I’m Awesome!

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I refuse to believe anything less about myself! No this is not part of my therapy routine I have not started yet, lol. I simply believe this about all that I do and embody. However, there are aspects about me that I do not like, just like everyone else. I simply believe that with all that I do I friggin rock and sometimes I feel like I should toot my own horn.


There are days like yesterday where I am on it. I somehow manage to get everything going in the right direction and moving and still have a smile on my face. I set up several appointments for myself and my husband at different offices through a series of phones calls and emails. I had a conference call that seemed to go on forever and the way my attention is set up sometimes I struggled so hard to pay attention that I actually managed to pay attention at the right times. DO NOT ask me how that happened.

Then I was able to still manage to get all my work done on time and still keep my stress levels down. Though my strength and mind were totally on ‘E’ I mean I felt like I was happy as a lark and oblivious to everything but very tired and ready for a good ole nap all day.

I was still on a roll though. I got all this accomplished, moved through the day. Kept my cell on my hip and constantly in play (multitasking master here) because I was making constant moves/ appts. Then when I off one job went straight to the other things seemed to move in slow motion. I didn’t put my bluetooth headphones on like normal to play my music/ receive calls and I felt naked and sluggish. I knew I would still get through the job in time because I had managed to get there in time to get done by the time I desired even after staying later at my full-time job to make up time for earlier in the week. I was still on a role but boy did I want my music. When things started to slow down mentally I did have to give in to one snapchat moment where I documented work feeling never ending. Then I got back on it and kept going.

I finished and saw a text from the hubbs…and though my day was great his was not as on point but I didn’t let it spoil my day because funny enough (and maybe not so nicely) it was a gloating moment for me. He says, “guess what, I broke my glasses”. I’m thinking to myself the same glasses that you misplace several times a day, that you throw about haphazardly roll over on the floor in your sleep while napping on the floor, don’t wear protective goggles over while working in landscaping? Those? The same ones that you have broken a trillion times and the last time we went to get them fixed they said they probably won’t be able to fix them again because they are so far beyond repair…THOSE? Then your eyes are so bad that you squint even with them on…And you got those like in 2008 and when I say you need new ones and we have insurance just get new ones you keep putting it off…saying you will and each time they break you say I should go ahead…I keep saying before the next time they break and they say they won’t help you because you are not a client of theirs or that they are beyond repair…

Well sometimes…I told you so is just not enough! LOL. So he is rocking a rubber band over his frames right now. I do not feel bad at all because I have designer frames for way cheap from an awesome place (America’s Best) 2 pair during their sale and you get 3 years of free eye exams for $99 and he won’t even go in for that. Silly man! Sometimes you have to drag men kickin and screamin to health appointments…I never thought it was that serious or true…BUT GEESH! I feel like I should be enetered in the Austrailian wife dragging husband race competition. At least there are prizes and recognition for it. Him and the eye doctor thing is ridiculous to the point of hilarity, I’m like what do you think is going to happen in there man? Can’t be as bad as your ER trip a few months ago for a scratched cornea. That was one of the funniest days ever, though at the time he wasn’t laughing!


But even he admitted last night I was awesome on top of everything last night because I still didn’t say, “I TOLD YOU SO” I just giggled at his rubber band and said what did you put in the oven? He laughed and said well there is enough for you and can I have one of your powerade drinks and we talked about all the appointments scheduled which one of them SHOULD have been an EYE APPOINTMENT for GOLDILOCKS!

Immobile walls, Cankles, Hives, and Rumbles


SO yesterday despite everything I was determined to have a good day and I think that upset the entire universe. I mean I felt like everything was against me and it was pretty comical once I thought about it at each obstacle within my day. I did not even have to wait til the end of the day or assess my feelings after feeling grumpy. It never got to that point. Things just kept happening but I kept rolling with them but I swear it was like something that would only happen in one of my fantasy books.

I have noticed the more stable I get with MG the more clumsy I have become again. I used to be VERY clumsy before I mean if you looked at me and I had a sheepish grin (which was often) it was because you probably just missed me getting up off the floor or catching myself from falling or running into something.

