My 80’s Dream

Have you ever had the perfect crush in your mind all your life and when you met them you were not sure it was them until you saw a picture of them from a time in their life that proves they were that person!

I have a love for the Bell Biv Devoe, Boyz II Men, MR. T type guys. (though if you find me a good ginger I will take it, LOL). These were my first loves. I mean I was hooked. Not Hammer, not Bobby brown, I mean soup cooler lips (full lips), pretty eyes (small eyes, slightly slanted with long lashes), chocolate, and usually a boyish face to match regardless of age (so they were usually older but looked young).

I have no idea what this bug was but I had caught it hardcore. I had to have a man like this and it was deeply embedded in my soul. I mean no matter how many guys I dated over the years and different types I still always came back to the BASE: My 80’s Dream.

So when I met this Philly cat with this accent, attitude, and charm I was like hmm i don’t know. Then he said¬†something but I swear I could understand a word because I was staring at his lips so hard that I totally didn’t hear it. They started moving in slow motion. I was shocked. I’m never stuck like that. His voice reminded me of another star of love so much but I won’t be saying it here because if he EVER reads this he will never let me live it down.

Anyways, Philly keeps talking and I’m mesmerized. The funny part is he has no idea how into I am so he thinks it is harmless flirting. So he is fine. I go on his fb and see a picture of him when he was younger and by gosh there it is the immortalized picture of a Michael Bivins except he was rockin the flaptop. Upon further inspection I realized it was not Biv it was Philly. I was like:

The funny part was that when I started to talk to him on a deeper level, all that smooth talking charm and charisma he had went right out the window. The brother literally started stuttering. His excuse…I really liked you and could keep the act up as long as I thought you were just being flirty and nice. I never thought I had a chance. We both were in the same boat apparently(without swallowing a drop of ¬†water) I started choking.

It was absolutely adorable though! I will be saving all those messages and stories for any children that may come. The days their smooth, cool, and collected pops, was not so smooth, cool, or collected!