Book Blurring

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I love to read! There is nothing like picking up a good physical book and cracking it open and smelling the paper and feeling the crisp smooth pages and knowing there is something exciting and new waiting there for you. Something that if you have a vivid imagination could make you feel like you are living the story even.

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However, I tend to read a lot of books that have are set in specific areas like London or have similar themes and so sometimes when I finish a book and start a new one they tend to bleed right into another one. I have to remember that a certain character was not part of a particular book or when I am reading a series that certain situation was part of another book or series, LOL.


I know this would probably be reduced if I slowed down or took small breaks between books and did not literally finish a book and pick up a new one within 2 minutes after finishing the last one but I just cannot help it sometimes. Moreover, when you borrow books from the library it can be hard to take a break when you reserve a book and it comes early or on time and you have to get it before they expire and there is usually pretty good/ long wait list.

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So I rush to read it so people don’t feel like I the the picture above when I’m waiting for it! LOL Though when I am waiting for a book and I see the number getting closer to one I get giddy and I’m like


The funny part is it made me take a break from writing my book because I began to worry if some of my ideas for my books and writing may be ‘tainted’ from reading some of the books as I felt I could not trust my memories or imagination. After reading one of my books and recalling it, one guy sort of plagiarized without meaning too from parts and pieces of his memory of past blurbs of things he read in the past. I mean I will start back up but during my research I just want to make sure that I have defined what it is that I am researching, what my clear goals are for what I want and how I want to approach this thing. I want it to be a mix of fun and work not just work or it will not work.

For now though I will try remember that the Maze Runner series and the Mortality Doctrine Series is not all one big continuation, LOL.  But oh if James Dashner found a way to link them how I would love to read that crossover book too. Though this does not just happen with a single author who would obviously have a similar writing style. It can be totally different authors altogether.

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Am I the only one with this reading issue?

Hippy Drippy Wanderings


OMG being on too many medications can be a hazard to one’s stability in the real world and grip on reality. Then again it can be one of the best experiences into your own series of day dreams ever. I had so  many wonderful day dreams in in the past few hours I could have sworn I have been on some illegal or highly narcotic pain killers. I mean I have not tripped like this in quite some time. The last time was the the spinal I had for my kidney stent (cath) when I had a kidney stone. I mean I tell ya I went all out then.

But today my mind has been on full ROAR. I have not been able to focus on work only wander on fantasy. I finally decided that if I do not have fully written how to instructions on what needs to be done, things will not get accomplished today.

I was in the middle of trying to get a report done, looked up and realized over 30 minutes had passed. How did I notice that if I was daydreaming? When I first looked up a certain show on t.v. was on and a member was yelling at her friend they had to do their workout for 30 minutes, and then when I looked up then next show in the line up had started and they were gone and in the locker room and I was still in la la land. I had been thinking about one of the books I had been reading and the fact that people were hung up on the fact that God was not ‘real’ in the book and instead of them focusing on the cleverness of the book the focused pn all the bad of it. Whether the author was an atheist or not I have no idea but the creatures they created and the concept and the philosophy behind it took a great deal of research and it poses a lot of thought and discussion yet people are so simple minded they can only see the one aspect and clung to it.

Then My min wandered further and I posed what it would be like to have a soul outside of my body inside of an animal and what that animal’s form would settle on as I became an adult. And I was pretty certain mine would be some partial marine life of some sort. I am just too fond of water but not completely marine because I would still want to ‘walk’ the earth. So something like snake, polar bear, crocodile, or even loons and pelicans. I just want to be close to the water and land. I am not afraid of air I just feel like I am flying when I am stilled in water and I prefer water, it has always felt safer and more natural to me.

My thoughts wandered even further…I began thinking about my mannerisms and how they would come off to people and children that watch them. Do I look fascinating? Do I look mysterious? Could I give off an heir of foreboding if I desire with just a look in my eye or tilt of the head? These are the things I need to pay attention to more closely to write my book but also to if ever to consult on if I were to turn a book into a movie. You want them to adequately cast your characters and setting in your vision. I may be getting ahead of myself but my mind was spinning. I was excited. I was thinking about writing books about magic, mystery, and with a hint of detective work within it. I mean we all have to have that moment of who did it? That’s always fun. My target audience are the young adults and kids because these are the ones I want to make sure are our literally inclined, lol. I mean yes as we get older we gain more responsibilities and reading gets pushed off but hopefully at some point it comes back full circle again. It has for me. I definitely want my books to be a series so that people get to know my characters and get invested in them to have a chance to fully get into the background of all the amazing things each of them have to offer.

I am starting to get an idea of what I want to write about more clearly and how I want to compose it so now I need to find that software to begin my writing and drafting more clearly and get all my ideas and things into one place. I don’t want to lose any of these great scribblings. They are all mixing together in a wonderful kaleidoscope of images and colors and small little skits in my mind.

