Easter in November

I finally did it. I finally have a date for my thymectomy set in NOV.  In 2.5 months I will be doing something that nearly terrified me to hear when I was first diagnosed back in October 2013. I thought since I did not have a thymoma there was no need and that they should try all non-invasive methods first. I mean I had just been diagnosed for Pete’s sake. I had barely even been on any medication and had hardly felt informed enough to make an informed decision at that time.

Fast forward 2.5 years.

I barely heard more talk about a thymectomy until I brought up the subject of children. Then It was on the table again. I then had to wait what seemed like an immensely long time on a waiting list to see a specialist  neurologist in Myasthenia Gravis just to talk about how I could safely bare children with this disorder.

That wait took 8 months. August 2016.That’s when the thymectomy came back on the table.

I was all for it this time because I had been through nearly every treatment they had for MG now. They had told me what would and would not work for me over the last 3 years and what I was a candidate for and so forth. The doctors all knew me and has seen me countless times and knew, just as I did what my body could handle. My meds had been adjusted numerous times and after being on a cocktail that seem to keep me stable along with maintenance plasma exchange I still am only getting by.

The doctors believe that this surgery could definitely improve my quality of life and they have successfully performed it many times using the Davinci robot. I am both excited and nervous.

Having gone through a divorce recently I had already decided before that divorce that I still wanted children even if it was not with that man. I wanted them in the future even if I had to be artificially inseminated, ask a friend, find a new relationship, or even adopt. But my goal and hope was to try and have one of my own.

Going into this surgery, I am doing it completely for my own quality of life! However, we all need some additional positive things to hold on to going into life changing moments…Sometimes it’s the idea that a loved one/ family is waiting for you when you come out of the surgery, an event (like a wedding is coming up), or that you need them. Whatever the reason you hold on to those moments because it makes you feel safe, calmer, distracted, and gives you a reason to fight is somethings dare I say goes wrong.

I call those moments Easter eggs because they are the happy moments you plan or want to get back to in life. It’s like knowing on Thursday knowing you are going to your favorite restaurant with your best friend whom you haven’t seen in months due to your schedule for lunch. On Monday no matter how crappy the week you look forward to your little hidden gem because it may be buried under leads of stress, negativity, traffic, paperwork, bosses yelling, babies crying, missed flights, and marital spats, but that is a breath of fresh air in the midst of your week.

I am looking for a few Easter eggs right now for my surgery. I feel like I need more than one.

The Almost Cure: Nervous Excitement

So I got my results back from my single fiber EMG. Remember this is the test for MG patients that they put the needle in the muscle belly of the arms and forehead and give little electrical shocks to see how the muscle recovers essentially. Well Yes, it was just as I remembered. It hurt like all get out. I was not a happy camper but it was a necessary evil. Though I was given the option to tell the conductor to stop at any time I ignored that option as I wanted desperately to endure it so that he could get all the information he could. I figured if I did not tell him to stop over 2.5 years ago when I was in crisis mode I dang sure could deal with it now when I was much stronger. But when he lit up my forehead where there is not much muscle I swear I wanted to scream stop many times. I may be strong but I am not superwoman…I am not impervious to pain.


I get to the hospital after a 25 min trip took an hour. I go to check-in and they say my appointment is not at the hospital but at his clinic and I’m confused. I thought the place was one in the same. They politiely give me the address and say it is not far from there and it was only about 7 minutes away but in traffic took me 15. I called ahead and told them I was running late and that I had only EVER met this specialist at the hospital and had no idea he had a clinical office at another location and they understood and said they would wait as long as I got there before his 9am client. So I sped like a bat out of HELL. I got there at 8:35 and by the time they called me back and started my vitals I heard the call in his 9 am. So I figured I was good. NOT. They kept doing small tasks and having nurses come in and talk to me and some associate from a the muscle dystrophy association talk to me then another doctor but that all happened in the first hour. I then waited 2.5 more hours before I saw MY doctor. I was pretty annoyed by this time. I mean if it weren;t for the fact there are only 2 other specialists like him in the country and they are few and far between and I waited 9 months for this appointment, I would have left.

But I did not show any of this once he walked in, ONLY relief that he gave me his full time and effort, I am no fool. I need answers and his knowledge and I cannot afford to be ignorant something that is life changing for me.

