Scary Movies…Who Said I was Scared?

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Tell me I’m not the the only one who enjoys scary movies but knows that they probably have no business watching them! I’m the idiot who has to see them and loves them but I have stipulations! I can’t watch them at night and by myself unless I can watch cartoon right after them so I do not dream about said movie in ANY capacity, LMBO. Moreover, if I watch it during the day I must watch it and then make sure I analyze how this movie could never be possible, LOL.

I was that child that watch child’s play at the age of 5. Yea no child should do that. What’s worse is my biological mother bought my brother and I the my kid sister and my buddy dolls. I had the black kid sister doll though and my brother had the white my buddy doll that of course was modeled after that durn chucky doll and of course my brother was young and tough on toys and ripped the stupid hat off and it looked just like CHUCKY. I hated it! It scared the heck out of me. I lived in fear of that doll. Then of course I watched an episode of a CARTOON on Looney Tunes called teddy bears picnic where all of Elvira’s toys came to live and and had a picnic and there was acute little song about teddy bears picnic. And I was like what if when I wasn’t looking that durn came to life. It was always in random places (obviously because he loved it and played with it but since I was not around when he played with it) it appeared that the doll just appeared in random places and would scared the heck out of me.

When we had to share a room when out of town guest came I made the doll sleep on the floor where I could keep an eye on it. My brother would get annoyed and confused because he was use to sleeping with it. I would say you can still see it and we have to share a bed (sleeping foot to head in the same bed at ages 4 and 5 years of age). I had to try to be logical in my brain I could not let him know I was afraid of it because my brother was mean and would use it against me even at 4 years old.

Even when I was a teenager and found that toy in a bin of our old toys I buried it deep in the toy bin since my mom did not want to get rid of the toys when I saw it as it made me gasp when I saw it, LOL. It was like when I opened them bin it almost popped out at me when the arm fell out. I Thought I died when I saw it…The black spots in front of my eyes told me so anyway, LOL.

Moreover, even my grandmother loves scaring me! It’s a shame. she likes scary movies too and will try her best to scare the crap out of me. She did it to her siblings too growing up. If you watch a scary movie near her she will try to make you jump out of your skin while watching the movie. She did it to me in the movie theater once. She threw straw paper at me right behind my ear and I jumped 10 feet in the air.

Yet I still find myself watching some of the scariest and intense movies ever. I will even look up movies from other countries to get that thrill. Because some of today’s Hollywood movies are not as scary as much as they are gruesome and slasher films. I need less gore and more thrill.