Everyone who looks healthy is not as healthy as you think contrary to what you may think! There are some like me who look amazing, Yes I said it wonderfully freaking amazing most of the year! So you would never know I have an autoimmune disorder/ neuromuscular disorder unless I told you. I have no limp, no cane, no sign that says I am sick on my forehead. I have nothing most of the year that says steer clear. However, now during the worst part of cold and flu season (Jan-Mar) I must wear a mask because people are too afraid to stay home and miss work! They fear missing a workout day will cost them the ability to sweat out the cold. However, it only weakens you more when you are sick and takes you longer to recover.

Moreover, you spread you germs to people like. You have no intention of paying my hospital bill and since I can’t take a flu shot since it puts me in the ICU (which you wouldn’t know or seem to care about) you keep doing it! People never consider others. I bet that even if we bought masks like hospitals and placed a sign that said if you have the following symptoms (that of cold/flu — listing them as hospitals do) people still wouldn’t take them!

I’m learning that people are generally inconsiderate and yet when I wear my mask, like last year the geniuses all thought I was the one that was sick for THREE months. Seriously…3 months people! No I don’t want your cooties! I know not everyone can stay at home when sick, but if you feel that serious about your workout, do it at home! My doctor actually had to a note making me wear it at work because he did not want me going to the hospital anymore as it was hindering the progress I was trying to make for my MG with some of the medications I was taking. Some medications take 2 years to work and since I kept landing in the hospital every few months we were not sure if they were working because I would get sick each time I thought I was getting stronger or better. Everyone was getting frustrated!

Or if sweating it out is your goal get in hot bath, take a nap cap and get under some blankets, go for a run outside with trash bags on for all I care (it gets cold in these months! I don’t mean that last part, but you get the point….One should think twice before going into a fitness/WELLNESS establishment where others are trying to get fit and stay WELL and get them all sick because you are being selfish! It’s not fair. Moreover, in my facility all members get 1 free PT per MONTH! Let me create you a workout for the week you will be out…PLEASE. Just email me. I will give you one that’s fun and you can do with the equipment or body weight at home. JUST DON’T COME IN HERE!

I am not saying this to be selfish either (though yes I would prefer to to be sick EVER)… I have been privy to people’s private files here and I am not the only person here who could benefit not getting your germs. Though everyone would prefer it, some of us are more susceptible than others and therefore are in more danger than others from your actions. Please think twice and if you think twice and still come, don’t be surprised when I come nowhere near you, put on a mask, or state nicely I would rather not be to close to you (all while thinking jackass).

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Ninjas, Spies, and Me Vs. your FLU-COLD-A-SNOT-ACOCCL…Crime Is A FOOT!


I like to think of myself as a pretty stealthy type character when I want to be. I can sneak up on people and spy like the best of them in those 007 films. I can use my awesome sense of persuasion and skills and all my precise deductive reasoning and come up with the best solutions, plans, and plots MWUAHAHAHAHA! However, this may be all in my head as I was not Bond enough to escape the more sinister clutches of my evil nemesis THE COLD! I do not know which sneaky person gave it to me as there were many in my passing at work who just could not seem to stay away from me as they admitted to me they were sick and just wanted to sweat it out in the WELLNESS center UGH! Don’t you know your body will recover faster if you give it 1-3 days of rest that actually includes staying away from work ┬áif you can! But no they don’t get it and feel if they come and infest the work equipment that they refuse to clean and sneeze and cough in the air that this will help them get better!?!

Even if for some strange miracle it did, YOU ARE NOT HELPING ME YOU BLOKE! STAY AWAY! I already have to wear a mask from Jan-Mar for the heaviest part of flu season I refuse to have to wear one for 6 months of the year from Oct-Mar because you are careless. If people really knew how many people in the world had an autoimmune disorder they would be shocked, it’s not as uncommon as they think. If only they knew the anxiety they caused me during this time of year! SIGH!

Then you get the people you come into contact with outside of work! They are even worse! Yea I eye everyone with suspicion, but if you have a coughing fit in my vicinity I am likely going to just leave the area. If it is a small store I may even leave the store and wait in my car until you leave! I do not have time for your hack up a lunga palooza fresh with spittle all while you don’t even attempt to cover your mouth!!! I cannot take the flu shot because it always puts me in the ICU and I refuse for you to threaten my life…That’s attempted murder sir! And take your crusty nose kid/grandkid with ya, he looks contagious/ dangerous too. They are both criminal in my book at this point.

I feel so assaulted at times I feel the need to spray people down with my can of Lysol! My excuse if the report me to the police is that I felt assaulted as they were a danger to my life and that I was merely defending myself as they dd not feel the need to stay home, cover their mouths, and wear masks to protect me from THEM!

Chronicles of the autoimmune MGer!

My Sheldon Cooper Moments!


So having an autoimmune disorder causes you to pick up some habits that can be a bit absurd sometimes. I was never a germophobe and I still am not but I will say that during cold and flu season I am leading up to it you will be put on the do not call, write, email, or send telepathic thoughts list! 6be10c_SheldonCooperHeck you may even be put in a bubble for thinking about my name for my safety and yours! When I first got diagnosed with MG I was hospitalized 3 times just because others had a cold or the flu.

People and DOCTORS were like just get the flu shot and I was like yea sure while in in the hospital give it to me…it resulted in me being put immediately in the ICU. A similar result happened a few years back before MG and 10 years before that with my first flu shot before (sans flu) had a bad reaction. Their thought then was that it was in my system for a few days ( as viruses are known to be) and I just started showing symptoms. However, after 3 failed attempts my doctors are finally realizing that this is likely not the case.

images (1)So when we get close to this time, yes I am looking at you all like I have an Aeon Flux Eye scrutinizing if you have allergies, a simple runny nose from the cold, or if you are indeed CONTAGION 1 and ENEMY OF THE (CHRIS)TOCRACY (ME) as my name is Chris, LOL.

I apologize now for my craziness but unless you want to pay my hospital bills by being wrong and getting me sick, I just don’t trust your sniffles, LOL. I quarantine my husband and kick him out of the room and masks are worn by him until he is better along with intensive cold/flu meds. We cannot afford to be sick because I have enough medical bills, needless ones for this sort of thing are ridiculous so I when you sneeze and I block with a Heisman pose stiff arm you, mask myself in my shirt and bolt for the door, it’s all in love because it was thought at the time to be an act of life or death, LOL!