The Results are in:

My arms have gotten considerably stronger in the last 2.5 years, but my forehead and eye areas weaker which from what I had already told him were consistent. Moreover, my hip flexors are strong but have gotten a bit weak but that was from a simple test from week to week not the single fiber test. I also have developed strider again (a respiratory issue). But what that means for me in terms of someone who wants to be more fit and has gained weight, wants to have a child, and wants to come off some if not all of my medications.

Right now he says the tests says my MG is too active. To have a child would mean potential death for me as well as if they took me off my medications right now. I am just not strong enough for any of that. I cannot go back to ‘normal’ yet. But he created 2 plans to help get me better so that I can have a child and be strong and come off the medications.

  1. First is to increase my cell cept from 1000 mg daily to 2000 because apparently for nearly 3 years I have been on a puny dose and it’s not enough.
  2. Then is to get a subcutaneous port. This is so I can receive my PLEX (plasma exchange treatments) easier because I will need to be plexed extensively over a 2 week period before getting step 3.
  3. Thymectomy- I will get worse before getting better for about 2-4 months (a bit weaker but I will be able to receive plex during this time as well)
  4. During all this time I will begin rituximab which will begin to replace cell cept and it is a med I can take even if/ when I get pregnant. But I need to be off cell cept 3-6 months before I am allowed to be pregnant.
  5. Get pregnant

The other process the doctor laid out had me doing the same process except based on my answers of wanting a child I would get pregnant first and then do the thymectomy further down the road (flipping steps 3 & 5 Basically. I said no prefer to do plan ‘a’ as he called it because it allows me a chance to be stronger first and to hold and care for my baby with less trouble.


I also learned something more about MG and pregnancy I never knew…If you have been pregnant before, even if you did not carry to term you are more likely to have more weakness and crisis at some point during the pregnancy and likely post-partum than first time pregnant women.

There is also the rule of thirds with pregnancy:

1/3 will have no change in symptoms/ weakness

1/3 will have increases symptoms/ weakness

1/3 will have decreased symptoms/ weakness


With the thymectomy I help cut this down greatly! So right now I definitely see no reason not to do this besides just being nervous about surgeries in general, and surgery from the standpoint of anesthesia and MG patients. I am definitely excited to have less symptoms that’s for sure and to be able to get treatments that are quicker and less painful. I am all for it. I can see why God has post-poned some things for me now. He had a plan that involved some serious flexibility not every place offers that or understands.

Every Little Victory

I celebrate every little victory even if it is only me and in my own little space. For example I may have done everything on my to-do list and felt very accomplished and I may sit and read a book after doing a small happy dance and singing and laughing. Yea that sounds a bit hysterical but my to-do list are pretty intense most of the time. similar to this below for personal to-do lists on a nice week, LOL.


My most recent victory is that I was told that for my single fiber EMG test I do not have to stop taking one of medications ahead of time that tends to cause complications for my PLEX treatment. I’m on a high level of aspirin because I have a lupus anti-coagulant. What this means is that I do not have lupus but I do have really thick blood. So to help thin it I drink TONS of water take 325mg of aspirin a day. For the test they say I have to stop blood thinners but this apparently does not include aspirin, even at this this dosage.

Originally I had pushed my treatment to Thursday just to give my aspirin time to kick back in before going to get PLEX so I would have less issues during treatment (clotting) and we would not be there for 4-7 hours and more like 3. Now with this news I can go the same day as the test which is great since the test renders me dang near immobile and unable to swallow. I even feared I would not make it to treatment on Thursday after the test but I didn’t want to voice it because I was just going to pray. So this morning I just called to be sure about the aspirin before confirming treatment times again with my local neurologist before going to work this morning and Oh FRABJOUS DAY! CALLOOH! CALLAY!


I was so happy I skipped out of the house without my phone and welp there you have it! I tend to celebrate all my small victories all the time and my husband even looks at me a little weird sometimes but he will get over it. This is what I do because I enjoy giving praises to God for it and just being happy in general, I can’t be a gloomy pants person! Hope this brightens you day even a little! Futterwack with me! LOL!



Secretly Answered…


So that poem earlier was totally what I had gone through and was feeling. I had to let go and take a leap of faith and let my pride go about how long I can go without treatment. I always want to be superwoman and make it 12 weeks and longer now that I know I can. However, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances and reasons beyond my control that I cannot foresee that say that I cannot and that I need to REST and allow myself to be rejuvenated and not worry about what could be. The problem I have is that I sometimes begin to worry about all the possible problems that can happen when I have to let go. Who will pick up the pieces if I have to let go.

