Halloween brings Christmas


Well as usual we get through Halloween and know that as soon as the day comes the next day will bring Christmas! Kids no longer say thanksgiving is next they only know that on television every toy they want is advertised and Santa is everywhere and well why try to tell them anything different. The stores changed their whole design overnight, LITERALLY, so that this is the case. To go from Halloween to Christmas. They feel there are no real thanksgiving songs or ambassadors like Santa or the Easter bunny so you aren’t really missing out anyway right!?! SO sadly it’s unless you are older and desire to see family, want toe vacation, desire the glorious foods, or truly want to give thanks for all that you still have that year you could care less about Thanksgiving!

I personally enjoy thanksgiving because I like to make a dish or two each year now and see how people enjoy it! I am glad to see my dishes finished off. I have started to make 2 of the same dish at home so that I can have it when I get home too. I have learned that sometimes I don’t get enough of it with my family if at all or that sometimes I just plain want MORE it was so good! This year I have to actually make a choice of what I want to cook since I have bought this new cookbook of crockpot recipes. I have already made several and so far I have loved them all. I know one is very thanksgiving oriented and then there I am trying to decide if I will do a desert as well.

I am excited! I won’t have that much time though since I will be traveling and returning from vacation just hours before thanksgiving this year so I need to be sure I have it all together ahead of time (the more thanksgiving parts so they are sold out). I’m so glad my MG is under control so I can eat as I wish without swallowing issues!

I still cannot believe it is November already!

No Shenanigans to be had!

Well I was prepared…for the most part! Aside for thinking I had red hair spray paint for 2 weeks and realizing far too late that I had red silly string from party city and the person who helped me was an idiot and I more so because I should have red the bottle; I was ready! I was ready for Halloween night! I had my costume, my face paint, and the attitude to go along with it. I even bought drinking games to pre-game or to have a party at my house. I was game for either one. However, this year I didn’t want to make people choose between my house or downtown like last year so I said I would go with the flow;


That resulted in one of the worst Halloweens for me in years…and since it is my favorite holiday aside from April Fool’s Day! I was greatly disappointed! I ended up at home by myself with nothing to do! I had one friend who was willing to go out but she was partially busy and I was seriously bummed! She also was willing to go but was not going to be in costume.

My night ended with me putting my costume on, and my make-up and doing my own mini photo shoot and then washing it all off and going to bed very much dejected and hurt! Oh well! SO much for that! I guess I should have planned better. Though somehow I’m always the one planning. I wish for once someone else made the plans so I could stand down and just show up. I had the time of my life the night before because it was already planned and all I had to do was show up. I know now that this is more of what I need. Light bulbs are starting to go off. I refuse to feel like that again! The lip service is no good. But I thank my friends who were there for me last night and this weekend! You guys rock!

I would have done a better job on my make-up but since I wasn’t going out and it was already 11:30 at night I apologize for the sub-par make-up job…If you have seen my fb page and Halloween jobs from the past you have seen my costume make-up look better in the past. LOL.

Got to be more careful!

Now introducing my version of Harley Quinn:

20151031_232956  20151031_232950 20151031_23293220151031_23444820151031_234504

I assure you there are themed boy shorts under there, LOL. And for those of you you who have no idea who Harley Quinn is:


She is a villain from the DC comics of Batman!

Haunted Woods and Scaredy Cats!

Boy Oh Boy did I have a blast last night! I went to a haunted woods event in a corn maze and I never thought I would have so much fun in my life. It really is all about the people you go with. I could have found myself whining and complaining about the cold, the long line, and varied effects but the people I was with made it all worth while!

First, the weather had dropped but I enjoyed myself because I was finally out of the house. I was determined to have a good time. Then we got in line and it took about 60 minutes or more to get through it but it we hardly noticed because we were so involved in our shenanigans. We were laughing at the zombies that walked out of  the maze and randomly stood beside unsuspecting people and scared them. We took pictures with them. We were talking about everything under the sun ad taking the time to catch up and for some, getting to know each other.

As we waited in line we began to hear random noises from inside the maze, LOUD screams that were realized were not the actors as groups of people were screaming. Then chainsaws and loud banging! It was crazy! I started to get a bit nervous. I was like man is anyone else hearing this or just me? Luckily they all confirmed they were hearing this and didn’t leave me as the oddball hearing stuff.

