The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious: Part 3

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And here is another riveting edition of the dramedy┬áthat some would call my life, LOL. I call it an action drama! I find it jam packed full of action and comedy. I do not find much on the front of drama but I I’m not sure they have a catchy name for action and comedy yet!

Anyways, if you have been following my blog you know I struggle with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) an autoimmune and neuromuscular condition. If you are new to the blog…Welcome, LOL. It It weakens me at times but it doesn’t stop me and herein lies the problem sometimes, LOL. Sometimes I underestimate what I can do because I believe I can do more than I can or I push harder than I should. I am so used to being super strong because I work in a profession that has embodied such and I will not falter in that thinking that I forget that I will have weak moments physically, LOL. (I’m a Sr. Health Fitness Specialist and I have degrees in psychology as well).

  • So when you decide that you are going to go shopping and until you drop and you actually DROP… WELL all you can do is laugh in the irony! At least I do!
  • Or when you decide I have worked out and your muscles are nice and sore (because I love that feeling) and you go to foam roll and you can barely lift your body onto the roller and then get up and stagger like your favorite scene out of NAT GEO WILD and die laughing but no one else knows why you are laughing…images (1)
  • OR the final moment of FUNNY… you go to do your hair and your arm gets tired and you refuse to rest because you are almost done and you know you can fight the fatigue and have one pin left to do and WHAM you arm drops and slaps you right in the face! A true slap of reality that all you can do is laugh until you cry real tears doubling over until your belly hurts. (I could not even get the words out to my husband of what happened because I was laughing so hard)

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Though these things improve with rest and treatment, some people ask me how I could laugh! I say I have a great sense of humor and I know that God will be there to catch me. I also say I am still alive and it could always be worse. I have been worse and I know that this is just me being stubborn and silly! I prefer to laugh as I have always done in life because laughing is better than and in the end if I can laugh, it means that I can heal faster! I really and honestly felt the laughter in those moments, it wasn’t forced, and people may say I was sick for the thoughts in my head at those times, but it is what helps me get through my life, why focus on the bad all the time? I prefer not to be a sourpuss all the time!