I live my life as a foodie and I believe that this is where my core is connected sometimes. I can hear a conversation a mile away about food. My favorite food culture is Asian. They cook with so much flare and to be honest there are so many types of Asian styles: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Korean, Filipino, etc…I have a love for them all. I enjoy trying anything once. I also love trying other foreign foods as well. Though I am American and we have some great things to offer, we get get use to fast food and brown fried things. We have to be ready to try bold flavor, color, spice, and social interaction which comes big in other cultures!


  1. Diana · August 27, 2015

    This got me so excited! 😀 I am happy you love Asian food! What Filipino food have you tried so far? I wrote this lately, you may like it because it’s about food. 😀

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    • ladycamecu · August 27, 2015

      mainly just desserts I hope to get some today or tomorrow with my husband as 2 new restaurants just opened near us! I’m dying to get to them.


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