Rotten Tomatoes…How would you feel?

I have a rather strange scenario for you (the readers) today. This actually happened to me yesterday and I am still unsure of how to feel about it as I am a quite an expressive and empathetic person. I tend to try to see a situation from every angle before trying to jump to a conclusion but I am just not sure how to react to this one.


I was cleaning my corporate building yesterday evening and as the some of the staff members were heading out one of the older male staff that I have had a few joking interactions with found me while I was cleaning an office down the hall.

Male: Hi there, Hey, Do you like tomatoes?

Me: Hi, uh, huh, um yes (thinking yes not that much but I could do something with them- I do not like waste food). 

Male: I have some tomatoes that I brought in that are in the lounge/ kitchen. I grew them myself. Now they have been there a couple of days and they are not the best tomatoes but they are there if you want them. You can cut away the bad spots and take them.

Me: Oh thank you! I thought to myself this that was nice. And I was sort of excited. I had not been offered anything before by anyone here before and he thought enough to look for me to offer me these so cool.

I go around and continue cleaning and see him again before he leaves and wish him a good evening as he officially heads out while putting out his trash and he leaves his desk. Then I get 2 doors down to the lounge/kitchen and see this:


Now most people think of me as invisible there and ignore me. Moreover, in the 8 months I have been working there and all the catered events they have had there, no one has so much as offered me a piece of wrapped candy though they throw out tons of bagels, doughnuts, cake, sandwiches, pizzas and so on. Though to be honest after being someone who cleans up after them and knowing how most people are I would not eat after them. I am a person who likes to help ‘serve’ food to people so I know my food was not picked over, breathed on, and touched by unhygienic people who sneezed, coughed, talked, and dug all into places all around my food. I’m just saying.

Anyways, I felt like after being there for 8 months you come to me (anyone really) and the first time you come to me that is what I’m offered. Only one was near firm and the rest nearly melted in my hand when I touched them, literally juicing all the way down my arm which was apparently why they were on a paper towel. The one in the top right burst on impact then hit the chair in front of me and exploded in a red and white goopy mess and I was suppose to eat this…


Then many of them had mold running out of the juice UGH! The picture actually made them look better than they were, durn camera, LOL. Regardless, I then thought back to his comment of the tomatoes having only been there a couple of days and laughed because I clean the build 3 times a week and I just cleaned it SUNDAY afternoon. So in other words he brought those nasty tomatoes in Monday spoiled then Tuesday night they were well beyond gone.

The worst part is that you actually opened your mouth to offer them to someone in that condition instead of throwing them away…there was nothing salvageable about these tomatoes.

So my question is should I feel upset? Was this truly an oversight on his behalf? Was he being naive? I would have had more pride in my garden not to try to give people something that was rotten but maybe he could not stand to see it go to waste like me with some food.

Or did he think, she is just a service worker and probably could use a handout, I will give it to her? Like I usually do not go here with my thinking but I am not seeing too much positive in 4 trash cans in this room and how totally rotten these tomatoes were. There were not just cosmetically bruised or cut around a spot bad as he said. They were bad inside and out. If I ate those I would have been so sick.

I refuse to think it had to do with race because I do not believe he would have had any interactions with me on any level of any kind if that were the case voluntarily. Though I could be wrong I think/ thought he was a nice guy.

However, I will not lie my first instinct was to become upset and irritated that he would dare to offer me something like this…However, in further thought he probably offered it to everyone since they were in the lounge/kitchen.

What are your thoughts?