To Infinity and Beyond…

So I have a million updates to give YAY! So as I promised I would do, I am keeping you all abreast of my bucket list as I get close or complete them. I feel pretty accomplished so far as many time when they say you make these list you should or will only accomplish 3 things right away and may not do more than that or look at it anymore…BUT I AM DETERMINED after failing so many times in the past. I have put more realistic goals and a time on these as well as become more specific with them. Yes I have made more S.M.A.R.T. goals. BUT before I give you all the bucket list updates I also wanted to let you all know I am 9 weeks without plasma exchange treatment…WHOO HOOO. We have 3 more weeks to go to prove I am strong enough to try something NEW. Keep me in your prayers! Now, drum roll please……..The bucket list has started with 3 completed items and one nearly halfway completed! And I still have a whole year left to do the rest But I wanted to give myself some time to start and I couldn’t just make this list and not start, LOL. So since Sept, 18 I have been planning and chipping away at it. I know when some of the other things will happen but I will not check them off until they officially happen! I am uber excited though! More updates to come!

Annual Bucket List: 2016

  • Do a local bike race
  • get yoga mat/basic training
  • Visit wizarding world of Harry Potter
  • Read 50 books– I am on book 17 ( will provide a list in case anyone in interested in perusing what I like to read I have a record on my library website as well as on my bookshelf, lol- quite nerdy I know)
  • Buy a Go Pro
  • Go Sky Diving
  • Go to a State I have not been to before   Just came back from Pennsylvania
  • Go to 5th Cirque Du Soleil Performance
  • Paint Pottery
  • Throw Pottery (as in make my on pottery)
  • Decorate my house for fall
  • Decorate my house for Christmas  happening slowly over a 2 day period as we speak/ type Christmas music blaring
  • Take a romantic trip with my husband  Enjoyed a vacation w/ my husband
  • Volunteer with a charity monthly
  • Take a culinary class
  • Go swimming (you would be amazed that since being diagnosed with MG I have not swam once because I have started to have fear that it would become over exterted and not be able to get out of the water….says the former lifeguard and scuba certified person)
  • Be sling shot (it a weird bungee course thing that looks like a giant sling shot)
  • Go to Canada


Addictive Personalities: Addictions GALORE!

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So yea I realized that I may have rehashed an old addiction that has gotten a bit out of control as of late. I have gone into the dark under belly of fantasy, mystery, and fiction. I have fallen back into borrowing from the library and buying books like a beast. I had originally started buying so many books that I started seeing my house budget looking a bit crazy and could not figure out why until I realized I was over spending on BOOKS! I was like omg what is going on? But I couldn’t help it I need ed the next book in my series. I love books that are a part of a series because I get invested in my characters and what will happen to them next. I love to see how they progress and change over time. But between the costs and no longer having room on my bookshelves and the growing stacks all over the house I had to finally say I have to try something else. So I got a new library card.

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I had one a before but I needed one updated one with my new married last name and new address. This has helped greatly! However, I still end up buying a few books here and there as I go online to hold books and have them sent to my library to pick up and the wait list is so long that I have to wait more than a week or two. This is unacceptable if the higher level of the series become available before the lower level. For example the first book is still on the wait list but books 2 and 3 become available. So then I find myself buying book 1 sometimes because I’m still like 15th on the wait list and it hasn’t moved in a week and they only give you 3-4 days to pick it up if you are holding it.

Considering I use to buy a whole series at a time costing between $25-60 easily and sometimes closer to $100 spending $7-10 is not as bad. The funny part is I even hold books on the library website in different formats just to see which comes available first and then release the other when I get one. They have them in ebook, regular book, or audio for some books (though not all books come in these formats).

I prefer a physical book but I will read it in ebook. I do not like audio book but if desperate enough I’m sure one day I will go there if it comes to it but it has not gotten to that point yet as I have not found one of my books in that format in the library that has not been on a serious wait list that ebook or book was not more available.

Sadly enough while buying book 1 of a book yesterday, (confession), I also saw another book I needed in my life. I bought a Crockpot cook book that had over 350 recipes and it was well worth it. It was bargain priced at under $13 and was on the bargain table having just been reduced. I was so excited and when I got home and showed my husband he was was actually excited about the purchase too so I felt like I won all the way around! He didn’t even notice my other book though it was only $10, lol. Moreover, he didn’t say anything about me buying my Halloween costume yesterday!

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Yet another addiction! I love Halloween! I bought my costume and almost bought it online and glad that I did not because I would have bought it too big based on my former size 2 years ago! I still have not gotten use to my slimmer self! I’m not sure that I ever will. Even though I have recently gained some back (which I have to go to the doc. about because they want to check my thyroid) I’m still slimmer and by 2-4 sizes in clothing. I never could wear some of the costumes in the store right off the rack and yesterday tried it on to see if I needed to order online and surprisingly it fit and may have been even a bit big but I will try it on again tonight at home with not clothing underneath to be sure since I only have one day to return it. I can’t wait to unveil my outfit! Pictures will be put up so no worries my lovelies!