Sleep Talkers Madness giphy (3).gif

So until I met my husband I knew of people who talked in their sleep and said maybe random gibberish but to have full sentences and laugh often and wake up doing as much as he does I was baffled. I mean I have done so less than a handful of times in my life that I can remember. I remember waking up crying or laughing a few times in life EVER. This man never remembers doing so and wakes up doing some of the most extreme things. Including but not limited to kneeling and punching and I luckily I was sleeping on the other side.

So he last night he left the lights on the living room and fell asleep on the sofa. He does this often and it annoys me. I came in as usual nagging him for it. Now I never really believed that people could be so asleep that they say anything when they were sleep…I believe just like when you are mad you say what you mean even if you did not quite mean to say it they way (tone) you meant it in. So I said something to the effect of, “you are the leavingest (yes I made it up, lol) lights on, wasting energy, memory impaired person I know”, and he half stirred bleary-eyed and said, “uh-duh” and fell back asleep. I faltered in my nagging smiled, laughed, and, said “dumb ass.” Then preceded to text him the exact wording of the conversation so he could see what he said the next day so he could see what happened knowing he would not only laugh but realize these are the things he does all the time and swears never happens.

He is so weird…