Yesterday the beginning of may day was amazing. I had an unusual amount of energy, which should have told me then, that I may need that energy later for events that may later transpire. Towards the end of my day about 2 hours before leaving my full-time job the gates the other worldy realm must have opened. Suddenly my boss and I could not keep up with the demand of emails, members, and events that were happening in the facility. We were crossing each other with questions about multiple events and trying to keep the event we were talking about straight while handling another event simultaneously. Then just after I was supposed to be gone for the day I squeaked out one last email and ran for the hills so I could get to my other job so I would not be there all night since I had to be able to get home, cook, and go to sleep (and rest fully 6-8 hrs) to get up at 4a today.

SO I peeled out of the parking lot on two wheels only to hit my first wall of traffic (believe me this wall was more bearable then what is to come later). I get close to the other job and have a little time to spare so I use one of my freebie birthday meals that came in the mail to Zaxby’s and get a snack.

I get to the part-time job and call my husband to tell him what I need from him that afternoon since I will be running non-stop and I’m currently at the second job and will be coming home in time to cook and go to bed. Then it happens. My tummy rumbles…more like screams at me that it did not like me eating out. It has apparently forgotten how to do this. I do not eat fried foods often and so yep I was being punished for it. I quickly got off then phone.

Crisis averted!

Then I finish at the part-time job. I was shocked everyone left fairly on time there so I was left uninterrupted to do my job and get out. Then as I was about to leave Montezuma’s revenge hit again. I called my husband and told him he would have to go to the store and be VERY selective about the items I needed for the meal and to hurry home no lolly gagging about. He tends to walk uber slow when he is not in a rush for himself…I mean like molasses. So I had to remind him it was already after 8pm and I had to be up at 4.

I get home as he is leaving to go to the store. When he gets back I prepare everything and put it in the crockpot and turn it on low so it will be ready in the morning when I get up. I undress and sit down and realize I have CANKLES. I was like what the heck happened here. I have not done anything more than usual. Then I had to think I had that one snacker size fried thingy and a small bag of potato chips but really CANKLES. I have never seen my ankles so swollen. I could not even see my ankles. I tell my husband to come look and he says sit and relax…I’m thinking yea of course…AFTER I have already cooked and done everything (figures…men).

Then my hives were PINGING! They were lighting me up. I was trying to relax so of course they would begin itching more. I mean I noticed I had a few more but seriously. So I asked my husband for the aloe vera with lidocaine and he actually applied it for me (how sweet). I needed that moment! Then I figured I would get the last few he could see at the moment which I did. Then I went to put the bottle in the bathroom and use it one more time before bed.

THEN BAM! I hit my second immobile wall! I kicked the side of the doorway as I was walking out and took off the entire small toe nail along with some much wanted skin. Both my body and myself were stunned. I mean at first I wasn’t sure if I was hurt, then the pain hit and I had to sit down and then it bled profusely. Though I express this with great detail it’s because in my mind it happened in slow motion, but it probably took less than 20-30 seconds. My husband hurt all the commotion and came in thinking I fell. It was seriously that loud. I could not even cry it hurt so bad. I could barely breathe and when he was like what you want me to do I said just let me breathe real quick, trying not to snap at him.

I know he is not the first aid take action type like me. I was trained and it is in my nature. I get this from my mom. But he will sit there and ask what needs to be done instead of knowing or trying anything. So once I took several deep breaths I asked him to come back in the room because he completely left, LOL. I asked for gauze and had to direct him to the right type in my first aid box because I have many types, and then I needed ointment (which I never used when I realized it was more of an avulsion/ hole), and I asked for athletic tape (which he brought a wrap bandage but it wouldn’t really work for this area or wound. I almost never use that stuff! Though I had been wondering where it was (as he brought it from his bathroom out of a secret place he stashed it). Little thief, LOL.

I finally asked one more favor of my husband, and that was to bring me some pillows to prop my feet and that foot now, LOL. I needed to reduce the swelling in my CANKLES and to slow the pain and bleeding in my foot. I seriously had to hold my toe and then a pressure point for like 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. Needless to say, today has not been a picnic walking and all I keep thinking is how bad I want to take a hammer to that wall, LOL.

Vanity and Form: The Reason For Mirrors


So I am Senior Health Fitness Specialist and I work in a corporate fitness center. I teach fitness classes, run wellness programs, do personal training, do exercise prescription and so on. I am not just a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Yes…I take offense to that as I went to get a 4 year degree and a expensive certification to say otherwise. There is nothing wrong with being an instructor or personal trainer but I went above and beyond for a higher position and title. So yea I am VAIN about this, LOL.