Then we got inside the maze…and GOD if they didn’t give us more rules than were posted before you paid to get your tickets at the booth (which were more like safety guidelines (no weapons, have asthma, if your’re pregnant, epilepsy, and such). They stated that the actors could not touch you but could get in your personal space so please don’t touch them (in other words try not to knock their block off when they scared you). Then they said TRY…T.R.Y. to stick to the path as much as possible. We were all like WHAT!?! The final straw was when they said you can SAFEWORD! Immediately someone yelled pineapples! The host laughed and continued saying um, “The safeword is SAFETY seems simple enough you can remember that. The actors will break character, remove their mask and remove you from the maze and you cannot come back in.” You cannot come in and out” so use the word only if you are serious!

Things got real then!

We go inside and omg I was like I we need a game plan! I did NOT want to be in the back where something could sneak up on me! I did not want to be in the front either…We were like we need a rotating plan so no one person is in the back too long. As soon as we went in that plan went out the window immediately. We had 2 scaredy cats in out 5 person group and they stuck like glue to each other scaring themselves, each other and anyone they touched, LOL. I had to get away from them. I eventually after 5 minutes, had to get in the back and was happy here! Myself and one of the other crew of our group enjoyed feeding the monsters and zombies through to our scaredy cats and watching them chase our newly formed track stars through the woods! It was hilarious! I almost peed my pants watching this for 30 minutes. Of course I gave you all the nice shortened version but know that this was an amazing night and each year they change the whole thing completely so I may be going back next year to do this again. Sorry for the shortened version but I must now get ready for tonight’s shenanigans which there will be pictures.

Happy Halloween Guys!

Addictive Personalities: Addictions GALORE!

download (2)

So yea I realized that I may have rehashed an old addiction that has gotten a bit out of control as of late. I have gone into the dark under belly of fantasy, mystery, and fiction. I have fallen back into borrowing from the library and buying books like a beast. I had originally started buying so many books that I started seeing my house budget looking a bit crazy and could not figure out why until I realized I was over spending on BOOKS! I was like omg what is going on? But I couldn’t help it I need ed the next book in my series. I love books that are a part of a series because I get invested in my characters and what will happen to them next. I love to see how they progress and change over time. But between the costs and no longer having room on my bookshelves and the growing stacks all over the house I had to finally say I have to try something else. So I got a new library card.

download (1)

I had one a before but I needed one updated one with my new married last name and new address. This has helped greatly! However, I still end up buying a few books here and there as I go online to hold books and have them sent to my library to pick up and the wait list is so long that I have to wait more than a week or two. This is unacceptable if the higher level of the series become available before the lower level. For example the first book is still on the wait list but books 2 and 3 become available. So then I find myself buying book 1 sometimes because I’m still like 15th on the wait list and it hasn’t moved in a week and they only give you 3-4 days to pick it up if you are holding it.

Considering I use to buy a whole series at a time costing between $25-60 easily and sometimes closer to $100 spending $7-10 is not as bad. The funny part is I even hold books on the library website in different formats just to see which comes available first and then release the other when I get one. They have them in ebook, regular book, or audio for some books (though not all books come in these formats).

I prefer a physical book but I will read it in ebook. I do not like audio book but if desperate enough I’m sure one day I will go there if it comes to it but it has not gotten to that point yet as I have not found one of my books in that format in the library that has not been on a serious wait list that ebook or book was not more available.

Sadly enough while buying book 1 of a book yesterday, (confession), I also saw another book I needed in my life. I bought a Crockpot cook book that had over 350 recipes and it was well worth it. It was bargain priced at under $13 and was on the bargain table having just been reduced. I was so excited and when I got home and showed my husband he was was actually excited about the purchase too so I felt like I won all the way around! He didn’t even notice my other book though it was only $10, lol. Moreover, he didn’t say anything about me buying my Halloween costume yesterday!

images (3)

Yet another addiction! I love Halloween! I bought my costume and almost bought it online and glad that I did not because I would have bought it too big based on my former size 2 years ago! I still have not gotten use to my slimmer self! I’m not sure that I ever will. Even though I have recently gained some back (which I have to go to the doc. about because they want to check my thyroid) I’m still slimmer and by 2-4 sizes in clothing. I never could wear some of the costumes in the store right off the rack and yesterday tried it on to see if I needed to order online and surprisingly it fit and may have been even a bit big but I will try it on again tonight at home with not clothing underneath to be sure since I only have one day to return it. I can’t wait to unveil my outfit! Pictures will be put up so no worries my lovelies!