A Hurt Dog Will Holler…

In my blogs I tend to speak very generally about many subjects. However, I have learned that many family, friends, and sometimes those I am not so close with will even read my blog via someone I am close with. I have no problem with anyone reading it. I write for the world. But when I begin to talk about issues in my life that have occurred such as people hurting me or affecting me, or when I begin to speak on calls to action several people (the same ones) begin to believe I am speaking about them. That song ‘You’re So Vain’ comes to mind, LOL.

I hate to say it but it just makes me wonder what they have done or are doing that is so wrong? Why do you think I am talking about you, why are you so insecure, I really want to dig deep into your psyche and fix the broken pieces within you because this sort of thinking is just not healthy. It worries me that when I say ANYTHING no matter if I specifically say WORK, SCHOOL, MY FRIEND, anything these people pick it apart thinking it’s code for something else and ultimately them. I eventually receive a phone call or a frozen shoulder and have to try and smooth things over. It is such a tiring effort. I know this has to do with my need to help people and their learned dependency and I’m not helping their situation but geesh. I will have to say it is getting harder and harder to deal with. I am the type of person who is pretty straight forward. I have no problem saying if I have a issue with a BFF though I wouldn’t name them on here I would say it was a BFF or if my parents were being stubborn and would say that on here too, and have. So when other people do not get that shine maybe that’s the problem.


I just don’t know.

Now if in fact when I state a call to action such as not being responsible enough and that happens to be you, and it bothers you, then perhaps it is time for you to do something about it. But only if you choose to. I cannot do it for you, only guide you. But getting upset with me is not the way because again I was not talking about you, LOL. Do not hurt the ‘messenger’ if that is what you feel I was because you chose to listen to me, though I was speaking to my husband on said day and you (random person) heard the message and was up in arms. I shouldn’t do this but with all I’m going through I ¬†have been in this state of mind lately..¬†200 (1).gif

And just not answer phones, texts, or anything from anyone to reduce stress and enjoy my books and games. I just UGH I am TIIIIIIIIRED!