Monday showed its butt today

Let’s start by saying overall, my day has been good! HOWEVER, little things made the day awkward. This morning my hands were weaker than normal and my puppy exploited this by using the moment I need fine motor skills to clip on his chain to wallow on the floor like a monkey.

Then while deciding to get my laundry together to wash this evening since I felt like poop this weekend my puppy decides to chirp like a bird and then howl because he thought I was leaving him…Mind you I can’t trust him further than I can see him and he thought I’d leave him out in the open to roam.

Last time he got out! And this was only part of it!

I got to work and all technology, computers, suction, and processing for financial services through 3rd parties went berserk.

Then there must have been a full moon or an airborne chemical anomaly that hit the world at the same time and only the immune are confused on what is going on. Patients today made me seriously consider if the things in front of my eyes were even real. Patients saying unaware if they made appts or not, patients creating treatment that was not there, it just went on. We have never had so many emergencies unless it’s been a full moon either. Countless people ignoring the voicemail that gave them the office emergency number but instead called this morning with the biggest emergencies.

somehow through all of this I managed to get my work done and get ahead for the first time in weeks.

I even got to take my lunch. At the end of the day all hell broke loose, with more patient issues and I eventually just told the staff to figure out a way to handle it or the patients can contact me tomorrow, I have been off for 15 and I deserve to leave on every once in a while. Then, began my journey home and on such a day thought it was a good idea to check through all my messages.

I have no idea if I was doing it on purpose or subconsciously but I did not text someone I think may be relationship material and it got weird even though I thought I was over it. I am not! I am not holding it against them but I am holding them responsible. I have to face some issues when it comes to dating but not today. I don’t know what happened to the world as I slept but please tell Monday to stop mooning us!

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