Working in the health field I have seen many things both while interning at a satellite hospital site and while working in various aspects of health over the years. But nothing prepares you for the things you will see in a fitness center. The hilarity that happens pales in comparison. People believe that you are both blind, stupid, and the world centers around them. Moreover, when things happen to them you have to try and keep a straight face while watching them do these stupid things because I swear I cannot make them up people when dumb ditty over there tries to push start the treadmill. Um it has a BIG green button that says START…Why not try that? Or pulling a Cleveland Brown on the treadmill like my younger brother did many years ago while I was at my first job ever and tried racing me. I was minding my business running and him not knowing how a treadmill really ‘worked’ decided to just input the level at which I was running by putting the actual number and then increase the speed. A smart person would have known it will START at 8 miles an hour. it will take time to get to that level (a few about 15 seconds maybe). So this genius thought he was doing something and welp he was still increasing the speed thinking it was not going fast enough because it was not as fast as I was and when it hit my speed and he was already increasing it he FLEW off the back but since the room was small it was right against a wall and he looped for a bit before i jumped off my treadmill to give him space to get out and off his treadmill. I will not lie I laughed so hard i seriously was crying and people thought I was hurt (from the noises they heard– the crash).


Every time I see this above episode I think back to this and the image is so fresh I just start laughing all over again. The starwberry on his shoulders and back he called ‘carpet burns’ were there for some time. I will never forget it and when people fall in the gym on the treadmill and have similar moments I swear I wonder how in God’s name they FIGHT it…I just fall and let it happen, why do you fight and keep trying to get back up while the belt is still moving. Let it go! Well unless it’s at a wall and then hold on for dear life!

Or the person who sits backwards on the chest fly and tries to do back fly and the arms only come part of the way around but they stick with it. It is my job to go over to these people and help them before they hurt themselves not laugh at them.

Or the people who instead of using the big mirrors in the weight lifting section for watching your form and correcting it, they are flexing and watching themselves. Yes, I see you watching yourself and just enjoying YOU. That’s great self-confidence but um get the heck out the mirror and let someone who needs it use it. I mean really it’s great that you have immeasurable hotness and you are psyching yourself up what not but the music has you pumped and you are awesome but MOVE! The world does not revolve around you though the mirror seems like it does.

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Then there is the gross creeper that is watching everyone in the mirror/ fitness center and makes your skin crawl. That’s the person that almost makes you want to be on a machine where you back is to the wall so that you can see everyone around you at all times like someone may be pick pocketing your soul. Instead they are doing something far creepier they are almost walking around smelling your scent and stealing glances at you doing squats and staring at your most intimate places and you feel the eyes on you but you have no idea from where.

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And they are always happy when it’s squat day

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But the fitness center isn’t all that bad when you have confidence and people are not that gross and creepy. Usually they are not but you always get a few that young idiots that have to be put in their place. And kudos to fitness centers that have a ‘women’s’ section that is separate from the rest of the fitness center with additional weights and cardio for a circuit. Though men do struggle with body image, women and young women especially struggle with this more often and need this additional benefit at least until they are comfortable to be on the main floor. with their weight training. Meat Head intimidation and crowding is no fun (no matter what level fitness you are in, lol).


Sometimes I told you so is SO SWEET!


There are times when you walk through life and people ask your advice and you give it freely. Then there are times when you MUST give it as it is part of your job. There are even times when people do not ask for it but you give it anyway to help them because you honestly care and want to help them improve and not come to any harm.

HOWEVER, when you get people who are not very nice and tend to just stick it to you in every way that they can. A good I told you so without ever saying it, is the sweetest thing. Point and Case:

A member at my facility was about to go out for a walk/ jog. I was heading out the fitness door behind her. I say to her, ‘I hope the rain stays at bay long enough for your run’ more in an effort to inform her in case she did not know but to also wish her well on her walk/job if she preferred a rainy run (some members don’t mind). This would also give her a chance to change her mind if she did not know.

She turns to me and says, ‘it looks fine out there right now, looks at her smart phone (obviously not on the weather app) ignores me and gives me the screw face. Whips her pretty blond pony tail around and takes off out the door. I go to grab my lunch at the cafe. I look out the window and say to myself are we looking at the same sky. I mean yeah there are cracks of sunlight but it’s extremely windy and it’s been cloudy all day and they are calling for rain around noon (which is about now) and severe thunderstorms after that for the rest of the day. And looking further out across the sky is a huge dark mass of gray…but whatever.

