Hippy Drippy Wanderings


OMG being on too many medications can be a hazard to one’s stability in the real world and grip on reality. Then again it can be one of the best experiences into your own series of day dreams ever. I had so ┬ámany wonderful day dreams in in the past few hours I could have sworn I have been on some illegal or highly narcotic pain killers. I mean I have not tripped like this in quite some time. The last time was the the spinal I had for my kidney stent (cath) when I had a kidney stone. I mean I tell ya I went all out then.

But today my mind has been on full ROAR. I have not been able to focus on work only wander on fantasy. I finally decided that if I do not have fully written how to instructions on what needs to be done, things will not get accomplished today.

I was in the middle of trying to get a report done, looked up and realized over 30 minutes had passed. How did I notice that if I was daydreaming? When I first looked up a certain show on t.v. was on and a member was yelling at her friend they had to do their workout for 30 minutes, and then when I looked up then next show in the line up had started and they were gone and in the locker room and I was still in la la land. I had been thinking about one of the books I had been reading and the fact that people were hung up on the fact that God was not ‘real’ in the book and instead of them focusing on the cleverness of the book the focused pn all the bad of it. Whether the author was an atheist or not I have no idea but the creatures they created and the concept and the philosophy behind it took a great deal of research and it poses a lot of thought and discussion yet people are so simple minded they can only see the one aspect and clung to it.

Then My min wandered further and I posed what it would be like to have a soul outside of my body inside of an animal and what that animal’s form would settle on as I became an adult. And I was pretty certain mine would be some partial marine life of some sort. I am just too fond of water but not completely marine because I would still want to ‘walk’ the earth. So something like snake, polar bear, crocodile, or even loons and pelicans. I just want to be close to the water and land. I am not afraid of air I just feel like I am flying when I am stilled in water and I prefer water, it has always felt safer and more natural to me.

My thoughts wandered even further…I began thinking about my mannerisms and how they would come off to people and children that watch them. Do I look fascinating? Do I look mysterious? Could I give off an heir of foreboding if I desire with just a look in my eye or tilt of the head? These are the things I need to pay attention to more closely to write my book but also to if ever to consult on if I were to turn a book into a movie. You want them to adequately cast your characters and setting in your vision. I may be getting ahead of myself but my mind was spinning. I was excited. I was thinking about writing books about magic, mystery, and with a hint of detective work within it. I mean we all have to have that moment of who did it? That’s always fun. My target audience are the young adults and kids because these are the ones I want to make sure are our literally inclined, lol. I mean yes as we get older we gain more responsibilities and reading gets pushed off but hopefully at some point it comes back full circle again. It has for me. I definitely want my books to be a series so that people get to know my characters and get invested in them to have a chance to fully get into the background of all the amazing things each of them have to offer.

I am starting to get an idea of what I want to write about more clearly and how I want to compose it so now I need to find that software to begin my writing and drafting more clearly and get all my ideas and things into one place. I don’t want to lose any of these great scribblings. They are all mixing together in a wonderful kaleidoscope of images and colors and small little skits in my mind.