I was worried I would be dropped by a particular specialist who has a waiting list a mile long to been seen regarding attempting to have a baby. For me this requires being taken of several medications and maybe being placed on others to compensate for them. It will also require being seen by other specialists along the way. I was so worried and I began to cry. I then decided no matter what I needed this treatment and just made the decision and placed it in God’s hands. I made no mention to anyone.

I called my neurologist as usual to set up my plasmapheresis treatment for tomorrow. He was able to get me in. I was happy. He called me back to confirm it then he said something I was not expecting but let me know that my prayers had been heard. He said by the way we have been meeting and have come up with some alternatives that may work for you regarding your medications and we need you to make an appointment with us after you have had your treatments so we can discuss this and get you moving.

I was in shock. I was so relieved to hear this information. It was satisfying to my soul. I thanked GOD. I never said anything to this man about this and for him to say that to me made my entire day! My only reason for seeing the specialist in the first place was not just for a baby which is very important but because I needed an alternative for the immunosuppressants and steroids that suppress my immune system which cause me to be more susceptible to illnesses. I am stable with my MG and tired of the EXTRA stresses of colds respiratory infections and viruses. It is just not fun when a normal cold is like having the flu and the flu is like absolute death for me. I am durn proud to have gone so long without a hospital admittance and (knock on wood) keep it that way. I have gone a year without an MG related admittance and 9 months without any overnight admittance period.

I am still learning but I know I can do the things that I am set to do through God and I believe this wholeheartedly. If I pray for them and get them I must be ready to accept them and all the blessings/ consequences. I am learning things can be hard and hard work at that but if I want it to be great it takes that sometimes! I have to learn to listen too and not to the human self but the spiritual self and to God. That is hard if you do not have a relationship with him and I am working hard to keep that line open and clear!

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MG warrior

So each time I go to the hospital now I feel like a celebrity. The nurses there are so sweet and I love them so much and they I feel like after 2 years there with them we have been through everything. I mean they have been through all my most personal moments that’s for sure.

But lately, when I have gone it has not necessarily been for any service of my own. I have gone to visit my Uncle or for quick lab work or something of that nature. And while I am there if it’s at the end of my work day I swing by the unit that does my plasmapharesis (plasma exchange treatments). Nearly each time I have gone they are excited to see me and ask where I have been because I have been one of their special cases and because it has been so long since I have been in that they almost worried that something had happened to me, lol. I told them that I working to only have to come in only 3-4 times a years as opposed to my usual 6-8 week intervals and they were shocked. Having just made 12 weeks they were even more shocked and excited.

Then they keep asking me to speak to every MG person that is currently in the room when I drop by. Each one asks me a million questions which I am happy to answer as long as they do not mind. I answer until I noticed they are too tired to answer. I may start giving out my card with my email so that they can continue to contact me afterwards with questions. So far each of them have said they have not had much luck with local MG groups in the area and have struggled getting help with answers to normal questions to struggles we have. Like tools we can use, services that are offered and normal side effects and issues we may encounter drug interactions. I told them I had to find a lot out on my own, that I had many of the same issues, and that I had not been diagnosed much longer than them, only 12-18 months longer (I’m just over 2 years) but that I was vigorous in my questioning, poured over research, and then found dailystrength.com and blogging as 2 great resources. Without them I was quite in the dark.

The information you learn online in your normal search is neatly packaged in a sterilized neatly defined bow and you have to learn to dig deeper. You have to learn to ask the right questions. And sometimes this is hard when you have just been diagnosed and are not sure what those questions should be. When I was first diagnosed my only question was could I still have a baby. I got mixed answers and it was not definitive, and then as I did more research and MG became more recognized in the last 2 years I found some doctors that had definitive answers but this was also linked to knowing what medications I was on, which at the time of I first asked my question, I was unsure which medication I was to be put on (cell cept, imuran, etc).

I feel proud to be able to give information about MG. Letting people know that you can go longer than you have before. I was once in their shoes unable to go more than a few days, then weeks without treatment. Now I can go months. You will learn how to push yourself to greater limits without harm.You will learn how to rest, and you will learn how to feel your symptoms and say I need rest but I can tough it out just a bit longer. My insurance is knowing I have a suction machine at home, and knowing if I need to I can crush my mestinon up and place it on my tongue on the roughest day and still get through on dehydrated days and refuel but I have not had to do this is over 6 months. I am learning where my breaking point is.

