Dear Foreign Tech Support…


Dear Foreign Tech Support,

Let me start by saying thank you. You were most helpful. However, it is always annoying when you are in one country speaking to someone about  a problem and they are almost always refer you to someone who is in a distant land who someones you barely understand. Some people say…maybe you are assuming this, maybe they live here and had an accent.

I  personally work for a tech company that has recently created a call center in this country to try and satiate their customers for this very reason. Customers have made this very complaint about constantly talking to a foreign person who they barely understand and becoming frustrated and then having poor customer service and so on.

However, I had great customer service and I did not assume that tech support agent was foreign I surmised it when she kept saying they will meet with you Tuesday 12/22/2015 and will call you 24 hours in advance and to be ready for this call and again 1 hour before they arrive. Not only was she speaking rehearsed lines but she was unsure of the time whatsoever here because she was about 12 hours ahead of me. I was thinking to myself um, that’s tomorrow,  will I still get a 24 hour phone call to confirm my appointment since it was technically already less than 24 hours? Then I was like I have to sit on my phone today to confirm that 1 hour call o be sure I do not miss that one at least…Or I am in trouble. Geesh.

I am by no means saying they should get rid of their foreign tech support or this woman, I am merely stating that perhaps they should have timezone set-up and even an American call center as a back up (just a small one) to help support them. That is my only concern. I believe every company could use a small skeleton team of this nature at least when you have a huge overseas tech call center, at least to see how your customers respond.

Both my husband and the tech agent were at least patient as my husband asked her to repeat things 1/2 a dozen times and then my husband was a all thumbs with the tech gear at first and tried multitasking with her on the phone. (and yes, she literally asked us to cut the system off and on TWICE, LMBO). The call was direct, short, and pleasant and got what we desired in less than a day. He only had to go with no t.v. for a night. which was nothing since he had it on his phone, lol.

I, on the other hand streamed a movie via netflix and then passed out. I had a pretty emotional day yesterday as well as treatment, and work. I was done for, glad to start fresh today. I have some holiday shopping to finish today. I sadly was done 2 weeks ago then, had to return some things because I was beat to the punch, lol. So now I have to brave the masses one last time. But it’s in an uncommon store so not so bad!