Then I grab my lunch and go back to the fitness center. I eat a few bites, type an email, and run to the bathroom. That took about 15 minutes. I come out the bathroom and it started raining lightly. 5 minutes later it was raining sideways. At this point I literally laughed out loud. Since I am known to look at the televisions and do this often, and since most people have headphones in and assumed I was probably talking to someone else they ignored me. I got my satisfaction and that may sound a little mean but that person needed to cool off a bit. And when they came back in they were a lot nicer and even said, Hey I needed to take a shower anyway’ making light of the situation. So we could all laugh and be happy. So it kept everyone from harboring resentment and ill will. I like moments like that can end this way. I did not want to dislike someone over a possible bad day, where she just really needed to burn off a bad day (even though she took it out on me). I know that feeling and though there are better ways to do that it all worked out!

Keeping Everyone Hip & Happening

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I find it so funny and fun to watch older people say things that are completely out of context and yet they are the king and queens of back handed compliments or SHADE. Yes old people I just told you what that term that kids are using means, LOL. I for one love listening to older people SLAY young ignorant people who think they were just paid a TRUE compliment but in fact were given a blow of spite.

For instance, hearing an older person say, “your new haircut really helps slim your face.” You want to immediately say thanks…then you say wait…does that insinuate that my face…or I am fat? What the heck just happened here? LOL. All tea… All Shade! They meant what they said and they just let you know inwardly they you need to lose weight…or that they don’t like you and other people may not have caught it because they do not want to believe that sweet Ma Annie could be anything but honey and sugar. But old people can really stick it to you without raising their voice, cursing, or being outright rude. It’s called class and old school SHADE.


Shade is nothing new we just call it something different. Just like everything else. People may say it’s mean to like to see older people do this but you have to understand the skill it takes and learn to observe. I just enjoy observing the style and heir in which this is done. They make you believe it and then later you second guess yourself. To watch the change in a person’s face is priceless if they get it at all, LOL. Some really young people don’t get it at all and that’s even funnier when someone else has to tell them what just happened.

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I mean for me I have learned from observation but I have learned from some movies and shows I have watched over time too. My parents have learned to stay young and learned younger terms the same way but some terms they learn simply from asking myself or one of my siblings. They just outright ask what the heck is ____ and why would I or anybody else do, say, have it, etc… We explain even if it means being some what “uncomfortable” because I dare not have my parents use a term in the wrong way in the wrong place and be embarrassed. Nope I refuse. I shall not have my mother talking bout throwing tea instead of shade, lol. You sip tea while throwing shade, LOL (GOT THAT PARENTS).


It is hard to keep up with all the latest terms in the urban dictionary that come up all the time. There are plenty of new terms that come up all the time that relate to social media and sex and you just have to completely stay away from some of those. However, aside from those, it can be really funny just observing people trying too hard to be “cool” just be you and if a word happens to be popular and you happen to be using it GREAT. If not so what. Don’t force it. Believe me you are still cool in someone’s eyes and that is all that matters, whether it is a child’s, parent’s, friend’s, or whoever’s. Enjoy that knowledge!

Broken Underwear and books


Did I get your attention, I thought so! My Monday started off as one of those days. I would not say a bad day because I do not believe just because it is a Monday that it is a bad day. However, I will say that I was in a rather unfavorable mood for a few reasons. The first was because for the first time EVER I had to return library books to the library that I did not get to read because I was unable to renew them online since people had already requested them and I am a VERY courteous person. I believe in making sure my books are back on time so that the next person can read them. I know how I feel when I am excited about a book and ready to read it, especially when they are like these books are part of a series.

It all happened because I they came earlier than I expected when I put a hold on them and instead of putting them on my ‘to read’ list in my library account I placed them on hold to be next in line to get them sent to my nearest library to be picked up when they were returned to read. The funny part was about 8 books came back at once. I burned through about 4 of them quickly but then I had one that was not as enjoyable as the rest and took me longer than I anticipated. Then I also got busier than anticipated.

I renewed all the books that did not have wait lists and tried to prioritize like usual and still had those 2 books left and not enough time. So as soon as I dropped them off today I placed them back on hold along with a third book and I will not add any other books in case they all come up at once again. I can read about 3 books in a week with no problem but not 4. So I am good to go. I also have one that I checked out today on ebook that I am reading now in the mean time to keep me satiated.

