Binge Watching and Depression…WHAT?


So I was eating lunch Friday before a Plasmapheresis treatment enjoying myself. I figured after all the doctor appointments this week and the shifts changes at work I was Uber tired and after my last treatment went so badly sitting for 3.5 hours and blowing 2 veins and just being frustrated with no treatment on Tuesday. I decided I was early so instead of being super early today by about 90 minutes slow down, because I was dreading this appointment since Tuesday, and breathe. So I did. I went to one of my favorite Sushi restaurants and ordered my food. I got a parking place right up front. That was a good sign. Then, I got a a seat right a the bar. Another good sign. Then was helped right away…I was liking my odds. Once my food arrived I was watching the television in front of me. It was on one of those stations like Entertainment Tonight that was talking about the EMMYS. Well this was their main discussion today since that is the big thing this weekend. However, they were still running small side stories but they were still closely related. Such as if you wanted to catch up on some of these great shows that the actors were being nominated on you could binge watch them but BE CAREFUL. They then went on the define what binge watching was; the act of watching multiple episodes of the same television show in rapid succession. They stated there was a correlation between those who binge watch television shows and depression. I was like what? They even showed what they thought was a funny skit of a couple (pictured above) sitting on the sofa binge watching and losing track of time and they were clapping at the television having just finished the series but looking distraught and confused from not moving for hours possibly days.

I think most of us binge watch to catch up on things that we could not during the normal season, or before the next season starts, at least I do. I prefer it when no one is actively watching the show to tell me what’s going on. I also binge watch because I like being able to see the next episode RIGHT THEN as opposed to having to wait until the next week, LOL. Sometimes a cliffhanger is the worst, LOL. I am sure there are people who are depressed who binge watch but I do not think that is most people that do. With the inventions of HULU and Netflix and other on demand sites that give whole seasons they have made it where people have access to whole series like books and just want to see it all at once. They would never call someone who reads a whole series at once depressed…Why would they say that about binge watcher? I binge watch Fairy Tail every chance I get because it is not available on regular television here and it is a fun show to watch. People should stop being so judgmental. Geesh!

Btw treatment went well…it was a little rocky toward the end but well in all, LOL.

My Inner Fat Kid Is SCREAMING

So have you ever had that moment when you just know that despite how healthy you are, or are trying to be your temptations are finding there way around you as if by pure magic and your inner fat kid (much like your inner child) begins screaming EAT IT! YOU MUST HAVE THAT NOW!

I have that moment almost every time I pass an Asian restaurant. I tell my husband I was born into the wrong country and family, the stork was drunk, he missed, who knows, but I have an addiction. The food is too yummy to pass up. I have learned to find the healthier options. I have even learned to cook it myself. I have a ton of Asian friends as well LAUGH, yes I say laugh at me when they visit my house and see my Asian cooking utensils. They say you are the only American I know with a rice cooker. Or you are the only American I know with chopsticks that eats with them and why do you eat seaweed like they are chips? LOL.


I work as a contractor for an Asian company which I did not know when I began working for them. I found that to be fate, LOL. Getting sushi at lunch was a plus. I almost cried when it happened. Then I tell them (my friends) it is their fault as they continue to open my palate to new AUTHENTIC places and fuel my fire indulging my addiction. They are enablers. I now go to places without them and initiate hunts for such places and tell them about them. They are shocked and laugh and say I must take them.

I do still try for healthier options though, things grilled or steamed instead of fried and I love all the veggies I can get which as you can see from the pics they love to offer in the family style setting to pick and nibble at. YUMMERS!

Make you plate colorful!