Interrogated, Dosed, Posed, & Prodded


So yesterday, what I had planned to be a day to try and rest a bit from what I hoped was a common cold, but new deep down was not, ended up being everything but restful. I mean from the mental strain and the physical strain. By the end of the day I felt like I should have stayed at work all day, yet I would not have accomplished anything on the front of my health so at least I am enlightened on that matter.

So I had taken a half day as I stated on Monday yesterday to relax a bit and run a few errands. I was going to go to my other job and pick  up an item and maybe run by the grocery store and try to slowly clean my house if I felt up to it. But if I did not feel up to it with this cold I was just going to rest because I knew I had not bounced back from this last cold nearly as well as I usually do.

Monday night I started thinking, maybe I should go to the minute clinic. So, when I got off I saw that they would be at lunch and so I went and grabbed some lunch too and then went to minute clinic. After I got there it was a pretty quick eval. I was praying that she did not tell me I had pneumonia. I was asked a million questions it seemed that I felt I had already answered on the kiosk form and that should have already been in epic that she said she could see but I kept answering anyway. My prayers were answered. But she also would not say much more…she sent me to the urgent care for x-rays and further treatment. I was a bit nervous now. She said my left lung did not sound happy. It was definitely wheezing.

I knew I was hearing it in between coughs and I was unsure if I should use my inhaler as I had not been told to use it since this was not allergy season…I usually have bronchitis (inflammation in this area) during this time and require my inhaler 1-3 times a year. So very rare. I get to the urgent care. They ask me all the same questions as the minute clinic refuse to look at my sheet from which I was referred over with and  never even look in the epic system making repeat everything all over again. Not happy with the interrogation system here. I mean really. They tell me later save myself a time and bill and just come straight to them first because they (minute clinic) never do anything only refer everyone there and we never look at the sheet they give you. I noted this. I also noted that as of yet minute clinic did not give me a bill at had covered all my charges thus far unless I managed to get one in the mail later and they had cost me $175 since I had not reached my deductible yet… When I get to the back they give me the x-rays and in the mean time begin a breathing treatment of albuterol (the same inhaler treatment I already have) on me. You have to love x-rays where they make you stand in awkward positions and hold them and hold your breath and place your hands here and pose this way and shift that way. I felt like a friggin model. ANYWAYS, In hindsight I should have started using my inhaler as soon as I started that cold/ wheezing and he said as much. Now I am told that I need to use my inhaler every 4-6 hours and that I have to take an antibiotic everyday for 5 days that happens to also be a contraindicator for people with MG but it’s benefits outweigh the bad right now. Plus I have been on it before while having MG.

At this point my 1/2 day of rest is annihilated as it is now 4:30 in the afternoon and I have to drive to pick up the prescription. I get home at 5:15p and think I would have gotten home around this time anyway. That almost felt like a waste and I do not feel rested, LOL. Then I start reading the prescription warnings further and start laughing. They are always good for that. The label says that I should not take with calcium enriched foods…okay normal, do not take with antacids within 2 hours blah blah blah…then it gets interesting when it says it does not treat things such as the common cold (which is viral… I get that) but it treats ANTHRAX. Dear GOD, what have I got going on, LOL. They never tell me what my diagnosis is…I had to read it on my discharge paper later as I was leaving…I thought when he was saying I will call you with your x-ray results that he was saying I will tell you what your results are, LOL. He only meant he would be clarifying would be getting a second opinion my lungs from the doctor as he was the PA that they were in fact clear ok. Just had some drainage in them. So yes, final diagnosis was Respiratory Infection.

Then as if that is not enough it causes addition muscle weakness and breathing issues for MGers so I was a bit more tired than usual after taking it last night which was fun. Which only made me more annoyed as I listened to construction work suddenly blaring at 8:30 at night lasting til at least 11 when I fell asleep. I was really annoyed by this. This was not road work either this was construction on a new hotel bed and break expensive type inn that HAD a deadline of November 2015 so now that they have fully missed that what made last night so durn important to dose and shovel and bang away until the late night? Then they were up bright early before 8a again today. DO they not realize people actually live on this street since it’s all businesses except for the few houses and apartments over the art galleries, or do they just not care. I mean that’s pretty reckless considering that some of the ones who own the businesses live in these houses and would be recommending people to stay in that place or NOT.

As it is they actually had people who made reservations for that place in November way back in the summer when that place was being thrown up and looking like it was going to be done soon then things slowed way down for some reason and now they are far behind schedule. People were supposed to get married there, they had it splashed all over the local paper. I can only imagine how upset and irritated people were…I would not have reserved a place that was not finished being built for my wedding. Anything can happen and obviously did.

Well now after my day yesterday I have decided that I will take off from hard labor and just do paperwork. I will stay in my office for the rest of the week, do consultations and then I have Friday off. I will have to get through this and rest. I am pooped!