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So I still dream of Canada. I know it it ‘just’ our neighbor to the north says a lot of people who live up north in the U.S. It’s nothing new to them. However, people who live in the south do not regularly travel there. We are not use to the cold no matter how cold it has been in as of late in the last few winters here. So I have always dreamed of it like a magical kingdom. A place that is so day to our night. With bulking giant goliath wildlife and animals and historic moments frozen in time.

But I have always dreamed of places like Alaska, Russia, Siberia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Canada. My earliest memories of Niagara Falls and Alaska because my mom has a small little velvet scroll of Niagara Falls that hung in my room from when they visited when my brother and sister were young. I would stare at it and wonder if it looked anything like that. I was fascinated with the aspect of all that water, of course. I’m obsessed with water.

However, unless you fly to Canada from NC it’s a long trip to drive. My mom always talks about taking the train to places because its serene and carefree and one can relax without having to deal with traffic and such. However, I am the type of person that once I am in a city I love to be able to navigate it and go when I please, but renting cars are so durn expensive and I do not know anyone in Canada so there will be no staying with anyone or borrowing a car, LOL. The only option is like what we did in Hilton Head if we can find places that are all close by are renting bicycles and doing that but if it’s heavy snow that’s a no go, lol. I will have to do more research because I really want to go but I have to a plan when I travel. I cannot be as spontaneous as I once was due to my MG. I have to make the actually travel portion less stressful on myself so that the adventure part (which may be more stressful but euphoric) can be endured. I will get there even if I only get to step a toe in it, LOL. I may have to do some roundabout way of getting there like a crazy layover on my way overseas, LOL. We will see!


Day 9 of the #loveme Challenge…Share something beautiful


Share something beautiful…well I think one of the most beautiful and serene things to me is water and everything about it. It could be in nearly any form. A waterfall, an ocean, a thunderstorm, or a river. I just enjoy the sound it makes and the soothing qualities it has. It just seems to restore my soul. It smells amazing, feels exhilarating, and is necessary in our lives. I could watch the way it moves all day. It is has no shape and is a quandary to me. It inspires me and makes me think and calms me at the same time. I love being suspended in water because I feel weightless and feel like I am flying… floating really and can just freeze in time and BE. I enjoy watching the colors that dance within its depths and the creatures it gives life. It holds so many mysteries and secrets and its like if you are really quiet you may hear the water tell its story. I find my peace and serenity near water most of the time. #carpeaqua

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Mexico swimming with the Dolphins 2010

Healing and Escapes

music and water

We all need to find what works but as with every disorder, illness, and bit of stress we encounter we have to find a way to ease the pain or symptoms. Typically we can soothe the beast with with dissociation. I find that by calming the spirit or the mind with music or water is most helpful.

Water is known to have a so many healing properties and that is why there are spas everywhere but you do not need to spend loads of money to enjoy a spa experience. Even the sound of water such as a waterfall or stream is said to have therapeutic effects. We use water to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and hydrate our bodies. Yet I use water to feel like I am flying. I have been a swimmer for as long as I can remember and I combine swimming and music now with my underwater music devices and now I swim longer even my scuba or snorkel gear and wish I could live underwater. I am weightless and it gives my joints and body relief and allows me mental freedom to just float and let all my stress float away as well.

Music also has healing properties. It has the power to make us feel! We can feel sad from a song about a lost love to happy about new love. We can feel inspired to keep trying not only through the music but by the words that are used in such an elegant and poetic way with the seamlessness of the music. You have to be selective though because music can make you feel…and that includes like I stated sad, angry, or negative. I use my music to push through a workout and to heal my soul when I feel at my lowest point. It helps to inspire me and uplift me. I tend to listen to a lot of neosoul, contemporary gospel, and upbeat R&B with a mix of Latin/ reggaeton at times. I LOVE to sing and dance, LOL.

There are also other outlets such as arts and crafts,  that I participate in like crocheting, painting, and creating pottery. I also enjoy online gaming with friends and my husband. In addition, hanging out with family and friends helps ease my stress as I have an outlet to eat and be merry. It’s always good to have good times and hang out and not talk about “your disorder” and just enjoy life.

Find your healing and escape, we all need one sometimes!