Creative Reflections

Have you ever had a dream that was so crazy that you knew that if you could get it down on paper that it would be the best short story, book, or movie ever? Well I have many dreams, daydreams, and thoughts like this. But I have learned that my best ones come when strangely when I am in my limbo or even drug induced states (prescription of course).

This morning was one of those. I was on a roll, I was in full creative swing I had sang about 3 songs with full background vocals and they had music/ beats. I also had 2 more fully orchestrated scenes to a play that were just amazing. It was just so cool. I was like a full on producer/ director in my head.

The con was that I kept waking up because I was restless from the medication and because I kept thinking if I just go back to sleep I can finish this and hopefully remember it all…


Maybe if I wake up and run and get my recorder and put it near my mouth I can sing it/ or talk through it I can get at least some of it down. I may just have to buy more than one recorder so that I can sleep with them near each bed in my house so I do not lose these creative moments. It;s just like when I was younger and I would wake up and immediately write down poetic thoughts and eventually over time they would turn into amazing poems. I now have a pretty nice poem book (which I should probably start doing this again).

Writing early in the morning and as soon as I remember my dreams always seems to give me inspiration. I have been doing it seriously since junior high school and it has been quite soothing to my soul.

Let the creative juices flow


  1. Jacqueline Allen · August 19, 2017

    I’m am so much in awe of you. Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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