I still have anxiety once I begin to have a bit of difficulty swallowing and think that I may begin to choke but I think instantly I must calm myself and find my water and just breathe because obviously I am still doing that, lol. Or if I am struggling even more so, I must cough until my throat is cleared. Then I feel better and just relax. I do my best not focus on these tough spots but on the fact that they are fewer and farther between than the last time and that makes me feel amazing. My last one was 12/14/15 where I was choking in my sleep and only got an hour of sleep. However, I believe it was because I had hardly had much to eat or drink all day and then had something fairly acidic right before bed (causing passive reflux) and we already have mucus issues with MG. So I struggled all night. I kept waking up gasping for air as my airway kept getting blocked with mucus. It is so frightening. It hasn’t happened to me since well before August and I should have known better. Let’s just say I learned a hard lesson and along with that anxiety came a new found determination to be smarter.

I pray that from this post today, MGers all over learn that small steps can take you a long way and that you will not always be where you are now. Things can get better. They have even made advancements now that have been approved where there are new drugs that do not suppress the immune system to take in place of cell cept and imuran. I may be switched to these soon. I will let you know how that goes if this is the case. However, stay strong, know that if you have set back it is only temporary. Learn from it, use it, embrace it. We have MG but it does not have to run us.

12 Weeks are upon US


So here it is…12 weeks! I have been blogging about it for months. Some of you noobs are like what are you talking about? I had to go 12 weeks without plasma exchange treatment to even be considered as ready to TRY to have a baby as I have a condition known as Myasthenia Gravis. For the last 2 years I have been on a roller coaster of emotions, doctor’s appointments, and thoughts!

I have been through it all. The if this guy would have had his act together I would have been where I want sooner (but then would I be happy). Who wants the drama of divorce or children with another man and trying date. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just saying it is not easy. I would probably be one of those women who put their whole life on pause for my child and forget about my happiness and makes excuses about it because that is how I am. I am overly driven but would give it all up for my child(ren).

So now that the 12 week mark is here. I have a million and one doctors appointments, lol. I went from having 1-3 doctor appointments per week in the past to none in several months which has been very freeing. But now I have 4 this week and then treatment (plasmapheresis aka plasma exchange). They are running a full battery of blood tests and deciding how and what meds to tapper first. Then They want to see if I should continue to cell cept to switch to another immunosuppresant. I figure if they do lets switch to a newer one that does not have the side effect of suppressing the immune system. I am glad for this new advancement. Getting sick is NOT the business as my friends say, lol. (It’s not fun). I am just glad to be stronger.

In other news the other doctor appointment I have is a follow-up because the fluid pill they put me on to reduce the edema they believed I had that caused an 8-11 pound weight gain in 10 days is still here. I think I have gained 2-3 more pounds but I am not sure. However, it is safe to say that medication has not worked. So we will have to figure out another solution. I would prefer not to increase to amount of the fluid pill because when I first take the pill in the morning I go to the bathroom LITERALLY every 10 minutes for about 2 hours then after that every 30-40 minutes for about 2 hours then I go at my normal rate. But either way I do not really notice much difference in my hands, legs, feet during this time. My hands reduce just a bit but not much and before long they are back to normal. I think it’s inflammation but I am not a doctor.

I also asked for a treatment because I though I made it to 12 weeks and could passively go a bit longer, if I do not have to and we are not able to start for the baby right away I will not force my body to go through that right now until I come off the cell cept. I cannot try for the baby until I am off this so until then I will get treatments until they say otherwise. I will still try to train my body to go longer than 8 weeks though so it does not rely 6-8 week treatments but prefer not to feel super tired, drained, and have so many symptoms if I do not have to. Cell cept causes birth defects so I know there is no trying for a baby as long as we are on this…we even had to sign a form before I was put on this acknowledging that I understood the risks of the medication for possible birth defects and that we would use proper birth control. The form even spelled those out and how many forms to use if you didn’t use the specific types the manufacturer/ professionals preferred they wanted you to combine certain types.

So though I have three 4 day weeks coming up, they will be filled with refilling my body’s reserve tanks, but draining my emotional energy reserves and probably a bit more of my sanity, as if I have much of that left, lol.