Another reason this day went sideways is that I am still sick so you know how that goes. Though I am getting better I am still feeling sluggish and not all there so I am not on top of my game and I feel like it takes me twice as long to get myself together and make lists and complete them.

Then my house is a mess and I don’t like that. I have to make sure that I get that under control I cannot stand to see this much longer. So I decided to take a 1/.2 day tomorrow to get that in order a bit and run a few errands and get things back in order. I also took Friday off so that I can rest more and just get myself back together. I have to get things back right!

And the cope de grace (finishing blow) was going to the bathroom and not knowing my own strength. I was not rushing just not really paying attention and while using one hand to lock the door and the other to pull my pants and panties down simultaneously (b/c I had on yoga pants) I broke the band on the side of my panties. I mean all the way off. I look at this in sheer amazement. How in the world does one break their underwear, these were not cheap by any means as I stopped investing in cheap panties back in high school/ undergrad because I like quality! I kept thinking about it and shaking my head, this was not ‘torn’ this was BROKEN it was ridiculous and ridiculously funny and trying to stifle my laughter in the bathroom made it even worse.

All I could do at this point was laugh! All I had was one leg in and the seat to my panties! Welp, Commando it was! Many people go commando and not just when they workout. I found that to be an interesting survey by the way. However, that was not my plan today and I rather like wearing underwear unless I am doing spin cus I like the added protection that if my pants split (which has happened on numerous occasions) or my pants slip down (which has not really happened thankfully) that there are underwear to prevent a complete catastrophe. Otherwise I would be commando every time I taught class, lol.

I am at a point right now that I wish I could go back to sleep and start this day all over again and with my usual spare pair of clothes in my pack. Why did I take those out last week and forget to put them back after I washed them? Really wishing I had those spares right now.

The funny part is that I even took the time to sew up the pants the I have on this morning because I had ripped them on the inner thigh and STILL did not think to check my back pack for my spare clothes!!! WHAT A DAY, and it wasn’t over yet, I could pray for normal but who am I kidding normal does not happen to me!


Outsmarting Kids is FUN!

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So outsmarting adults can be fun but you have to really try to outsmart some adult because well they can be really smart and you have to really think about it. I do this at time because I am a prankster. Yes this sharpens your brain and allows for some good old memories with friends…when it’s harmless of course and your friends have a sense of humor.

However, when you have a ton of niece and nephews like I do and they tend to run at you at break neck speed and enjoy your company…sometimes a bit too much you have to make a choice; dread it or enjoy it! I tend to enjoy it and in many ways. One way it to play games with them, fun games, brain games, and just good old fashion tricks, LOL.

Now you may say tricks, that’s not nice, but let me explain…children are trusting and resilient and if they also have a sense of humor like my nieces and nephews they find these tricks hilarious and immediately try them on the next person they see (so of course they cannot be MEAN)

I mean we have all watched the older sibling want to play a video game and the younger sibling who has no idea how to play want to play and who has a knack for destroying toys and games horn in on the fun. They do not know how to hit start or anything and hold the game up. So they need an adult to help them. Plain and simple the older sibling does not want them to play. So you as the adult say let them play and then give them a unwired controller that isn’t actually on and wink at the sibling. Then you tell them to keep playing and tell the younger sibling they are the other car and let them believe they are doing all the awesome stuff on the screen.

More tricks include the good old hoping their short attention syndromes kick in. All children have it. So when you distract them long enough to hide said object behind your back and alley-oop it over the sofa. Pop in the movie and hit play. What an adrenaline rush!

Or how about the monsters or NANAs that swoop down and get little kids bad kids that don’t do what they are supposed to do. LMBO. My nephews love their nana (my mom) but they also know that NANA DON’T PLAY! The youngest is quick to yell, NANA is going to get you! Usually while he is trying his quickest to stop stop doing the same thing he is tattling about. I mean I am usually in tears because he has no idea at 3 he is tattling. He is saying it because we say it all the time. My sister and I say it all the time because it both the truth and a threat to keep them in line in her house. I mean my mom has a million and one little knick knacks, office supplies, and adult things wonders for these poor boys to try and resist. Even cookies and chocolate in drawers and jars! They drool at the opportunity to touch, eat, and stand on things, LOL. We give them fair warning before we even see the twinkle in their eyes and with kids…YOU CAN SEE THE TWINKLE AND INTENT CLEARLY!


