Dream me a little dream


Everyone has dreams that they wish they could just live inside of, even those dreams that they feel guilty they had but still did not want to end. I can honestly say the only time I feel guilty about my dreams now are because I of what was suppose to be and did not come to pass and where I want to be.

However, I am honestly (as I said just a few days ago) getting back to happy. I just cannot keep allowing others to make me feel so trapped and closed in, stifled and suffering while they somehow get pleasure and I don’t.

My dreams have always been both an escape and a warning/lesson. they tend to passively remind and teach me the things that I do not want to see or learn when I am awake. Moreover, my dreams are an escape into the great possibilities that can be when I just let myself drift and stop fighting.

Even if sometimes they do get a little weird…that just makes it more interesting because usually it doesn’t even seem weird until I really think about it a few days later. Usually weird seems perfectly normal to me. I enjoy a weird life! #teamweird

Reciprocating Inspirations

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I love being the first! Some may say that this is vain or even narcissistic of me but I do not care. I enjoy being the first person new staff meets or new members meet. I can say the same for going to a new bloggers page and meeting them in the world o blogging. If only I was an admin for WordPress or something on that level. I so enjoy going around and being a bright spot in people’s day.

I love giving them encouragement and letting them know that someone is there and reading their work. I understand that we are not always looking for a happy go lucky person but we are always looking for someone who is willing to read/ listen what we have to say even if we do not always want to them to say something back.

Sometimes you need to vent, or just leave a post/ picture THERE hanging to be seen as a representation of who you are that day. I totally get it. I want you to know that I am not judging you and I am cool with your flow that day. I support whichever way the wind is blowing you at that moment because you are working through something at that time (in most respects). I have yet to find anyone that has dropped by my page and I have not gone to theirs and felt welcome.

I have also done searches for things that I am interested in and found equally amazing blogs and dropped a few lines to absolute strangers of astonished amazement of their works and/ or their blogs or offered my support and they have also welcomed me with thanks or friendship.

I enjoy the reciprocity I have found in the blogoshpere here and I will continue to offer my heart in hopes that others will continue to offer theirs as openly to me. This is what I see in their blogs, their hearts.



Reinvent Yourself!


The time to reinvent yourself is when everyone doubts you, thinks you are unworthy, and that you are nobody! This is the time that when you become Brand NEW and they say it you can say yes, Yes I am, take it or leave it!