Whoops, That costs me my taste!

images (1).jpg

I’ve been a bad bad girl! So lately I have been on a binge. I have found that I can eat potatoes and tomatoes again with little to no affect on me and it has been lovely. I have been eating them in every form. I told myself I would start out slow and that I would try it near my next treatment which was suppose to be at week 12…The golden week 12. Well that is still 2 weeks and 2 days off at least and I totally did not ease into it. I dove in head first like a mad bull. I went in with my eyes wide open and have not looked back since. Then down side is that I have had a few side effects, very minimal but I refuse to stop. It’s hard to go back cold turkey like I did before when it was matter of life or death.

Now I have to research things and see if the symptoms I am having are being caused by the tomatoes and potatoes (IE the HIVES). I am hoping it is just stress but I need to be sure. Though again I just don’t want to give up my LOVES.

I have still not had much luck on implementing the spiciness back into my life. Each time I get happy with the peppers it burns me, pun intended. I find myself slurring and weak the soon after wishing I never did it. My eyes hate me and so on. I enjoy the spice but the spice does not like me. So needless to say I can only take mild spice or none at all. It sucks because I miss my hot wings, curry chicken, jalapeno poppers and chips. Man i even like the hot mama pickles. I tell ya I am so hurt.

However, I will at least stay away from the super spicy until I get the all clear and start making progress there as I desperately want to try to see if we can try to have a baby. I too close now. This by far the longest I have gone without plasma exchange and I am both excited and nervous.

It’s pretty sad though when your husband catches you licking food just to taste it and then you have to put it back or give it to him because you can’t have it, LOL. He just shakes his head. Sometimes I tough it out and eat it and then other times I stare at it longingly…


Stupid autoimmune disorder!

Ode to Potatoes. BUBBA Ain’t Got Spud on ME!

images (1)

SO after talking to Amanda today she inspired me to write this post! 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis I learned that not only was it a neuromuscular disorder it is also an autoimmune disorder. With most autoimmune disorders balance is the key to keeping you stable. Balance of your system that is. That especially means what you eat. At the time I started noticing that at times I would eat things and they would cause me to have reactions that cause greater flare ups with my MG. But at the time I could not pin down what this was only that some food dishes did it like spaghetti which was something that we loved to make in my house that was quick and easy and I loved. I also noticed that I started having a few issues with potatoes but I was in DENIAL about this because it was no where near as severe a reaction as the spaghetti.

When I told my brother who happens to work in a hospital. He said he he heard about nightshade foods. I had not at the time. He said most people with auto immune issues cannot tolerate them. They have to stay away from them. So I started doing my own research and saw similar results on the lists were tomatoes (which made since with the spaghetti), eggplant (which I don’t eat), peppers (which did get me after being diagnosed), and POTATOES. I was saw it like this on the screen and bold letters though it was seriously not in caps. It was like my heart stopped.

I was like well you know what I see my hematologist and my doctors and my brother is not a doctor and I will ask them, LOL. I was totally in denial! Sure enough they confirmed the same things as soon as I said they cause flare ups and the symptoms I said I had and said I should back off them. I could do all of them easily (spaghetti was tough but I could) but POTATOES I litterally had tears come down my face before I could catch them.

I was like Kel from Kenan and Kel. “Who like Potatoes? Chris Likes Potatoes, I do, I do I do-ooo!!!”

images (2)

I was worse that Dr. Suess! “I will eat the on a goat in a boat surrounded by a goat!”

I could prepare them more ways than BUBBA GUMP from Forrest GUMP, “Baked, Twice baked, scalloped, fried, smashed, mashed, boiled, steamed, sauteed, creamed, and on and on…

My husband seriously was like is this fool really crying about potatoes! He told my mom and she was like you have no idea about the special relationship this child has with potatoes…Well that and cheese! Be glad she did not have to give that up, you may have to put her on suicide watch for that (and she did not crack a smile). He just stood staring at me! He was like there is no way. Then my mom said the child’s nickname was the fry kid when she was little. We just made he french fries or gave them to her when she was little. She would eat them cold, hot, home made, anyway you cut them. She always had room for them! It was like an addiction!


My husband listened to this story in awe and just stared at me like I was some sort of a freak then said poor baby! then said what do you want and I smiled and said a baked potato and he looked to my mom for help and she was like she’s yours can’t help you with that one kiddo. I would take the life of Mr. Potato head and his whole family if I had to and I think my husband saw that murderous gleam in my eye! I was ready!