My mom is both the good and bad guy, and it’s hilarious! I know she may not find it funny, but if she were reading this I could see the look on her face right now, LMBO. I mean it’s hard not to laugh. My mom has always had to play both roles but this time it’s funny because when I was little it wasn’t (I was like mean mommy…then nice mommy 🙂 —sorry this is really funny to me because we were all probably like this. but now she gets to be like captain NANA and the boys find it to be a game. BUT the seriously play the game to a TEE. They know how far to push it! They know she can be buttered up, but they know if she moves in their direction like a wiley cat RUUUUUUUN! Or better yet maybe not, play dead! You will NOT win! Yea play dead! It’s over. Drop everything! We’ll call him the Pooh Bear (his nick name), instinctively apologizes because he knows he has done wrong with the lip quivering and immediately decides life is the better option and does whatever Nana says. The younger (snuggle bunny) will either TRY to follow Pooh bear’s lead or fall out and cry. I try not to laugh because this undermines my mom’s battle in the war. So I leave the room and have a good snicker, usually with my brother. You may say why didn’t my brother discipline them…but in our family we let whomever discipline them that caught them in the act usually, it so happens that usually my mom is nearby when they decide to completely lose their minds…do not ask me how this happens.


My mom (NANA) plays the best tricks on them though she would never call it that, lol. I know what they are because she used to do it to us. She still does it…She is the queen. Heck she got my husband a few month back and I cried laughing. Where do you think I learned it. My mom makes my nephews think they are getting the best treats ever because she makes them look so good when she is eating them and they want what she is eating them and then TRICK it’s healthy, LMBO. Granted it still tastes good but I’m telling ya only when you had the junk did you find out it was a trick, lol. For example, you want a cookie, but it was really a granola bar, lol. Kids at school taught you the difference quickly. She made my husband think he was eating bacon this summer when he was over the house and found out later he ate hog jowls or maws…one or the other, lmbo. My dad had bought it. My husband thought it tasted great until he found out what he ate, lol.



CREEPY! Nutter Stalker!

Have you ever had a thought that if something you did to someone or something you did in general could cause something to happen to you later in life. In other words Karma!

I am fully believe in Karma but I also believe that some people are completely weird and creepy and not in a good goth way or in unique #teamweird way as I proclaim to be, lol. I mean in a *it rubs the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the hose again*


I made a joke to my mom about one guy in particular I dated that who continues to contact me who honestly seemed sweet when we dated but yea all the cheese slipped off his cracker later.

I mean dude threw a tantrum (not an exaggeration) in my neighbors yard at 2am after I broke things off with him. My dad made him get up and told him basically to man up  (in probably not those nice words) get in the car, and drove him to the grey hound station.

Then he did not even use his money to go back home to his state, because he had HOPE! lol! He stayed here, thinking we would get back together unbeknownst to me. (stalker tendencies in action).

He then went to the ER and used me as his emergency contact and swore he did not do it. I’m like how else would they get my information then? Not out of thin air because you are from another state and you have no family here so…Then he pretended to hate me and would not speak to me. The nurse asked me what they wanted me to do. My thought was put him in a psychiatric ward. I was hoping after I explained everything, they would, but they did not. Instead they offered to buy him a ticket home. to his state. I said that should be good enough.

I do not know if he ever went back, but I sure hope he did. He continues to write me about 1-3 times a year to ‘check’ on me and wish me well on the holidays which I feel means the opposite (unless I am with him.) Again he still has hope. Then he always ask if I still work in the same place which I refuse to say one way or the other. You won’t catch me slipping nutter. Then when he invites me to hang sometime I think yea like that will happen. We are not friends anymore. All I keep thinking is how if I was ever that loopy to accept such an invite I would probably walk into a room and there would be no windows and no handles to get back out the durn door.

Yeah, on second thought, though I have blocked him from all social media and he cannot see my profiles (even his emails go directly into a special folder marked *threat*…I am wondering if I need to now get a restraining order…I’m just saying I want there to be clear evidence of my disappearance if ever it were to occur. LMBO. We will not have a manitowoc murder here! If you have no idea what that is you need to watch the netflix docuseries making of a murderer which I will be doing a review of soon 😉 so stay tuned!