Hello Blogosphere,

I have had to take time out from blogging just after getting started again from a prolonged hospital stay. It gave me time to truly reevaluate many things in my life including my medical team and current state of life. I decided that I wanted to achieve more and that to do that I needed to re-vamp the way I looked at life and how I attacked it. But also to do this I need to be able to shine more hope in not only my life but those who suffer in the ways in which I do.

I have started the beginning stages of new avenues to help those around me more. Not just with blogging but with the empathy and knowledge I possess, I hope to be able to actually help them to get the treatment, care, support, and advocacy that is needed. This is a multi faceted process that will include a great deal more blogging as I hope to begin getting my blog sponsored by those who could aid in such research as well as quality of life which as well all know can be just as important.

I also hope to do some personal adventures that will hopefully place me in a better position to help others such as getting my real estate license to help get find more housing solutions for those with chronic and newly diagnosed illnesses. Their finances become depleted so quickly that anyway in which is a burden that is lifted off their shoulders. So in upcoming blogs I will blog as I always do but there will be some direct content to my hopeful sponsors and once I have them some links to their content in hopes to help you all. I will only be looking for sponsors that I believe will be beneficial and there is a rhyme or reason to all my actions. So if at anytime you feel that something is not adding up by all means just ask me and I have no problem explaining in a private or public format for everyone in case others had the same questions.

My hopes for sponsors will be along the lines of TD financial (banking), nutrition/wellness, Medical to sites like Etsy or marketing sites where you can have things made to fit your body during your goals (confidence or wellness) or even just support your family in their fight against an illness with ribbons, custom jewelry/ clothing. If you have ideas or suggestions I am all ears.