Though I never thought I could do it I did it cold turkey for my health and did well for 18 months and then I would only eat it near treatment because hey it would be cleansed out of my system and fixed when I had plasma exchange, LOL. But even now if I have a potato I try to only eat one fry (yes 1) every few months or so. My husbands says it’s fine I know my body and nothing bad happens, LOL. I also take my spice/ peppers to an extent with the same result which tells me my body is doing better. I am happy but I will not push! I eat things that have tomato paste such a barbeque sauce in moderation but I still do not eat spaghetti or tomatoes though I miss them dearly. I think the reason I really could not do them was more due to acid reflux which I now take meds for so I may try spaghetti once near my next treatment to test it but not right now. I do not want to tempt fate! LOL!

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Myasthenia Gravis and Immunosuppressants Update

Types of Immunosuppressants table_Layout 1

I am excited to know that there truly are new medications that have replaced the old ones out there. I first saw it on a fellow bloggers page Laurna talks about it. My neurologist told me last Thursday that he was going to a convention where he was meeting with some of the top experts from across the country to talk about MG mainly among some other things. Of course he asked me if I had any questions and I said my usually regarding tapering off things to prepare for trying to conceive and eventually trying to come away from some medications but also asked do I need to be on some medications? I do no like the immunosuppressants because they do just that, suppress your immune system and each time cold/flu season comes; you are susceptible.


He said that if my cell cept was not working that he wanted to keep me on it until further research was done. I just hate the colds because once you are sick it obviously exacerbates other symptoms. Our biggest thing is to know that we can go 12 weeks without plasmapheresis right now. I currently get this every 6-8 weeks and to be able to push it out that far or longer would almost definitely mean we are ready for a baby. I have to be able to go 12 weeks without plasma exchange. Plasma exchange in the first trimester is equivalent to aborting the baby, it is safer if needed in the second and third trimester though you want to be able to go as long as possible without needing it.

images (1)

I would also like to be tapered off as many of my medications as possible during pregnancy. This would give me piece of mind for my baby’s safety regardless of any statistics they throw my way, lol. But of course I will trust whatever, my neurologists and his leading expert Dr. Howard says as they have been covering my case from day 1 and have not steered me wrong so far. Any setbacks I have had have been due to outside people who have had no idea what they were doing and not consulting with them. Boy am I excited and anxious to hear what he has to say after coming back from that conference!

#MyastheniaGravis and #Empire

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Well It’s here, the Fox’s new season of Empire. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a new television show that is about a urban family that made ‘OWNS’ the music business in a sense but how they got there is very dubious much like many empire are built. One of the lead characters Lucious Lyon happens to be one of the shadiest characters. At the end of season one they find that they misdiagnosed the man and find that he is not going to die from one disorder and that he in fact has a rare disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. Many of you have not heard of this. I happen to have this disorder. I was extremely excited that they made a show that has such popularity here in this country aware of the condition.

However, since establishing that this is the condition that he has I was hoping that there would be more about it. I know that there has only been one episode into the new season. But I hope that they show an actual treatment. He has money so I hope maybe they show him going to Europe and getting treatment with the Amicus-Fenwal plasma exchange machines as we only have one here in the U.S. because they are so expensive and still trying to get FDA approval for other treatments. He is rich and could show that he could do anything and so forth…(Just hypothetical instances) Or even showing a regular treatment with the regular COBE machines and COM.TEC. People need to see the realism behind this disorder. Moreover, if they hear it more than once they will continue to put it in their search engines and give to charities and foundations and understand the gravity of the illness and what it is. Many people have never heard of the disorder. Until I was diagnosed I had not either. People are easily misdiagnosed with other conditions, I was one of the ‘lucky’ one who had nearly every symptom right away and was diagnosed within 5 weeks. But in hindsight may have shown signs off and on for nearly 2 years in very subtle ways where I was treated for something with physical therapy or or self-therapy (because I am a wellness professional) and put/ went on my way.

I will say though I love the show and it still has me hooked and my husband who jumped on just at the season finale last season, I hope for just that extra bit of insight. I feel that they they started this season 3 months further into along and surely they have given him medications and so forth and we as the audience should know what those are? I would like to know his status…I am sure people who had never heard about this show are now tuning in to find out if they are going to do the disorder any justice! We can only hope!